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People's Republic of Bangladesh (former East Pakistan) was not having any Dental institution at the time of partition of sub-continent on 14th Aug 1947. First ever dental graduate who graduated dentistry from de'Montmorency College of Dentistry Lahore was Dr. Fakhar uz Zaman 1955. Previously there used to dental school in Calcutta like Ahmed Dental School where from Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah got the training of license to practice dentistry. Like wise many such people were available with the license. Nearly in 1963 the dental section was set up at Dhaka Medical College. Dr. Fakhar uz Zaman was a teacher and Dr. Abu Haider MBBS and BDS took over as the first Principal and head of the dental section Dhaka Medical College. During united Pakistan the dental section at Chatagang was established.

Since after the separation of the East Pakistan 16th Dec. 1971 as an independent state of Peoples of Bangladesh there was not much change, but in 1996 a private Dental Institute a Pioneer Dental College as first non-governmental Institute with Hospital was set up at Dhaka and first batch was admitted in 1994-95. This got affiliation with the University of Dhaka. It was the efforts made by the young doctors Jehangir Kabir, Shafiqur Rehman and Rumi due to these continued efforts they made. The college had an auditorium laboratory dental section hall and audiovisual system of education. This private dental college caters students from various countries India, Nepal, Iran etc.

Similarly Bangladesh Medical and Dental College was established as another private college by another promising dental surgeon Prof. Amir ul Islam. This college is fully equipped with the hospital and full-fledged teaching system is going. He too was awarded FICD. The 3rd private college University Dental College and Hospital is ready and is approved by the Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council. It is being sponsored by fellow Dr. Waheed uz Zaman, fellow Dr. Sultana Gul Nahar and fellow Dr. Ali Haider. Another private college is on the way as City Dental College to be organized by Dr. Abu Abdur Rehman and many others healthcare system in Dhaka has come up and dental equipment companies settled their business and there are many modern dental clinics in the City of Dhaka.

Dentistry is flourishing even still Dental manpower ratio is less as the Bangladesh has got population of 130 million people so far there appears to be 1000 qualified dental surgeons. This means that the population ratio 1: 150000 over and above more than 70-80% population of Bangladesh is suffering from Dental disease and there scarcity of dental surgeon to deal with the situation.

There is to campaign much more awareness among the dentists of Bangladesh and thus they held 1st International and 2nd National Dental Conference 15-17 Feb. 2001 National Dental Conference (SADAF) South Asian Dental Associations Federation in 1995 was held. It was inaugurated by Federal Minister and concluding session was presided over by President Bangladesh Abdur Rehman Biswas. Prof. Dr. M. A. Soofi had presided this conference as a President of SARCC South Asian Regional Cooperation Council. The 2nd national and 1st International Dental Conference held in Dhaka, it was inaugurated by Federal Minister for Food Mr. Amir ul Hasnain and Mr. Amanullah Minister for State. Conference had a lot of scientific sessions and paper were read from the local and foreign spekers from Nepal, Sri Lanka, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Bharat, USA, Australia so in concluding session of this conference Chief Justice, Supreme Court of Bangladesh Mr. Justice Latif ur Rehman was the Chief Guest. Prof. M. A. Soofi was special guest and was seated on the Dias with Chief Justice.

Similarly Prof. Dr. M. A. Soofi, Regent International College of Dentists USA for Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh held 3rd Convocation of International College of Dentists at Dhaka in 1997 and he awarded honorary fellowship awards to the following dentists of Bangladesh. This action has boosted the dentistry and dentistry is coming prestigious popular science in Bangladesh.

There is need for the relation of Pakistan and Banladesh in teaching of dentistry. This shal lcontrol the migration of Bangali students to Bharat. The Government is requested to improve the law that the dental students from Bangladesh may be admitted in Pakistan Universities / Colleges at the same rate of fee as bonafide for Pakistan. At present Bangladesh students cannot give admission at par with the Pakistan, institution with the result, Bangali students do not attend our University and India has opened the gates with cheaper fee with more facilities to the Bangali students. In this way the Bangladeshi students get the Indian motivation and philosophy, and this is against the will of Qaid. Quaid while addressing the students of Islamia College Peshawar in 1945 "We want to get freedom from British but we do not want the change of masters let there 3/4th of Indian belongs to Hindus and let the Muslim has 1/4th of India. This means that we provide the opportunity to India to have the over power to motivate the Bangali Students. There is need that Pakistan and Bangladesh should make efforts to go for exchange of teachers from one country to another country, which shall create good will, and among the dental surgeons of both wings of Pakistan.
People of Bangladesh and their leader they have got positive response to our friendship and peace initiative for educational purposes. I have suggested we should develop good relation with Bangladesh and let with Indian Muslims population 130 million will be satisfied, with two countries as one nation i.e. with two nation theory Muslim Nation is working and both states Bangladesh and Pakistan are progressing.

Warm Respect of Prof. Dr. M.A. Soofi at Dhaka Bangladesh

Prof. Dr. M. A. Soofi former president South Asian Dental Association's Federation and Regent Section 20 Region 24 International College of Dentists was given warm welcome during his visit to Dhaka at 1st International and 2nd National Dental Conference held from 14-17th Feb. 2001 at Dhaka. Prof. M. A. Soofi was invited specially by the decision of the orgnizing committee as a Special Guest both in inaugural session and in the concluding session. Prof. Soofi has addressed first day when the two State Ministers of People Republic of Bangladesh were present. Last day Justice Latif ur Rehman, Chief Justice Supreme Court of Bangladesh was present. Prof. Soofi during this visit was also attended SADAF meeting as a past president. He has also chaired one scientific session of periodontal diseases. It was very rare occasion that the dental surgeon of Pakistan was given such honour among the dental and medical profession, of course it is due to professional potential, leadership and patronage to the dentists of Bangladesh by Dr. Soofi. He advised the dentists to prepare themselves for the new challenges of the new millennium.

He also exchange the views with the international speakers from Japan, America, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Nepal, India and he too has presented his recent book of "Dental Public Health" to the delegates of different countries. This book was appreciated by the professors of high-ranking position in the international conference. Prof. Soofi also visted the Dhaka University Dental College, Dhaka Medical and Dental Hospital Pioneer Dental College and Hospital and also visited dental clinics. He given gifts of books to Mujeeb ur Rehman Dhaka, City Dental College. While talking to the state Minister for Health Prof. Ammanullah, Dr. Soofi offer his services in preventive dentistry or environmental and water pollution. He asked the Minister that the Bangladesh is my country and Pakistan is your country because Muslim movement started from Bengal Muslim League was formed in Dhaka 1906 and Pakistan resolution was proposed by A. K. Fazal Haq, thus Pakistan movement was enhanced and Pakistan was created by the people and leader of East Pakistan. Dr. Soofi also reminded Chief Justice that I have come from your Pakistan and Bangladesh is my country. These words meant a soothing dressing of the younger generation and doctors. Men and women were very much around Dr. Soofi for having auto graph, photo graphs and the people were feeling very happy thus it was very good contribution of a Pakistani to development of former East Pakistan.

Prof. Soofi also chaired a get together social evening dinner meeting with fellows of International College of Dentists- Bangladesh.

FICD Dinner Meeting at Dhaka-Bangladesh

A meeting of the fellows of International College of Dentist-Bangladesh was held in local hotel San Pacific Sonargaon Dhaka under the presidentship of Regent Prof. Dr. M. A. Soofi. It was attended by fellows 1) Abu Haider S. Rehman, 2) Hasan Imam 3) Hosne Ara Begum 4) Kh. M.D. Shafiq ur Rehman 5) M. A. Wadud Sarker 6) Md. Amirul Islam 7) Md. Jehangir Kabir 8) Md. Raquibul Hossain Rumi 9) Md. Wahid uz Zaman 10) Mirza Ali Haider 11) Mofiz ur Rehman 12) Morshed Alam 13) Sultana Gul Nahar.

Meeting started from recitation of Holy Quraan. Fateha was offered at the sad demise death of Dr. Fakhar uz Zaman (fellow) and his services were highlighted for the cause of promotion of the profession. Dr. Zaman was pioneer dental surgeon of (East Pakistan) Bangladesh. He was graduate of 1955 de'Montmorency College of Dentistry, Lahore-Pakistan.
It was decided that there shall be social get together of the fellows of the section in Bangladesh, so that standard of the profession may go further. Prof. Soofi in his address congratulated the fellows Roomi, Shafiqur Rehman, Jehangir Kabir for their new direction in their clinics of an international level. Dr. Soofi highlighted the contribution of these fellows for setting up private "Pioneer Dental College" and first batch has passed. Prof. Soofi also appreciated the efforts of the fellows Amir ul Islam for setting up Private Bangladesh Medical and Dental College and he mentioned that he has visited Bangladesh College and Hospital each room, consultancy, ICCU and found it a high standard. The Regent expressed his pride for the devotion of the fellow Waheed uz Zaman who along with other fellows Haider, Hosn Ara, Sultana Gul Nahar for starting Dhaka University Dental College. He appreciated efforts of medical colleagues who have cooperated this programme.

While addressing the fellows he said that we have to know and concentrate our thoughts to be of international level. He said that dental services, teaching institutions are of international level and our thinking and behaviour is to be raised to the international level. He said that the fellows are more responsible person and they are requested to keep the international standard, so that the impression should be better that the fellows are above to minor things and they are doing the services to the all people of Bangladesh in a better way. He said there is need tranquility love, peace among the fellow. We all are professional and there is demand that we should keep the international level. He said that there should be regular get together, three fellows alphabetically should become committee members to organize meeting and next meeting should organize by next three members of the College.


Respected Chief Guest - Chairman Conference Dr. Amirul Islam, Secretary General Dr. Jehangir Kabir, Members of Organizing Committee, Fellows of International College of Dentists and Member of Dental Profession from Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, India, Pakistan and other countries.
My Sisters and Brothers - Aslam-o-Alaikum.
It is indeed my great pleasure and honor to be amongst the member of the dental profession from various countries in the land of Bangladesh which is also my country. I stand honored to be special Guest on behalf of the 2nd National and 1st International Dental Conference, I congratulate the organizers for arranging this national and international dental conference at city of Dhaka - Bangladesh.

It is due to the great leadership of the organizing committee which has been working hard for such long time and has proved itself very effective and powerful organizing committee for this august gathering. Local and speakers from various countries of the world, who are participating will present not only their original work, but they shall highlight modern trends of dentistry and needs of new millennium.

Indeed this conference will provide guidelines to the younger generation through the experience, research, training and learning of the established scholars under the banner of Bangladesh Pvt. Dental Society.

Dentistry is facing great challenges in this new millennium, and now it has become a medical science, as far example the periodontal disease has become a risk factor for the coronary heart disease. Therefore today the dentists shoulder has greater responsibility to generate quality to be oral physician for the community.

The Dental profession in the developing countries needs to streamline the legal aspect in practice of the qualified dentists. Quacks are menace, it needs to be prevented by ethical guide lines and unqualified practices may be eliminated. It is indeed our responsibility to prevent the population to extensive fluoridated water in soil, as recently in the Province of Punjab (Pakistan) many children had been effected and developed crippling syndrome due to high fluoride content in the drinking water. Development Countries should make efforts to survey such areas, so that community can be saved by high content of fluoride in the water. It is indeed the Governments, which should provide facility to eliminate the high fluoride content by defluoridation method from the society. Profession also needs to highlight drawback of less fluoride in the drinking water, because it has been proved that with the optimum fluoride contents levels in drinking water, it prevents the dental decay in the children. There is another threat to the population, the waste of the Industries is damaging the soil and water, therefore there is need for alternate methods and means for the Industrial water disposal in order to save the people from such water havoc.

There is need of strong spirit to work against the threats of Aids and Hepatitis. Dentists are in close contact with such patients and disease is more prevalent in the developing countries. There is need for prevention. Dental surgeons should have to prevent these killer disease Aids and Hepatitis.

There is lot of frustration amongst the people due to increase in road traffic accidents resulting in fracture. There is need that this should be prevented by introducing awareness amongst the dentists and medical men to avoid the episode of the road accidents.

The dentistry is mostly available in the big cities, the rural areas of all our developing countries need better facilities and immediate measures to prevent such diseases. The information about oral cavity to the local population should be provided. There is need of more prevention in the villages and suggesting balance food and by eliminating high contaminated water so that population may be saved from handicapping. Another suggestion that how the dental treatment become an easy approach to the common man. I suggest here that we consider this theme so that the population may get the easy, cheaper treatment.

The modern life style of person today is facing dental problem in oral cavity, such as gingivitis, ulcer and dental decay. Lot of population is facing the incidence of malformation of the teeth. Children and adults are sufferer, therefore the research to relieve the population from such type of ailments with easy method is the need of today. We cannot take away the traditional remedy therefore, we could suggest the rural population for using wooden tooth brush and Miswak after each meal to decrease the disease.

The Oral cancer is very common ailment of the oral cavity. The dentists of today has to deal in his clinic the cases like diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, osteoarthritis, epilepsy, kidney diseasse, and obese patients seeking dental treatment therefore the dentists of today get himself prepare to deal with such type of cases. Therefore I like to advise through this platform that the dentists should take privilege of the computer and websites, so that dentist should learn the latest knowledge of new techniques.

At the end, I express many thanks on my behalf and behalf of International College of Dentists Section No.24 and behalf of Pakistan Dental Association for inviting me as Special Guest and I wish you all success.

Pakistan and Bangladesh friendship Zindabad.