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Dr. Tariq Zaman was president of Pakistan Dental Association Centre 1990, he had the association with the Sri Lankan Dental Association specially its President Dr. Mrs.
I. Ratnayakay and there found South Asian Dental Association Federation in which Dr. Tariq Zaman was elected the President and Dr. Mrs. I. Ratnaykay was elected as President Elect and delegate from India was elected as the General Secretary.

There was Pakistan National and 2nd SADAF Conference from Nov. 25-28 1993 at Hotel Holiday Inn Islamabad by Pakistan Dental Association Central Zone. The Conference was attended by delegates from Sri Lanka, India and Pakistan. This revival and discussion was continued and thus the strengthen was carried out.

There was a Conference at Sri Lanka, Sri Lankan Association at Hotel Galadari Meridien Colombo Sri Lanka. It was attended by the delegates of India its General Secretary Dr. V. Dikshit and the council members. Dr M. A. Soofi attended this Conference as council member alongwith the Dr. Prof. Waheed Sheikh. The constitutional reform were discussed and M. A. Soofi submitted constitution which was very much appreciated by the delegates and thus he was elected as President (Elect) of the SADAF. The constitution was discussed in length and was adopted after full discussion by the delegates and member of the SAARC Countries. In the same evening, the successful assembly of the leaders of Dental Profession from SAARC Countries was ended with unanimity.

President (Elect) Dr. Mrs. I. Ratnaykay hosted a dinner at the residence; it was attended by SADAF council members and their spouses, Sri Lanakan council members and their spouses. Then next day meeting of the eduationists was held and the progress was made for this organization. It was wonderful evening when the Prime Minister of Sri Lanak Mr. D. B. Wijetunga and Minister for Health and Women Affairs, Renuka Herath Ranaweera were the guest of honour in 60th Anniversary Scientific Session of SLDA and the first congress of the SADAF. It was wonderful show, very loving and exciting evening. The cultural show of the Sri Lankan artist was displayed with traditional dance music and other social activities, which were like by all the audience. The closing ceremony of the SADAF was very momentous where the award was distributed and Dr. Mrs. I. Ratanaykey was elected as second President. She thanks the outgoing president Dr. Tariq Zaman Pakistan and appreciating his pioneering and skill efforts to steer SADAF. She gave outlines and ensure hard work of coming year.

In this picture: Dr. Ratnaykay chaired Dr. Dikshit G. S. and Dr. M. A. Soofi President (Elect)


During the past two decades, there have been many advances in all the disciplines of dentistry and there has arisen many accepted concepts and practices relevant to the modern thoughts which stand no parallelism in the history of this science.

  • Vast new vistas in the practice of dentistry are opening up with exciting new developments like: -
  • Use of lasers in the treatment of carious teeth.
  • Implant-materials and techniques.
  • New dental restorative material and technology.
  • Computer assistant designer and fabrication of dental restorations.
  • Zero-radiography and magnetic resonance in the diagnostic field.

The explosion of dental knowledge is becoming essential, practically both to the teachers and students to keep abreast of, and cope with rapidly changing dental scene. This also is essential for the patient of today who is better educated, more aware, more assertive and therefore he expects new techniques and the best expertise from his dentist.
The Dentists, who neglect to acquire the modern techniques, will find himself stagnating in dull, routine, out-dated and un-rewarding practices. It is therefore, imperative that the teacher and the student in the teaching institutions may be provided modern dental programmes in order to provide the “hands on” experience for gaining expertise so as to render best possible services to the patients.

There are many sub-specialities in Dentistry, which the younger group have selected for preparing themselves to render the services in a particular field. For example in oral surgery young persons have done masters and fellowships and got their specialisation removing the deformity of the cleft palate through surgical technique and such other maxilo facial surgery specialists are available with advanced knowledge. Their skill and technique is needed in our country because such cases were dealt with previously be the general surgeon and that was not the proper service. Similarly some young boys have specialised in peodontitics, periodontics, public health dentistry, restorative dentistry and orthodontcs. There is a need, for that the services of such experts may be utilized in the better interest of the profession and of the patient. We also need teachers in these specialities.


To help such fortunate professional members of our community as well as the patients and the children regarding oral health and its importance, and ways and means, of achieving and maintaining dental health in all specialities, there is need of creation of new posts of Assistant Professors in the new sub-specialities of the new sciences in order to: -

Promote and encourage the feelings of these dental surgeons who have obtained the Postgraduate knowledge from the world over Dental Institute, either through scholarship or self sponsorships and putting themselves in hard task.
To help the dental students in the prosecution of their dental studies in the prosecution of their dental studies in the teaching institution with the modern science and technology.

To promote the scientific feelings for creating new literature and research for the information and knowledge to the general practitioner.
To raise the status of the education at par with the world level.
Keeping the above objectives, there is necessity and correct time to take stock and assess to curriculum and present staff for the above commitment, if we don’t stand atleast 2/3 of the world, in this scientific field there is need for culmination of such positive efforts when we may successfully organize the teaching system through these experts.

Since inception of the de’Montmorency College of Dentistry, Lahore, there used to be four professional chairs for the dental students for teaching purposes:

  • Oral Surgery
  • Operative Surgery
  • Orthodontic Surgery
  • Prosthetics


Instead the expansion of the sub-branches of these four specialities the previous organization, curtailed to two chairs and at present, the two professorial chairs i.e. Professor of Prosthodontics and Oral Surgery are working. The former professorial chair is heading the college as a Principal and Dean of Dental Faculty of Punjab University, other professor of oral surgery is under administration and planning of the Punjab Dental Hospital, the biggest curative centre for oral health healing. And the rest of two chairs (Operative & Orthodontics) are not actively functioning. Perhaps the chair of Restorative Dentistry has been infused to another set up by the previous organization and thus this is depressing environment for the young dentists and the students. Who neither can avail facilities of teaching nor of the posting. With the result the fresh young blood with Postgraduation stand disturbed, disgusted and disappointed, and many of them, for valid evidence, have left for Saudi Arabia or Europe to satisfy their thirst of service for their existence.


Aim of Dental Services is not merely to relive the dental pain or extract the tooth or fill up the cavity etc. etc. But is to create in the patient an awareness about the oral health which is more rewarding and desirable purpose motivating him to accept the oral health is preferable, and that can only be achieved through the modern science and technology. If our undergraduate students are not provided modern technology and science they shall not be able to provide the required services to the community.

The dental profession in Pakistan, with our continuous efforts of educating the masses is becoming recognized and the role of Dentists as a useful person to the community is becoming more and more clear. Therefore, to utilise the services, we need teachers of this branch, we need public health educators to prevent the public from hazards of smoking, Paan chewing and other pernicious habits which lead to AID and better healthful diet, regular exercise, breast feeding etc.

With the population of crore persons of the Punjab there exist three posts of Professor and 5 Associate Professors, so there is a well spell out necessity to create new post of various sub-specialities of such branches with immediate effect and special funds may be asked for to meet the expenses to absorb the fresh Postgraduate experts to impart knowledge to the students and better services to patients. If this is not being done the dental science in Pakistan will not become promotive.


To utilize the services of these qualified people for maintaining productive treatment schedule to the patients of such specialities and to create promptness and interest among the younger students in the well interest of country and profession that at the premier institution, AP Paediatric Dentistry, AP Facio-Maxillary, AP Public Health Dentistry and AP Restorative Dentistry may be created and a professorial chair for preventive dentistry and Operative Dentistry post may be revived for maintenance of the control over potential Department of Conservation.

The previous AP post of periodontology and new post of pediatric and public health dentistry should come under the regular control of professorial chair of public health dentistry. Similar practice may be adopted at Multan and at College of Community Medicine Lahore, post of AP and Associate Professor may be created to make the Department at par with other Departments.


Finances, which are to be spent, will be much lesser as compare to the quality of the Postgraduates and their utility for the cause and promotion of dental science.

The sources may be pooled out from any corner so that those in profession should not leave country as many have left. This is the only way for saving the brain drainage.

The press conference was also attended by Dr Nazia Yazdani, Vice President, Dr. Shuja ud Din Qureshi and Dr. Ashiq Ghauri, President, PDA England Branch.

The Chief of PDA and Elect. President SADAF Prof.
Dr. M. A. Soofi urged upon the government that Dental Surgeons having Postgraduate Degree/ Diploma in various sub-specialities of the Dentistry may be provided appropriate jobs in Teaching Institutions in Punjab i.e. de’Montmorency College of Dentistry, Dental Section, Nishter Medical College, Multan and College of Community Medicine, Lahore in the form of Assistant Professor, Public Dental Health, Paediatric and Preventive Dentistry, Restorative Dentistry, Facio-Maxillary Surgeon at each District Headquarter Hospital may be created for these specialities to help Accidents, Emergency and Trauma cases and in the field of mandible maxilla. He too urged that problems of junior doctors may deal with at par with the medical doctors in framing career structure, House Rent and Non-Practice Allowance.

Dr. Soofi invited the attention of government towards girls hostel for Dental Students. At present he said, there is no hostel for Girls Dental Students which number 150/175. Previously the girls used to stay in KEMC, Fatima Jinnah Medical College Hostels but they have been thrown out. Therefore, government should take immediate action to provide hostel for Dental Girls Students for continuing education, developing the research and science/technology of dentistry. He proposed establishment of Postgraduate Dental Institute attached with de’Montmorency College of Dentistry or College of Community Medicine to further provide opportunity to the updating science like laser, implant and cosmetic and preventive dentistry.

Prof. Dr. M. A. Soofi was very much concerned about the limitation of the practice of un-qualified quacks who, he said, were becoming a source of spreading AIDS virus un-knowingly while treating such patients who are silent carriers of these virus.
Dr. Soofi said in order to control many side effects of other infectious diseases. There is possibility that AIDS may get through such resources, therefore, Dr. Soofi said ban should be imposed on quackery. He also asked for the government to control the vide un-ethical publicity for Tooth Paste and Tooth Powder and this mushroom of industry should be controlled by the Ministry of Health, Dental Association to save the public from hazards of such undesirable publicity. He was concerned about the prevention of dental diseases and asked for the government to arrange electronic publicity media to prevent dental diseases. He also appreciated the government efforts to establish 2 years Hygienist Course at Dental Public Health Department at College of Community Medicine because this trained personnel is meant for providing clinical assistance to the Dental Surgeons. Therefore a post of Dental Hygienist at each District / Tehsil Headquarter Hospital may be created in place of Dental Technician or additional post in basic pay scale of 12 be sanctioned.

Dr. Soofi stressed for shifting of Dental College to Allama Iqbal Medical College, New Campus, Lahore and revision of the Undergraduate Curriculum. Dr. Soofi further stressed that all the posts of different sub-specialities should be in accordance with the PMDC’s requirement i.e. Professor, Association Professor and two Assistant Professors in each sub-speciality. Dr. Soofi said that he has visited Sri Lanka, India and other SAARC countries and he wants Pakistan to lead in research, technique and technology.


Pakistan Dental Association Central Council, PDA Lahore and Teachers and the students of the Dental College made a protest on Sunday 30th April, 1995 in front of the Provincial Assembly during its session. The Doctors and the students were carrying out the banners and slogans that the sanctioned allocation of funds Rs. 7.50 crore may be reinstated. The procession was lead by Prof. M. A. Soofi, President Lahore Branch, Dr. Muhammad Saeed, President Central Council, Dr. Talibullah Shah, General Secretary, PDA Central Council, Dr. Yasmeen Rashid, General Secretary PMA Punjab.

Dr. Rana Zafar Iqbal Finance Secretary, Dr. Muhammad Yousaf Assistant Professor, Dr. Khawaja Gulzar, Senior Dental Surgeon, Dr. Khawar and may others Demonstrators, house surgeon, male & female student also attended and address the procession.

It may be pointed out that there was a long demand of the PDA for shifting of the College from the present situation and thus this demand was asked 1991 during the 4th International Dental Conference and the then Chief Minister, Ghulam Haider Wyne promised for shifting of the college out side of Lahore.

The then Chief Minister, Mian Manzoor Ahmed Watto, has allocated Rs. 7.50 crore for purchase of land for provision of building complex for College of de’Montmorency at Lahore for 1994-95 and notification was also carried out. Due some or other technical problems, it was noticed the funds has been withdrawn and allocated to some other development work. This has the incited for protest and rally was held in front of Assembly for a long time.

On the same day in the evening session of Punjab Assembly, a question was raised which the speaker Mr. Hanif Ramay constituted a board to look after the matter under the chairmanship of Mr. Muhammad Farooq, Law Minister, Punjab with two MPAs. Ch. Ghulam Abbas, Advisor for Anti-Corruption played important role in the dialogue between the leaders of the profession and Rana Aftab Ahmed Khan, Minister for Planning and Development in the Assembly chamber. Rana Aftab expressed to the delegate and the leaders that the funds amounting to Rs. 7.50 crore shall not be withdrawn, but it shall be released immediately if the land is being purchased. Outside the assembly addressing the Rally Minister for Planning & Development assured the member of the rally that the Govt. is very keen for education and this factor is to be promoted and money sanctioned will not be withdrawn and it shall be utilized for the cause which has been sanctioned. However he also suggested to convene a meeting of leaders of profession and the Ministry of the Finance, Planning and Dev. And Health etc. in order to finalize the matter. Next day on 31st of April, a meeting of Health Dept. Finance Deptt & P&D Department and the leader of the profesion comprising of Prof. M. A. Soofi, President PDA Lahore Branch, Prof. Yaqoob Beg Mirza, Principal, Dr. Muhammad Saeed, President PDA, Dr. Talibullah Shah, General Secretary PDA and Dr. Khawar. Minister decided to hold a sub-committee meeting with Health & Finance Deptt to get away the technical objection within a week.
This rally was also given consolation assurance and help by the opposition members Kh. Riaz Mahmood, Amanullah Khan Niazi, Amjad Hameed Dasti, Raiz Daultana and many Govt. side MPAs.

While addressing the rally Prof. M. A. Soofi, President South Asian Dental Association deplore that the Dental Surgeon always are deprived of their rights he related that the dentist have to take the protest procession under the dental action committee headed by himself for getting the class two status at par medical status. The dentists are also not provided accommodation non-practicing allowance unattractive allowance are considered step citizen of Pakistan. He therefore, urge upon the Govt. discrepancies between the medical men and Dental Surgeon may be removed and same service structure be provided at par with the medical man.