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3rd June 1961- Nikah Ceremony at Quetta

Dr. Iqbal Jehan Qureshi did her medical graduation from Fatima Jinnah Medical College, Lahore in 1960 and was posted as Class-II WMO Officer at Sandeman (Civil) Hospital, Quetta. She was incharge in out-door. It was her first appointment and first time to be outside of Lahore. She was also made girls Hostel Superintendent of A.M. School. She was quite shy and composed lady. Her mother and father (Sh. Karimud Din) visited in order to celebrate Eid with her and at the same time, they had list of some doctors as proposal for her marriage.
It so happens, her father, got toothache and she walked to wards my department alongwith her father. I was on the way to ward to see my ailing patients. She stopped and quietly said, he is my father, kindly look after his painful tooth. He look to father of her colleague to his office, talked to him nicely, offered him
a cup of coffee and asked his health and oral health problems. He
was experienced teacher and retired Headmaster and class fellow of Khan Liaqat Ali Khan and was teacher of Dr. Israr Ahmed. He was impressed by his writings and his social contribution. There was big cyclone in East Pakistan and it had destroyed many buildings and he as a social worker was collecting donations under APEX Club being its president. He told the professor tomorrow is Eid and he has to address the public in Eidgah in connection with cyclone. Professor was impressed. Next day he was in Eidgah. Allah reflected in his mind, why I should not ask about this handsome and smart dental surgeon for his daughter marriage.
He sent his best friend Rana Tufail to Dr. Soofi. Rana Sahib came to asked him about his marriage, his reply was he is still unmarried, what is your need? reply a muslim lady doctor with acceptable look with moral character and no other demand. It is said, marriage are arranged in Heaven within no time, our Nikah ceremony was held at ground of Civil Hospital. It was attended by Syed Darbar Ali Shah, Deputy Commissioner, Quetta, Dr. A. H. Chaudhry, Civil Surgeon, Dr. Abdul Aziz, Deputy Director, Maj. Abdullah, doctors and lady doctors and was attend by notable of Quetta and senior most Lady Dr. Bano and Dr. Jan also attended. Press highlighted this function especially daily Zamana published a long story immediate after two months of Nikah. He was transferred to Mayo Hospital Lahore and his wife remained at Quetta. Often he used to take leave to see her and she used to take leave to come to Lahore.