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Blessing of Nature
It was a sensational day, when I got fame at Lahore (Sept. 1978) of holding a Ist Convocation of International College of Dentists, as a Regent of the College for Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangla Desh. It was inaugurated by Dr. Khairat Ibne Rasa, the Vice Chancellor, Punjab University and conducted by Brig. A. G. Rowell President of the International College of Dentists. This was witnessed by many others and Prof. S M K Wasti Prof Akhtar Khan, Prof. Balqis Fatima, Prof. Saleem Cheema and Prof. B. A. Yazdanie. President of ICD remarked high of this Convocation. Other convocations held are: -

  • 1st Convocation of International College of Dentists, USA Section 24 was held in Lahore, on 3rd Sept. 1978, conducted by Brig. A. G. Rowell, President of International College of Dentists, USA.
  • 2nd Convocation of International College of Dentists was held in Lahore on 5th Feb. 1988. It was chaired by Mr Fida Muhammad Khan, Governor NWFP and Begum Afsar Raza Qazalbash, Federal Minister of State.
  • 3rd Convocation of International College of Dentists USA was held in Dhaka 28th Nov. to 1st Dec. 1995. It was chaired by Prof. Abu Hyder Sajedur Rahman, former Principal, Dhaka Dental College, Bangladesh.
  • 4th Convocation of International College of Dentists USA was held in Lahore on 3rd Aug. 2000. Dr. Nasim Hassan Shah, Chief Justice (R) Supreme Court of Pakistan and Dr. Samar Mubarak Mand, Senior Nuclear Scientist of Pakistan were Chief Guest.

I had the opportunity to serve the profession as a Regent, International College of Dentists for Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh and Chairperson, Pierre Fauchard Academy and President SARC countries Dental Association. I have been contributing my research papers enthusiastically and still busy with dental practice as a private practitioner in perio-dental surgery. I as a specialist have many inventiveness in teaching, research at national and international level and my dynamicity has been appreciated by many world known scholars and leaders of Dental Profession.


Prof. Dr. M. A. Soofi
Development & Progress of Dentistry

The subjects of dental speciality are now the focus of most of the ambitious persons having the research programme in their mind in the world of today. A greater degree of this activity regarding the awareness has taken place within about 25 years than in any previous period. A good part of the reason is greater awareness within the community and the lead procedure has become more bright. Moreover, cultural asserts have protected this idea and philosophy with the result the quality in tradition of dentistry has developed more in various specializations here and elsewhere.

For example, at United Kingdom learning of dentistry is imparted at Post-graduate level in more than 15 Universities and at various places. In certain places duplicate degrees are awarded in the form of Master in Dental Surgery and Doctorate in Dental Surgery in addition to Fellowship Diplomas and other diplomas and M. Sc for creation of expanded programme of Post-graduate Dental Education. In various Universities around the year, there are short term courses for private practitioners and for those who come from different countries. These courses eventually provide experiment skill and clinical management and in this way, there is a widespread of the education. The knowledge obtained from such courses helps in the clinic organization, and to all sort of mankind. There is a lot of advancement in this field in USA, in Federal Republic of Germany and Western Europe.

There is different system for providing the under-graduate dental education and postgraduate dental education in the Europe. The dental education is imparted as the sub-specialty of the medicine in Bulgaria, Czechosolavakia, Socialist Republic of Russia, Italy, Austria, where dental education is provided in the form of stomatologisty and in the system of United Kingdom and USA, the education is imparted effectively as a part of independent education of medicine in the medical schools.

But this type of pattern of equality does not exist in our country in the past quarter century. The dental education system has led away in guaranteeing the social welfare rights of all the dentists with the result their dynamic approach is fading away. The declaration of postgraduation system in the chapter of Punjab University has got limitations. In contrary, the term of postgraduate education is very liberal to the medical fashion society possessing all sort of machinery of administration and interpretation, with the result potentialities of the medical men achieve their future but the dentists cannot initiate this type of fate with the result he stands sufferer of inequality and discrimination in the field of obtaining postgraduate knowledge. Though many times we try to project their problems and the cure so far has not been obtained.

Objectives of Post-Graduate Teaching

The ultimate objective of Postgraduate education is to create prominance in the intellectual world of dentistry and also to create liberal imagination and philosophical thoughts for creative work for promotion of health, prevention of disease and prolonging of life. The training programme of such training should be provocated with ideas, for fulfilment of service to the humanity, and that can only be achieved if there are plenty of teachers available with their splendid experience for explicit ideas for unique relevance of research and awareness of complexities of the science and technology in the world of today. With such an idea the university training has been introduced for applying such freedom of thought. The opening of the chapter of College of Physicians and Surgeons, Pakistan, is the meaningful way for such classic study. Historically, when I wrote a letter to your Excellency on 7th December 1978 and was called in by the College on 29th July 1979 where I have provided extensive evidences for starting the course of Fellowship in Dentistry including Community Dentistry. My view point was appreciated by your honour and by the members of this august body and now the College, under your capable traditional leadership have invited applications from the Dentists of this country for registration for the course of Member of General Dentistry. This has created concern among Dentists because our understanding was different. Decisively the existing pattern of examination and restrictions introduced by the members of such committee has not come out in the shape of good policy and it has not provided opportunity to those who wanted to seek the education from this Institution.

Sir, Dentists are handful people in Pakistan. They need more compassionate sympathy as compared to any other community. Their request should be fulfilled if there is trend of continuing the education by the College. Originally we wanted that most of the Dentists should become fellow in dentistry including the community dentistry at par with the FCPS and MCPS or other subjects. If we look into the curriculum of MCPS from the College syllabus we feel that more restrictions on this Diploma, and it is of a general advanced dentistry, whereas on the medical side administration of Diploma is being managed as a Postgraduate speciality, therefore, we need Postgraduate Diploma in the sub-speciality of dentistry and fellowship at par with FCPS or at par with Royal College of Surgeons of England which is clear from my slides.

Sir, the College has got great kindness to accept the challenge of providing educational opportunities to the Dentists, whose so far fate has been ceased from all sides. The youngster apparently look older and older are definitely in advanced age. Today the majority of Dentists in this country is without Postgraduate advanced knowledge and it is increasing demand tht this branch may be provided facilities of having the opportunity of this ‘adult education' at least at par with medical speciality. I may be allowed to transit fundamental demand of this profession which is entirely an academic request, that the teachers on the dental side are needed in this country. It stands with the ability of the College to recognize the curriculum at par with Royal College of Surgeons and relax the present restriction in order to fulfil the challenge of education in the field of dentistry.

I may also invite your attention that in the past Diploma holders on the medical side, specially Public Health have been exempted from the primary examination of FCPS, therefore, this exemption should also be applied to this society of dentistry. We also compel for our educational affairs than general Dental Surgeons because this theme does not hold as the problems solving scheme. This needs improvement for better performance.


If we examine Appendix I, II & III, we could see that dental education in U. K. at Postgraduate level is imparted at many institutions whereas in Pakistan a start is being taken. F. D. S, R. C.S, Diploma and its regulations are not so complicated as MGDS of CPSP. Therefore, it is urged that Membership Diploma in Dentistry should be alike in Medicine and examination should be conducted in Postgraduate speciality instead of general dentistry, and FCPS. Dentistry may be started including Preventive Dentistry and concession may be provided for Honorary FCPS to senior members of the profession based upon research and long standing service.



We are obliged to pay tributes to Brig. Ata ur Rehman Khan, Dean, Dental Faculty, College of Physicians and Surgeons of Pakistan, Commandant, Armed Forces Institute of Dentistry, Rawalpindi, for his hard work for erasing edifice of this institute which has enormously boosted this profession. We too pray for success of his effort for conducting such courses and organizing of International Conference of Dental Surgeons in 1983. It is our esteemed duty to express numerous thank is to your honour and other members of the College especially Col. A. B. Azmi and Prof. Ali Mohammad Ansari for patronizing our science in all respects.

Postgraduate Dental Education in United Kingdom

Master Degree (MDS) Course in :
Queen Universtuy of Belfast
University of Bristol
National University of Ireland
University of Glasgow
University of Liverpool
University of London
University of Manchester
University of Newcastle Upon Tyme
University of Sheffield
Master in Dental Sciences
University of Dublin
University of Dundee
University of Leeds
University of London
University of Wales
Postgraduate Doctorate
University of Edinburgh
University of Wales
University of Newcastle Upon Tyme
University of Manchester
University of Leeds
University of Birmingham

Postgraduate Fellowship (FDS)
Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh
Royal College of Surgeons, England
Royal College of Physicians & Surgeons, Glasgow
Royal College of Surgeons, Ireland
Postgraduate Diploma Courses
University of Birmingham
University of Dundee
Royal College of Surgeons, London
Royal College of Physicians & Surgeons, Glasgow
Postgraduate Dental Courses
Postgraduate Course for General Practitioners and Residential Workshops
Study Day Workshops
Residential Workshops for Oral Surgeons
Psychology and Psychiatry in Children
Short and Long Courses in Special Subjects
By British Postgraduate Medical Federation in the Four Thames Regions


College of Physicians & Surgeons Pakistan
MGDS Course Requirement

  • Bachelor of Dental Surgery
  • One year House Job
  • Residence Training for one year
  • 5-years experience (Eligible Without any Requirement)
  • Pre-Requisite file and fully documented support with evidence as part of examination format.

Case Records for Assessment

  • 4 MOD Preparations for Amalgam or Gold
  • 2 Anterior Crowns
  • 2 Posterior or Bridges
  • 4 Single Rooted Teeth, Endodontically treated
  • 2 Multi Rooted Teech Endodontically treated
  • 4 Cases of Periodontal Disease including 2 Involving Mucogingival Surgery
  • Case records for 2 Orthodontic patients
  • 4 Cases SOF Facial Skeletal Fractures
  • 8 cases relating to impacted teeth
  • 2 case partial denture cases
  • 4 full denture cases
  • 4 slides/photographs of Oral Mucosal Lesions

Royal College of Surgeons, England
Regulations - Diploma of Fellowship in Dental Surgery (FDSRCS Eng)
Registerable Degree in British Dental Register:

  • One year whole time hospital appointment
  • Required to Pass
  • Primary
  • Final Examinations

Primary Examination - Subjects:

  • Applied Anatomy, including anatomy & history of the teeth & jaws.
  • Applied Physiology
  • Principles of Pathology of Importance in Dental Surgery
  • The examination is partly written and partly oral

Final Examination (FDSRCS)

  • Surgery
  • Oral Pathology & Bact
  • Dental Surgery
  • Examination in Surgery is partly Oral and partly Clinical
  • The examination in Oral Path. & Bact. And Dental Surgery is partly written, partly Oral & partly Clinical and include examination of patients & Operative Dental Surgery.

4th Convocation of International College of Dentists, 2000

It is my profound pleasure to welcome a very prestigious personality of International Status in Nuclear Science of Pakistan, Dr. Samar Mubarak Mund, by virtue of his research, training and dedication has maintained the security of Pakistan.

28th May 1998 was a day of rejoicing and responding to Bharat's atomic explosions. Bharat set off its Nuclear explosions first in 1974, later on in 1998. Pakistani Scientists who were fully equipped with strategies and had exhibited there skill at Chaghi, the desert hills of Balochistan. Dr. Samar Mubarak Mund was physically present to set off Pakistani explosions in themost dignified manner. That it has surprised not only to Bharat but to United States also as their spy satellites parked directly above the sub continent could not and the Chaghi action has sealed off these information centers to the world. Thus the first Nuclear blast was over. This speaks of ability of Dr. Mund and other scientists who with their ability has acquired nuclear technology in a befitting way along with the delivery system. The world experts now admit that the Nuclear and Missile systems of Pakistan are much more superior that of Bharat. Now people of the world think that nuclear technology in Pakistan means production of bomb grade or highly enriched Uranium, thus Pakistan has becomes sixth Atomic Power in the World.

Dr. Samar Mubarak Mund, Director General of National Development Complex and member of country's atomic energy commission said that Shahee-1 is ready to begin fight tests and that Shaheen II with a range of around 1250 miles ready for the fight test. It may be remembered that Shaheen I has made its first fight on May 15, 1999. The missile system of Pakistan is very comprehensive credit of this entirely goes to the team of the scientists and Dr. Samar Mubarak Mund who was the director and whose appropriate timing and strategy has made Pakistan for world's attraction.

I on behalf of the International College of Dentists as Regent and Pierre Fauchard Academy and the fellows welcome our nuclear scientist Dr. Samar Mubarak Mund.

We have invited Dr. Mubarak to appreciate his services, which he has done for strengthening the security of Pakistan that the nuclear science. Now Nuclear science can help more in medical and dental science. There are many ways to diagnose the crucial, disease, which can be treated with the help of nuclear technology. Nuclear technology can be used for agricultural purpose too. Nuclear technology may now be utilized to facilitate the human treatment.

We therefore request atomic energy commission of Pakistan that it should develop many such projects in various hospitals in which dental surgeons may also be associated so that the oral cancer cases may properly be treated.

Dr. Samara Mand and my dear fellows oral cancer ranks as the forth most frequent cancer among men and women with its varying degree. The oral cavity cancer is very common among the betal chewers and smokers areas of Pakistan and it is on increase now dramatically. So there is need for reliable treatment and preventive work to decrease the incidences of the mouth cancer. I am confident that the attention is being given towards this side at least we can decrease the frequency of cancer.

I may mention that I was one of the first dental surgeon who has attended radio isotopes course in Mayo Hospital Lahore along with many medical experts in 1963 and this course has helped me a lot and has given me the confidence.

Once again we feel pride in welcoming him among the scientists of oral cavity.

Ref: Medical Herald, August 1-14, 2000.


4th Convocation of International College of Dentists, Lahore 2000.
Dr. Samar Mubarak Mund, Nuclear Scientist.

To witness a joint convocation of International College of Dentist and Pierre Fauchard Academy is a glamour. The approach is excellent that both hononour International dental organizations with much optimism have been put to work with expanded wisdom for better and more productive source for dentistry in Pakistan under the guidance of a very potential individual Prof. Dr. M. A. Soofi. The leadership of furthers encouragement, that he is heading position honorary dental organizations for the past 31 years and had improved his talents by conducting 4 convocations of international level. I have been informed for his professional responsibility that international council of the college unanimously conferred upon him rare award of master (1988) the only Muslim recipient of this award on the globe.

By virtue of popularity of this section Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh, there is growth and development of membership day by day.

Let me congratulate al those, who have been bestowed upon this award of fellowship. Is it to hung on the wall this certificate or ? Some more responsibility to be active in international interaction and hard work for research.

The primary responsibility of dental scientists is that he represent the health profession in the world, he should develop its all aspect like administrative management, clinic, how it could become modern, he should have coordination with world at large and prove himself to global level.

I am proud for those dental surgeons now fellow of this section who have been chosen for conspicuous and meritorious services to the profession of dentistry in Pakistan, and after this fellowship award, they become coming of international level. It is expected that fellows will continue efforts to elevate the dignity of the profession. Country though highest standards of research, continuing education, ethical conduct throughout the world.
It is further congratulate to Dr. Soofi who brought together, science of nuclear technology, science of dentistry, science of economics and science of law at one plate form by this convocation.

Nuclear science in the world of today is playing key role in protecting life of the human through nuclear medicine. The nuclear science is also monitor for its liability in the field of agriculture. It is for the peace and for control bodily disorder and work for betterment of the humanity.

The oral cancer is becoming common in Pakistan. The profession of nuclear science can reduce, control this ailment. There is need to united endeavor of the outstanding member of the dental profession with the speciality of nuclear science with growth of the knowledge, exchange of experiences between member of the profession will cultivate better results for the health of sufferer to cooperate between two means and action to prevent the diseases, control of oral disorders and all such other conditions face by human. This humanity of two sciences can work for the betterment of oral health oral cancer and other such disease, Dental profession is becoming potential science it has become symbol of dignity because it takes grievance pains of the sufferer and accepted responsibility of appropriate treatment is carried out. So all sciences are one and science possess no boundary lets march together work together for the human.

Letter written to Dr. Franklin Secretary General ICD by Dr. A. G. Rowell, President ICD dated 17th August, 1979.

Dear Frank,

It is some time since I have heard from you, so I thought I would write you to estimate some correspondence not as though you don't have enough already.

I think you will recall that I was most impressed whilst in Pakistan with the efficiency and the efforts on behalf of the College by Dr. Soofi.

I have the view that the College will be served best by continuing to have Dr. Soofi as the Regent for the Pakistan Section, and I think the time is appropriate for some recognition of the services he has rendered in the past.

I would therefore like the Executive Committee to consider the election of Dr. M. A. Soofi to the Degree of Master in the College.

I know that the Executive Committee does not have an opportunity to meet normally, but as it is responsible for the conduct of the affairs of the International Section of which Pakistan is a part, possibly you and the President could act on behalf of the Committee.

In any case, I would like this matter to receive consideration, I know that Dr. Soofi is held in such high regards by the powers that be in Lahore, that nothing but good could come from this action.

A. Gordon Rowell
Past President.