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A meeting of the Dental Surgeons of Lahore was held on 25th November 1973 at Hotel Salateen The Mall at 11.00 AM under the chairmanship of Dr. M. A. Soofi, the convener to discuss the affairs of Dentistry. The following were present: -
Prof. M. Saleem Cheema, Prof. B. A Yazdanie, Dr. Akhlaq Ahmed, Dr Aslam Ch. Dr. Shamim, Dr. Dara, Dr. Rafique Chatha, Dr. M. Z. K. Niazi, Dr. M. H. Sethi, Dr. Syed Ayub Shah, Dr. Muhammad Afzal, Dr. Muhammad Amjad, Dr. Tanveer Hussain Shah and Dr. Aman ur Rehman all these persons elected me as a President and Dr. Shuja ud Din Qureshi was elected as General Secretary at local hotel, on Mall Lahore.

Earlier Dr. M. Z. K. Niazi stressed the necessity of forming Lahore Branch of Pakistan Dental Association and paid tributes to Dr. M. A. Soofi for his extra curricular activities for the cause of the Dental Profession. We had the executive comprising Dr. Shamim Ahmed, Dr. Akhlaq, Dr. M. A. Naveed, Dr. Masood Akhtar, Dr Javed Sultan. It was the team of dedicated persons have been holding of function years and after years and have been presented the cause of dental profession at national & international level. We have held many seminars, conferences at national and international level with great success. We have been participated in all the matter pertaining to dental profession. With this team of dedicated fellows of International College of Dentists persuaded the message of dentistry and making PDA strong body. We have celebrated health week and many dental health walks. We had a walk against smoking as well. We had contributed for 25 years. This struggle was to build up Dental Profession in Pakistan.

The history of dentistry in Pakistan is not complete without mentioning the role of local PDA branches in different areas of Pakistan to uplift the standard of dentistry. The branches in the far area played a very important role like the branch of PDA Chakwal- Jhelum branch. This branch was established in 1984 under the immense leadership of Dr. Arshad Mahmood Malik and Dr. Asad Mirza. The areas of Jhelum, Chakwal, Mirpur and Talagang were included in the branch territory. The only branch in Pakistan to

enjoyed first independent constitution and have the privilege of regular election yearly. This branch conducted the first National Conference on Maxillofacial Surgery in 1992, a huge setup of the conference was arranged and eminent the speakers from all over the country like Prof. M. A. Soofi, Prof. M. Saleem Cheema, Prof. Ejaz Aqeel, Prof. Mohammad Saeed, Prof. Tariq Zaman Ahmed, Prof. Brig. Muzaffar Khan, Dr. Nazia Yazdanie, Dr. Khalid Almas, Dr. Ansar Maqsood, Dr. Adnan Ali Shah and many other eminent speakers participated. This branch use to have its own monthly news letter as well as regular clinical and academic meetings. This branch set the example of an outstanding working capability possible in the periphery and rural areas of Pakistan. Yet it is one of most active branch in the country.

The Election of PDA Lahore were held on 17th Nov 1995, Dr Waheed Sh. Former Principal de'Montmorency College of Dentistry Lahore was election commissioner. The old team decided not to go further for election and Dr. Aslam Ch. was elected as a President along with his team. Thus we handed over PDA Lahore to the newly elected people in 2nd Feb 1996, function was held at Alhamra Lahore. In this long period of Presidentship of Lahore branch (1973-93), we have published a brochure of our activities and achievement which is also attached. Before the creation of Lahore Branch 1973, it was Pakistan Dental Association for both the wings of country East Pakistan and West Pakistan. We have worked with unqualified dental surgeons and we have been striving for the uplift of popularization of dentistry.

Thus with this efforts I had the privilege to create a department of Public Dental Health in postgraduate Medical Institute "College of Community Medicine, Lahore" and started two years Dental Hygienist course, and post of professor was created and with this I had the opportunity to set an example that dental surgeon can become the Principal of Medical College specially in the Postgraduate Institute. We had very good relation with heads of Medical Colleges due to our expanding interest and academic activities.

I was invited to give suggestion for setting up full fledged dental section at Jinnah Hospital, Lahore Allama Iqbal Medical College by Prof. S. A. R Gardezi the than Principal of Allama Iqbal Medical College and we have created Dental Section with six chairs. Similarly I had contributed to establish the dental section in Children Complex, Ferozepur Road, Lahore. It was achievement by the undersigned. Prof. Saeed ul Haq, was a student of Dept of Pediatric King Edward Medical College, Lahore he had attended my lectures. He in his capacity - Executive Director invited me that I should help the institute by designing dental department. I designed four sub specialities of children dentistry four posts of professors, Associate Professors, Operation theater, library, museum, X-rays dept. And dental hygienist for out door and indoors were suggested at par with speciality of Eye and ENT.
I had established dental department at the outdoor of Mayo Hospital, Lahore 1961-64. It used to be in one small room.
Being life member of Pakistan Medical Association Lahore, I had the opportunity to propagate Dentistry; I was the Information and Finance Secretary of PMA Lahore Branch -
1973-75 and have got much closer interaction with medical men.
Ref: History of Dentistry, 3000 BC- 2000 AD.
The Cambridge Encyclopedia of INDIA, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka.



The name of this organization shall be the Pakistan Dental Association, hereinafter referred to as the "the Association" or "this Association".


This Association is a non-profit corporation organized and registered under the laws of the Government of Pakistan.

Headquarters Office:

The registered office of this Association shall be known as the Headquarters office and shall be located in the city where the governing Central Council body, may be determined by the General Assembly.

The place of meeting of the Association shall be at such places or place as may be decided by the council from time to time.

The Association shall function under regional zones.


      1. To promote the science and art of dentistry.
      2. To maintain the honour, interests, dignity and unity of the Dental Profession.
      3. To safeguard and defend the interest and integrity of the members of the Dental Profession through ethical, moral or legal means at the disposal of the Association.
      4. To enlighten/educate the public on Dentistry, Oral Health and Prevention etc.
      5. To encourage and direct study and research in the field of Dental Sciences, Dental Epidemiology and related subjects.
      6. To influence the policies of the Government on Oral Health of the public, the Dental Profession and Dental Education by extending professional and expert help, advice and cooperation of the Association and its members.
      7. To guide and help members of the profession especially fresh graduates in the establishment of their career.
      8. To hold periodic conferences and meetings of the members of the Association for continuing dental education, and discussion of scientific subjects, professional matters and for social purposes.
      9. To correspond, associate, cooperate, and collaborate with other dental and professional bodies throughout the world to further the cause of the profession, this association and its members.
      10. To establish and run programs to further the above objectives in communities, schools, madrassahs, cities and all such areas where people can be educated for prevention of oral health diseases.



  1. Ordinary Membership: Ordinary membership is open to all those registered with the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council, as Dental surgeons and are residing in Pakistan.
  2. Associates Membership: The following shall be eligible for Associate Membership:
    1. Any person holding a Dental Qualification recognized by the Council of the Association. The council may time to time decide/recognize any such members?
    2. Accredited members of foreign national dental associations whose associations extend reciprocal membership to members of this Association.
    3. Members of the Allied Professions who contribute to the advancement of Dentistry.
    4. Dental undergraduate/ students who are accredited by all Dental Colleges of Pakistan recognized by the PMDC. (Third and fourth year undergraduate students).

C. Life Membership: Life membership can be obtained by ordinary members of the Association upon application and payment of prescribed fee of the Association by those who have been regular uninterrupted members in good standing of the Association for twenty-five year.

D. Honorary Membership: Honorary Members shall be members of the Dental Profession of Academic excellence or of Professional eminence, and / or those even outside the profession who have rendered distinguished service to the Association or in the promotion of Dental and Allied Sciences.

E. Expatriate Membership: Expatriate members shall be members of the Association who have left Pakistan for a period of not less than one year and who actively continue their membership and take an interest in the affairs of the Association.


A. Ordinary and Associate Membership:

      1. Every candidate shall fill out a prescribed form giving his particulars specially his PMDC registration where applicable, or dental college enrolment if a dental student etc., alongwith the prescribed fee, and submit it to either the association headquarters or give it to a designated office bearer or the association or its constituent organizations or submit it at a PDA function where such arrangements have been made.
      2. Upon receipt of the application and fee and confirmation of particulars member will be granted membership.
      3. If any person, after being a member, fails to pay the yearly dues and defaults for one year his membership will be declared null and void.
      4. A member who has resigned after having discharged his liabilities and is desirous of rejoining the Association may reapply in a manner similar to sub-section i). if such application is made within one year of the date of resignation no entrance fee will be payable and after that period he will enroll as a fresh member.

B. Honorary Membership: Honorary members having been proposed by the Council shall be elected at an Annual General Meeting, if more than half the delegates present shall have voted in favour. No debate on the candidates shall be allowed:

  1. Six weeks notice of such proposals is given to all members of the Association.
  2. Proposals for Honorary membership shall be proposed unanimously with no dissenting vote in Council before being presented to the General Body of the Association.

C. Expatriate Membership: Members of the Association who are leaving or who have left Pakistan may apply to the General Secretary for Expatriate Membership.


A) Ordinary and life Members shall have the right:

  1. to actively participate in all General Meetings of the Association.
  2. To stand for election, to nominate or second a candidate for election, and to vote in the Association elections.
  3. To participate in all the activities of the association including various national, international, zonal and city conferences.

B) Associate and Honorary Members shall:

  1. have all the privileges of Ordinary and Life Membership except the right to vote or to hold office in the Association;
  2. have such other privileges as the council may from time to time decide.

C) Expatriate Members shall:

  1. receive notices of the Annual General Meeting and all reports etc.
  2. have such other privileges as the Council may from time to time decide.
  3. shall not be able to stand for elections to any office, or to propose or second candidate for the elections.

SECTION 4: OBLIGATIONS OF MEMBERSHIP: All members shall abide by the Constitution and not act in any way inconsistent with its objective and will strive to promote the profession of dentistry.


A) Automatic Cessation: A member of the Association shall defacto cease to be a member:

  1. if he is convicted in a court of law for any criminal offence under the Pakistan Penal Code, or
  2. if the forfeits by misconduct any of the qualifications by virtue of which he became eligible for membership to the Association.

B) By removal of name on the ground of undesirable conduct: If the conduct of any member shall be deemed by the Council to be prejudical to the interest of the Association or intended to bring the dental profession into disrepute, such member would be asked to submit a written explanation of his conduct within one month. In the event of the explanation having not been submitted or being found unsatisfactory, the member may be suspended and the issue taken to a general Body meeting for decision that may have been called for any other purpose or specially convened. If the offence is of grave consequence to the association and profession, at least a fifteen-day notice of the meeting shall be given. The said member shall be given an opportunity to explain his conduct if he desires to do so. If at the meeting ¼ of the members present or at least 10% members in attendance to vote:

  1. Restore the full membership.
  2. Continue suspension with some conditions, or
  3. Removal of his name from membership in which case his name shall be struck off the Register.
  1. Resignation: A member desiring to resign from his membership of the Association, shall notify the General Secretary in writing at least one month in advance before his current subscription is due. Such a member shall, however, be required to pay any subscription or other dues owed to the Association.

D) Expulsion:

    1. Only the Generaly Body of thePakistan dental Association shall have the power to expel a member from membership when so proposed by the Council.
    2. The Council can constitute a special disciplinary committee to enquire about the misconduct which has been reported to it in writing by any member of the association or an outsider, and such misconduct is deemed to have been serious enough to invite an enquiry.
    3. Notice of enquiry shall be given to the member concerned at least fourteen days before the enquiry specifying the allegations and the time and pace of enquiry. The member shall either present an oral defence or submit a written explanation.
    4. The Disciplinary Committee shall submit its report to the Council which in turn will either dismiss the complaint, take action to warn the member or suspend him and made a recommendation to the General Body.
    5. A member has the right of appeal to the Central Council.
    6. An expelled member may re-apply for membership after expiry of a period of 4 years or whatever term exceeding that which has been recommended by the general body.


SECTION-1. The Legislative Body:

The legislative and government body of this Association shall be the General Assembly, which shall comprise all voting active members of the Association and its Branches. The officers of this Assembly shall be the elected members of the Central Council.



  1. The General Assembly shall be the supreme authoritative body of this Association.
  2. It shall possess legislative power.
  3. It shall determine the policies, which will govern this Association in all its activities.
  4. It shall have the power to enact, amend and repeal the Constitution and By-laws.
  5. It shall have the power to adopt and amend the Principles of Ethics and Code of Professional Conduct for governing the professional conduct of the members.
  6. It shall have the power to revoke branch societies. It shall also have the power by a two-thirds (2/3) majority to dissolve a constituent society in the General Assembly upon a determination by the Assembly that the branch society violated the Constitution.
  7. It shall have the power to create special committees of the Association.
  8. It shall have the power to establish branch offices of the Association.
  9. It shall have the power to approve all memorandums, resolutions and opinions issued in the name of the Pakistan Dental Association.
  10. It reserves the right to reject any application for membership and is not obliged to enter into correspondence or to give any reason to the applicant.
  11. It shall also have the power to delegate any such above authority to the Council.


The Administrative body of this Association is the Central Council, and it shall be the national representative body of the General Assembly of the Association.
It shall transact all the business of the Association, public, and professional; internal and external; including that of making Rules and By-laws, provided that such.
Rules and by-laws are not opposed to the spirit of the Constitution and By-laws of the Association.

A) The Elective Officers of the Central Council of this Association shall be:

  1. President
  2. Senior Vice President.
  3. Vice Presidents from each Zone.
  4. General Secretary
  5. Treasurer
  6. Ten representatives two from each of the four zones namely the four provinces of Pakistan and from the fifth zone i.e. Federal (Islamabad, FATA, FANA).

B) Zonal representation of the Central Council.

  1. The Central Council must be elected from a Zone. The same zone shall not be able to fight election for the third consecutive turn. For this section the FC area shall not be considered as a separate zone.
  2. To promote the rotation of the Central Council to the smaller provinces as well, the General Body shall consider a compulsory rotation clause five years from the date of approval of this constitutionj. This clause would ensure that the Council shall have to move by-election from province to province and that no province shall be able to fight an election again until the circle is complete.
  1. Election.
    1. The President, Senior Vice President, General Secretary and Treasurer shall be elected from a single zone by postal ballot or at an Annual General Meeting and shall hold office for a term of two years.
    2. The zonal representatives i.e. Zonal Vice President and two representatives shall be elected by the members of that zone.
    3. All members of the council except the Treasurer shall be eligible for re-election (See Section 3. B.1).

D) Duties and Powers.

  1. The duties and powers of the Council shall be:
    1. To execute the policies of the Association.
    2. To exercise the authority for the interpretation of this Constitution which decision thereon shall be final and binding on all members unless and until an appeal is made to a general body meeting.
    3. To enroll members of the Associaion in accordance with Article VIII Section2.
    4. To establish regulate and ensure elections subsequently in the branch societies.
    5. To suspend after adequate warning such branch societies which have exceeded their elected or appointed term unless for reasons which are condonable.
    6. Toappoint such sub-committees as may be necessary to assist in the management of the affairs of theassociation.
    7. To manage the financial affairs of the Association, open accounts, invest funds etc.
    8. To authorize expenditure of the Association funds.
    9. To accept resignations in accordance with Article VIII Section 5 Sub-section (b).
    10. To recommend amendments to the Constitution in accordance with Article XI.
    11. To appoint an Ethics Committee to develop, modify and implement the article rules for the members of the Association when deemed necessary and to take action on complaints filed.
    12. To act with regard to non-payment of fees in accordance with Article VII section 2 para (q) (h).
    13. To appoint Auditors annually who shall audit all accounts of the Association and sign the balance sheet that later shall be circulated with the Annual Report.
    14. To interpret the constitution where such interpretation is deemed necessary.
    15. To act generally on behalf the Association in all Constitution does not expressly otherwise provide and to give a decision in any matter not provided for.
    16. To compile and print an Annual Report that together with the minutes, audited balance sheet, and a list of members shall be circulated to every member of the Association to reach them at least fourteen days before the date fixed for the Annual General Meeting.
    17. The Council shall have authority to formulate such Bye-laws that shall be binding to the members and shall not in any way contradict or disregard the spirit of this Constitution.
    18. To get into contractual obligations, sign documents, and agreements for and on behalf of the Association.
    19. To rent, purchase, lease, movable and immovable property.
    20. To employ people, groups or companies on contract or salary to further its responsibilities and duties.
  1. Duties and Powers of the officers of the Association:
    1. The President:
      1. shall carry out such duties as are assigned by the Council and this Constitution.
      2. Shall take the chair at all General Meetings of the Association and at all meetings of the Council.
      3. Shall have the right to call special General Meeting of the Council.
    1. The Senior Vice President:

All duties, powers and responsibilities of the President shall in his absence, devolve upon the Senior Vice President.

    1. The Zonal Vice Presidents shall represent their zones in the Central Council.
    2. The General Secretary:
      1. shall be responsible for summoning all General Meetings of the Association and all meetings of the Council.
      2. Shall keep minutes of the General Meetings of the Association and of the meetings of the Council.
      3. Shall keep all members informed of all the important activities of the Association.
      4. Shall conduct the correspondence of the Association under the direction of the President and Council and shall keep a register of all members of the Association.
      5. At least one calendar month before the date fixed for the Annual General Meeting of the Association, the General Secretary shall inform all members of the Association in writing of the days fixed for such Annual General Meeting and draw their attention to Article X section 1 sub-section (c), (v).
      6. At least two weeks before the date fixed for the Annual General Meeting of the Association, the General Secretary shall send to all members of the Association.
      7. The Agenda for the Meeting.
      8. The Annual Report of the Council on the activities of the Association during the preceding year.
      9. The audited Balance sheet and statement of accounts for preceding year.
    1. The Treasurer:
      1. shall be responsible for the collection of dues and such funds which are due to the Association.
      2. Shall keep accounts of all the funds of the Association, and shall issue receipts for all payments made to the Association.
      3. Shall open such banking account or accounts as the Council may direct, and shall deposit therein all monies received by him on behalf of the Association. The President or a Vice President shall sign by the Treasurer and all cheques issued by the Assocation.
      4. Shall give notice to all members whose subscriptions are in arrears, the frequency of which shall be determined by the council.
      5. Shall be responsible for the preparation of the audited balance sheet and statement of accounts referred to in Section 4 sub-section ii (3) of this Article and shall provide documents for Audit.
      6. If in any term the Treasurer does not submit properly audited accounts by a certified auditor, the entire panel of that term will be barred from re-election.
    1. Standing Committee of Council: Council shall appoint a Standing Committee of not less than three and not more than five from amongst ordinary and life members to assist in the management of urgent and important issue; for example, issues which require action within two months. Progress on such issues shall be reported to Council at the ensuing Council Meetings.
    2. Review Committee: To ensure smooth and efficient functioning of the Central and Zonal branches, a special Review Committee shall be appointed.
      1. The Committee shall help the council oversee and coordinate and ensure the following:
        1. That the central and zonal councils meet regularly.
        2. That the central and zonal councils maintain minutes of meetings.
        3. That accounts are maintained and audited by certified auditor each year and copies handed over to central council.
        4. That election of central and zonal councils is held on time i.e. every two years.
        5. That all records are handed over to newly elected offices and continuity is maintained.
        6. That the Zones prepare lists of members, collect dues regularly and update their list.
      1. The Committee shall comprise of:
        1. One senior member fromeach zone not holding any office.
        2. The Chairperson of the Review Committee should be the Vice President elected from that Zone.
  1. Vacancies:
    1. In the event of a vacancy occurring in the Council because of the death of the President or his resignation, or incapacitation, or long term leave of absence, the Senior Vice President shall become the President of the Association.
    2. In the event of a vacancy occurring in the Council from whatever cause, the President shall have the power to appoint any member of the Association to hold the office thereby vacated until the next Annual General Meeting.
  1. Meetings:
    1. Ordinary Meeting of the Council shall be held at least twice a year.
    2. Special Meeting of the Council may be held from time to time as the occasion arises.
    3. The Quorum for all Council meetings shall be 2/3 of the membership.
    4. For lack of quorum if another meeting is called the quorum shall be six members including the President, Secretary and Treasurer.
    5. Notices of ordinary meetings of the Council together with minutes of the last meeting, the agenda and other relevant documents shall be circulated to all members of the Council at least two weeks before the date fixed for the meeting.


The Association shall be composed of five Zones: Sindh, Punjab, Baluchistan, NWFP and Federal capital Area (including fATA, FANA, Azad Kashir etc.).


    1. Each zone shall be free to govern itself in subject to the Constitution of the Association, and for this purpose shall be at liberty from time to time to make such By laws as it deems fit, and to repeal or alter the same as and when it considers it expedient to do so with the majority of the zone membership.
    2. The By-laws so made, under Section 1(a) and for the time being in force shall be binding on the members constituting the zone in reference to which they are made.
    3. Vice President of the Council and two members from each zone will be elected during the process of elections of the Council. If any such elected member to the Council shall die or retire or otherwise cease to be a member of the Council before the expiration of his term of office, the Zone Committee concerned may appoint another member who shall have the full powers of the original member.


a) Election: The Zone Committee shall be elected bi-annually by the members living in the said zone, by ballot at the Annual General Meeting or by postal ballot, to hold office for two years. It should be ensured that all records are to be transferred by the incumbents to the new body upon election. The Treasurer will not be eligible for re-election.

  1. Composition: The Zone Committee shall consist of :
      1. Chairman
      2. Secretary
      3. Treasurer
      4. Four Committee Members.
  1. Duties and Powers:
    1. The Zone Committee and its office bearers would be the representatives of the Central Council in that zone, and would carry out all the functions and duties so delegated to them. They will further the primary aims and objectives of the Association mentioned in Article III, implement the programs developed by the Council and would run themselves in a manner similar to the Council under their delegated powers.
    2. An Annual Report shall be drawn by each Zone to reach the Council by the end of February of each year. The Annual Report shall comprise of : -
      1. The Financial Statement of the Zone for the year audited by certified Auditors.
      2. The Report of the activities of the Zone during the year along with documentary proof.
    1. The Zone Committee may appoint sub-committees for various purposes.
    2. Each Zone Committee shall be responsible for the management of the financial affairs of that Zone.
    3. The Zone Committee shall receive resignations for transmission to the Council and fill vacancies in the Zones if and when they arise.
    4. Zones should send copies of their program, meeting agenda and Treasurer Report to the Council on a yearly basis.
  1. Duties and Powers of the Officers of the Zones of the Association.
  2. The Chairman shall
      1. Carry out such duties as are assigned by the Council and / or Zone Committee.
      2. Employ staff, and hire companies for the same.
      3. Sign documents as necessary to rent, purchase and lease movable and immovable property.
      4. Sign cheques alongwith the treasurer.
  1. The Secretary shall keep minutes of the General Meetings of the Zone and of the meetings of the Zone Committee. He shall keep all members informed of all important activities of the Zone.
  2. The Secretary shall:
    1. Conduct the correspondence of the Zone under the direction of the Chairman and / or Zone Committee and shall keep a register of all member of the zone.
    2. Shall send to all members of the Zone, at least two weeks before the date fixed for the Annual Meetings: -
      1. The Agenda for the Meeting.
      2. The Annual Report of the Zone Committee on the activities of the Zone during the preceding year.
      3. The audited Balance Sheet and statement of accounts for the preceding year. Audit to be done by certified Auditors.
  1. The Treasurer shall:
    1. Be responsible for the collection and accounting of all the funds of the Zone.
    2. Operate a bank account and shall deposit therein all money received by him on behalf of the Zone except for a petty cash amount not exceeding Rs. 2000/-.
    3. Sign all cheques issued by the Zone.
    4. Be responsible for the preparation of the Financial Statement of the Zone, as referred to in Section 2, sub-section c (i) (a) of this Article.
    5. Submit accounts at all committee and general meetings, save receipts of all transactions and will be responsible for making all records available for yearly Audit by Certified Auditor.
    6. Send a copy of the Auditors statement to the Central Council on a yearly basis.
    7. Hand over Audited accounts to the new Committee at the end of his 2-year term.
    8. If in any term a Treasurer does not submit properly audited accounts to the zone and the Central Council the entire panel of that term will be barred from re-election.
  1. Review Committee member: Refer Article IV, Section 4, Sub-Section II.
  1. Meetings: Each Zone Committee shall meet at least twice a year.
  2. Quorum: Three members shall constitute a quorum for the Zone Committee meeting.


a) Annual General Meeting:
i) Shall be held once a year.
ii) The meeting shall be held within a territory of the Zone agreed by the Committee.

  1. The Agenda shall include the Annual Report and Financial Statement of the Zone.
  2. At least fourteen days notice shall be given to every member of the zone.
  1. Ordinary Meetings shall be held as and when it is deemed necessary.
  2. Extraordinary General Meeting:
  1. The Chairman of the Zone Committee may direct the Secretary to call an extra-ordinary general meeting; or
  2. The Secretary shall call an extraordinary general meeting on the written request of ten percent of the general membership of the zone, within one month of such a request.
  3. At least fourteen days notice shall be given to every member of the Zone.
  4. No business shall be dealt within the meeting other than that which it may have been specially called to consider.
  1. Quorum: The Quorum for all general meetings of Zones shall be at least ten percent of the membership.
  2. Voting:
  3. Voting at all zones General Meeting shall be by show of hands (Except as provided for in Article X Section 6 (e) (ii).
  4. Only ordinary members present may vote.
  5. Motions shall be declared carried by a simple majority vote.


Each Zone can have different branches.

  1. Any city with a minimum of 15 members can have a City Branch of the Associaiton.
  2. Cluster of contiguous cities which have less than 15 members but together they can combine to reach this number, can join together to form a Branch.
  3. Officers, their Term, Elections, Constitution, and By-laws should be on the pattern of Zones.
  4. The Branches must keep their respective zones and Central Council informed of their activities and present their report including financial report etc.


The policy directives given under may be followed at all levels of the association.


The Financial Year shall be from 1st January to 31st December of each year.


    • Ordinary members shall pay an entrance fee of Rs. 100/-.
    • The Annual Membership fee shall be Rs. 200/-.
    • Associate Members shall only pay an Annual fee of Rs. 100/-.
    • Honorary and Life members shall not be required to pay any entrance or annual fee.
    • Expatriate Members shall pay an Annual Subscription of Rs. 200/-.
    • Subscription falls due and shall be payable on 1st January of each year.
    • Any member whose membership dues shall be in arrears for nine months shall be allowed a further three months to settle his dues and if by the end of this time no settlement has been made he will cease to be a members provided due notice shall have been given to such member.


      1. The membership dues shall be collected by the Treasurer who shall be custodian of such funds and shall keep accounts of all funds received and spent, and shall submit financial statement at each meeting or as the Council shall direct.
      2. Payments shall be made by cash, cheque, credit card, or bank draft, in the name of Pakistan Dental Association, sent by mail to the Headquarter office, or paid to a designated officer, or through such arrangements made at PDA functionjs and activities. A receipt shall be issued to the member.
      3. Membership fees may also be collected by the City and Zonal Branches.
      4. They shall keep 50 % of the fees collected by zones and their city branches and the rest shall be remitted to the Treasurer of the Central Council together with a list of the members paying the fee.


    All funds received by the Treasurer shall be deposited in the name of the Association in a Bank and may be invested in secured government bonds or secured bank deposits or similar investments with no risks involved as directed by the Council.


    All cheques must be signed by the Treasurer and either the President, Vice President or General Secretary.


    The Treasurer may subject to any other directive from the Council, furnish the General Secretary with the sum of Rs. 5000/- for miscellaneous petty expenses. Payments made by the General Secretary out of this sum may be replaced from time to time by the Treasurer on submission of receipts.


    The Accounts shall be made up and closed on the 31st day of December in each year and a Balance Sheet showing the Assets and Liabilities of the Association shall be prepared by the Treasurer and audited by the Auditors appointed by the Council (Vide Article XIII Section 3, Section (b).



    A) Voters: All members whose names occur on the Register of Membership on or before the 30th January of the current year and who have paid their full annual fee shall be eligible to vote and contest the elections. List of Voters: A list of voters shall be prepared by the end of 15th February by the General Secretary and shall be available for inspection in the office of the Association during working hours. The correctness of the address and zone listing of the member is the responsibility of the member. Any member wanting to purchase the list shall have to pay a fee that will be decided by the General Secretary. Such list shall not be made available for commercial purposes unless so decided by the Council Objection to the list should be sent to the General Secretary within three weeks of the publication of the list.

    B) Nomination:

      1. An approved form shall be made available at the Headquarters office.
      2. The letter announcing elections and calling for nominations shall be sent out by the Executive Committee before the 1st of March to every member of the Association at his enlisted address. The responsibility of the delivery of every letter would not be a legal binding on the association but the association would take routine measures for the same.
      3. Nominations in a sealed envelope, on the approved form, or a copy thereof, along with Rs. 500/- in the form of cheque, bank draft, or pay order in the name of Pakistan Dental Association shall be sent within three weeks to the General Secretary by Courier Post or submitted personally and receipt taken. Nomination forms received by Fax or electronic mail shall not be entertained.

    Scrutiny: The Council or a committee shall scrutinize the nomination papers within seven days or a person authorized by the Council to do so.

      1. Rejection of the Nomination paper of a candidates can take place if:
      1. The name of the candidate is not in the Voters list.
      2. The address on the voters list is of a different zone as compared to the area from which the candidate wants to contest election.
      3. The candidate has not paid the annual fee for the current year.
      4. The particulars requested in the form are incomplete.
      5. Any other instruction specifically listed in the Nomination paper is not fulfilled.

    Withdrawal: The nominations can be withdrawn by the 15th of April. Physical voting will take place in the Capital city of the Province where the present Council is from on a holiday in the third week of May. In the case of Postal Ballot the Ballot Papers would be sent out before the 1st of May. Counting will take place in front of all the representatives of the candidates as decided by the Council on the day of the physical election and the result announced on the same date.

    Postponed Elections: Elections postponed due to extenuating circumstances beyond the control of the Association, should be held as soon as conditions permit keeping all the provisions required for holding the elections as provided in the elections as provided in the constitution. In such postponed case the above dates may be changed.


    The pattern herein under outlined shall be followed by the zones and branches as applicable and practical. General Meetings of the Association shall be convened by the General Secretary and shall be: -


      1. Time: The meeting should be held every year together with a national conference.
      2. Place: The venue of the national conference shall be the venue of the meeting.
      3. Business: The business of the AFG shall be:
      4. To elect office bearers if the elections have been decided by the council to be held on such date.
      5. To receive the annual report of the council on the affairs of the association.
      6. To consider any amendments to the constitution which may be proposed by the Council or by at least ten percent of the membership of the Association. A copy of all such proposed amendments shall be circulated at least fifteen days before the AGM.
      7. To discuss any other business, notice of which shall have been given to the General Secretary in writing by at least 100 members at least three weeks before the date fixed for the AGM.
      8. To receive the audited accounts of the previous year.
      1. Notice:
    1. Every member shall be entitled to receive from the General Secretary at least six weeks notice of the Annual General Meeting.
    2. Every member shall also be entitled to receive, at least fourteen days before the meeting, the annual Report, the audited balance sheet, and the Agenda of the Meeting.


      1. The President may convene extraordinary General Meetings.
      2. An extraordinary General Meeting may be called by 10% of the membership of the associations.
      3. The President will chair the meeting and in his absence the Senior Vice President will assume the chair.
      4. The President will have the right to call the AGM or a zone or a branch.
      5. On the instruction of the Council.
      6. On the written application explaining the reason to the Council by the General Secretary of any Zone, or by any twenty-five members of that zone or branch.
      7. Place: Extraordinary General Meetings convened under Article X Section 2 may be held at a venue decided by the Council.
      8. Time: The Extra-ordinary General Meeting of the Association convened under Article X Section 2 sub section (ii) shall be held within one month of the receipt of the application.
      9. Notice: At least seven days notice of any Extra-ordinary General Meeting together with the proposed Agenda shall be sent to every member or the Associations/Zone for which the meeting has been called.
      10. Restrictions: Only the matter for which such an Extraordinary General Meetings is called shall be on the Agenda.


      1. The quorum for an General Meetings of the Association shall be one hundred members.
      2. The quorum for an AGM, which is considering a constitutional amendmenet or an expulsion of a member or dissolution of a branch, shall be 10% of the membership.
      3. In case the quorum in Section 3, subsections B is not met the meeting will be adjourned then a second meeting shall, with at least fifteen day notice to all members, be called by the General Secretary for which the quorum shall be the members present.
      4. In the event of a lack of quorum for an extraordinary General Meeting, the meeting shall be postponed.


      1. The president of the Association shall take the chair at the General meetings of the Association. In his absence a Senior Vice President shall take the chair.
      2. In the event of the absence of the President and SVP, any Vice President one of the members present other than a member of the Council shall be elected to the chair.


      1. All members of the association shall have the right to vote.
      2. Voting at all General Meetings shall normally be by show of hands unless elections are being held in which case a secret ballot will be held.
      3. Motions at General Meetings of the Association shall be declared carried by a simple majority vote.
      4. A 2/3rd majority shall pass constitutional amendments.

    POWERS: All decisions made at General Meetings shall be binding on the Association.


    SECTION 1: Any amendments to the Constitution shall be made only at the Annual General Meeting.
    SECTION 2: The proposed amendment shall be made in writing to the General Secretary at least six weeks before the Annual General Meeting.
    SECTION3: The General Secretary shall circulate the proposed amendment to every member of the Association at least four weeks before the meeting.
    SECTION 4: Amendments to the Constitutions shall be carried only if at least two thirds of the delegates present at the meeting shall have voted in favour.


    The Journal of Pakistan Dental Association shall be the official organ of the Association:

      1. The Journal shall be produced an Editor, who shall be responsible for the publication of such journal, periodicals and proceedings of the Scientific Meetings of the Association, as the Council from time to time may decide.
      2. The Editor shall be appointed by the Central Council and shall assume office on the completion of the current volume and shall hold office for two years.
      3. The Editor shall be assisted in his duties by an Editorial Board, which shall be appointed by the Editor.
      4. The Editorial Board should ensure that the journal should be sent to all members of the association.
      5. The Council may approve a separate subscription fee for the journal.
      6. The Council for the journal shall approve a specific budget.


    1. The President or the General Secretary in consultation with the President shall be permitted to publish or write any correspondence or articles to the Government, the Press or any Public body on matters pertaining to the profession/ Association or in the name of the Association.
    2. The Standing Committee of Council (Article IV Section 4) in the name of its Chairman shall have the same privileges as mentioned in sub-section B only in the matters of urgency.


    1. Every ordinary and life member shall have ACCESS AT THE HEADQUARTERS OFFICE, to all the records, minutes and correspondence of the Association, provided two weeks notice is given to the General Secretary.
    2. The General Secretary, however, may at his discretion refuse such access when he considers that confidential matters may be disclosed which may be or harmful to the interests of the Association. Under such circumstance a member may appeal to the Council whose decision shall be final.


    1. A certified public accountant or a Chartered Accountant shall be appointed as an Auditor every year at the General Body Meeting.
    2. Duties: An Auditor shall audit accounts at the end of the year or more often if required, and shall give suggestions for proper keep of account.

    Legal Advisor may be the Association, shall be appointed by the Council as deemed necessary.


    The following Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct is prescribed to enable the members to understand their responsibilities and obligations to the patients, to the community at large, to the fellow practitioners, to the profession and to the country as whole.

    SECTION 1: Professional Conduct of Members: The Principles of Ethics and Code of Professional Conduct of this

    Association shall govern the professional conduct of a member of this Association.


        1. Lettering and Signs: The use of lettering and signs that create forced attraction generally reduces respect for the user and the profession. While the question of respectability of the size of a signboard is left to be decided by the Central Council and Branch Societies/Committees. Signs of dentures of any other kind on the boards or windows shall not be used.
        2. The Board or Windows shall contain the name or names of the dentist or dentists, the word "dentist" or "dentistry" or "dental surgeon" and, if desirable, the office hours and only the diploma or degree in dentistry or some recognition as may have been obtained can be used.
        3. All Boards and other introductory material shall truthfully represent the academic training and qualifications of the member.
        4. Cards and Letterheads Information printed on these should be in good taste.

    Announcement and Advertising: Announcement to one's patients may only be made in case of change of address or such other change which is worthy of the patient's notice such as discontinuance of practice or the like. Such announcements in good taste. Advertising in inconsistent with the present accepted professional behaviour and should be discouraged.

    Commission: Commissions offered in any form as an inducement to refer patients to radiologist, pathologic laboratories, drug stores etc. are violations of good professional conduct.

    All questions of an ethical nature shall be decided at a general session of the Central Council to which all proposals may be submitted. All members shall adhere to the decision of the Council.

    The foregoing principles do not cover the entire field of ethics for members of the profession. To ascertain others one has to be guided by the best interests of the profession and the constitution and that he can match the highest of the community.

    During my Presidential period of Pakistan Dental Association 1969-70 I had mind to create RCD Dental Association Federation. In this regard I had the opportunity to visit Turkey and Iran, on my way back to Pakistan from London 1970. This visit was by train from London to Turkey.

    The Dental leadership of Turkey felt profound happiness and expressed gratitude for my visit and determination and promised to participate fully in this campaign that the dental surgeons of three Muslim countries should form an association for uplifting of dental profession. The dental surgeon of Turkey—Istanbul supported the idea. It was a great source of encouragement for me. I took a flight from Turkey and landed in Iran, when I visited Iran, the Iranian dental surgeons also appreciated the idea and promise to help this programme so that the dental surgeons of three countries should have one platform for exchange of teachers and students in the eradicating battle of quackery and creating space for qualifying dentists. The Iranian dentists congratulated me for this creative idea and they determine to grow up this federation for better understanding among the dentists of Muslim countries. They were also delighted to have me among themselves for purpose of feternity and unification and uplifting of dental profession.

    I, after having done DPD from university of Dundee U. K. 1970 visiting Istanbul & Tehran in 1970. When I reached at Lahore I had held a meeting of Executive Committee of Pakistan Dental Association, Dr. Bashir Mirza BDS, was the then General Secretary and I put forwarded the whole idea of RCD Dental Association Federation. There was some difference of opinion and some conspiracy hitched out against my vision that Dr. Soofi might become leader of R.C.D.

    After the dismemberment of one unit 1969 (West Pakistan) when I felt the profession was divided into Older Provinces, I being born in NWFP, was advised by the Government go to NWFP for my joining at District Headquarter Hospital Mardan as a Dental Surgeon. Some of the important leaders of the dental profession took opportunity to occupy the seats, and thus election were held at Town Hall and Dr. Zia Bhatti who has come from UK, was elected as President, Aslam Ch. was elected General Secretary, therefore, the idea of the formation of RCD Association of Iran, Turkey and Pakistan could not be fulfilled due to my departure from Lahore, if this was fulfilled through this organization, we could decrease the problems of dentists, population and students and we could provide them proper guidance, help, understanding and communication.

    Later on I decided to hold Muslim World Dental Conference. In this regard I had the opportunity to meet the President Islamic Republic of Pakistan General Zia Ul Haq 1978 and put forward this idea to him at King Edward Medical College, Lahore. He appreciated the idea and promised to help all through this programme and directed to Director General Health to help Dr. Soofi in this regard for holding Muslim World Dental Conference in Lahore. Later on this conference converted into Dental Conference and was held in 1983. Again conspiracy hitched out against my progressive and promotive ideas. All arrangements were made and we had lot of excited meetings in this regard and this meeting was taken away; but I was Secretary Coordination and information.

    History of Dentistry through Foreign Visits
    My Foreign visits provide the chance and opportunity to the development of the dental profession and it involve lot of preparation for presentation of the papers in 1986 I represented Pakistan in International Symposium on Dental Hygiene in Oslo. It was a very good Symposium of international level where dental hygienists all over the world were present and we had interaction. It was 10th International Symposium on Dental Hygiene.

    I too was also invited American Dental Association but I could not participate. British Council sponsored me because of my previous achievements as British Council Scholar of University of London 1951. I was taken and my visit was arranged to various schools.

    Achievements through collective efforts of dedicated Executive Members

    Pakistan Dental Association, Lahore has been taking the responsibility to create awareness in the community to get rid of the dental diseases, in order to make the people aware about the causes of disease and to prepare them to adopt preventive measures in their daily life.

    Pakistan Dental Association has held symposia on oral health, oral cancer and such others to create awareness about manifestation of diseases in oral cavity and its prevention.

    Zeal and efforts of PDA Members are a great source of strengthening the cause of Public Dental Health objectives, and giving of motivation through potentialities of the experts, and extending help for upkeeping the knowledge of Islamic values, which is a source of preserving the oral health and general health in accordance with modern science, and values of Islam to safeguard the society from AIDS, which is being a great risk, as it has spread in India, Thailand and Sri Lanka.
    For the educational purposes to the community, a health Education programs have been conducted carrying research of intellectuals in this field and for past two decades of PDA Lahore, press media on request extended every help for the promotion and achieving the goals of the oral health programmes of PDA by publicizing lectures and other materials helpful in such drives.

    The interest of the PDA Lahore was to serve the Profession by communicating directly to Government and keeping liaison with peoples and dental surgeons. Thus it has remained effective and its voice has gained the attention of the high-ups. On these principles and discipline it has been governed by the Executive of PDA Lahore, who has served the profession constantly with reliability and potentialities, though, with limited resources. It has translated the meaningful objective and comprehensive devotion as single segment of the healthy society and thus has achieved significant position as an Institution of the qualified Dental Surgeons. All its policies and contributions clearly remained fruitful in accordance with its constitution. PDA has launched a programme of health education, academic discussion, organizing important lectures and inviting the attention of the government to the day to day problems of the Dentists, social status and such other positive missions. Its vast dimensional activities remained successful to carry out the dreams of the devoted colleagues. The Association's important feature and profile is ‘service' though being small in number.


    Dr. Amir Muhammad Khan, my colleagues, Ladies and Gentlemen.

    It is my proud privilege to welcome you all at the occasion of first "Social Get Together" of the Pakistan Dental Association this evening. There is hardly any need to introduce you to Dr. Amir Muhammad Khan, S. K. Secretary to Government of West Pakistan, Health Department who has served this department for about a decade. Besides the Secretary Health, Dr. Amir Muhammad Khan is a research worker in the field of Tuberculosis and had made several changes in the existing set up of the medical service in West Pakistan. His calibre as Administrator or head of the department remains unparalleled. My major idea to invite Dr. Amir Muhammad Khan as, Chief Guest in this function is that he was connected very well with the movement of up-gradation of the dental surgeons class II to class I. He being member of the panel of the West Pakistan Services Demands Committee has recommended the case to the higher Committee for

    implementation. I would like that Dr. Amir Muhammad Khan himself should explain the real situation and the concrete progress about the case of the dental surgeons and their problems. I feel my duty to enumerate certain problems confronting the dental surgeons. First, in the top is upgradation. Government of West Pakistan on 9th May, 1969, has upgraded the WPHS-II to WPHS-I (Jr) and not mentioned about the dental surgeons. When the Offices were contacted it ws revealed that due to separate services the dental surgeons were left aside. The WPDS was created in 1964 by the Health Department, Government of West Pakistan. Since then there is no separate cell any chance of promotion in this service. The present dental service, needs complete overhauling because: -

    1. There is no chance of promotion to a member of this service from Class-II to Class-I (Junior or Senior) as such no Class-I post does exist in any form, which, of course retards the active spirit of the individual member of the profession for research initiative in application of the scientific knowledge to the public, drive in service and lastly losses the interest of his basic ideology of honesty. With the result that society losses the splendid, technical assistance from unhappy members of the Provincial Organization.
    2. No person from Dental Profession heads the Dental Service. The service has no separate cell for scholastic and Scientists of Allopathic system of medicine and surgery, in the field of Dental surgery. Thus, the Dental Surgeons, however, with the higher qualifications experience and devotion, research and publication in the field of science more than any body, are deemed to be administered by the medical personal, who with all will of granting a large share to Dental Surgeon, are however, helpless precisely to understand the problems or logical changes, or stage of promotion or research facilities or due share of equal status and stability in service of the Dental Surgeon. Often they could forget the correct advancement of the dental science and its achievement in the world. I am sure it is not done with purpose. It is all an oversight.

    This increasing setting aside cases of Dental Surgeons for better services, promotion and dignity, has created suspicion, among the clear minds of Dental Graduates although, that may not be root of it by medical personnel. The Dental Experts at one occasion felt "we are left alone by the Medical Friends, Teachers and colleagues, with whom are have marched equally for purpose of demands for dignity of the Profession".

    1. Once the dental Surgeon joins service he remains as the same officer even after 17 years of service. There is no such service where no chance of promotion is there. So if the service does exist it should provide the dental surgeons a chance of promotion to senior scale after some period of their service and professional record. Similarly the services should be headed by the dental surgeon and a complete set up in the service may be introduced. Due to shortness of time I shall not got into detail of the service which has already been submitted in detail to the Health Study Group, Government of West Pakistan.


    1. W.P.D.S. may be amalgamated with WPHS as in the past and due promotion in service may be provided to the Dental Surgeons for his good work and conduct, research and publication and interest for patients according to his seniority at par with the Medical Graduates.


    1. In case of separate service:
    2. It should have Joint Secretary (Dental), like Medical and Public Health Joint Secretaries.
    3. In the Regional Directorates there should be Assistant Director (Dental) at par with Medical and Public Health.
    4. There should be Provincial Institute of Preventive Dentistry to provide the training to the technical personnel and health education to the masses to the various means of dental education.
    5. Each Health directorate in the Province should have a Dental Health Education Officer, who shall deliver health education scheme in collaboration with Medical Health Education.
    6. There should be School Dental Officer at District level, who shall provide the dental treatment in addition to dental check up and dental education.
    7. There should be Police Dental Surgeon at the Provincial Medico-Legal Centre, to help the Provincial Medico-Legal Surgeon.
    8. There should be mobile Dental Unit headed by a Dental Surgeon in each District attached to the District Health Officer's Office to provide the dental aid to the rural population and scattered areas.
    9. Dental Surgeons at Distt. Headquarters Hospitals and the Divisional Headquarters Hospitals should be upgraded to Senior Class I by the length of their service and they should not be influenced in administration by Junior Medical Personnel to avoid any clash.
    10. Tehsil Headquarters Dental Surgeons should be given Junior Class I, with independent clinics without any influence.
    11. Accommodation to all Dental Surgeons, at all levels may be provided as it is so with the Central government Hospitals, Armed Forces, and Railway.
    12. Share of fee in the government Hospitals may be provided to the Dental Surgeons.
    13. All Boards, Commissions, Health Study Group should have a Dental Representative because the Dental Service is under the Health Deptt. And includes Dental Health as well.
    14. A Dental Officer for Medical Stores Depots. The Stores Depot of the Government of West Pakistan without a Dental Officer is helpless to indent, check, examine the proper dental instruments. A Dental Officer for Karachi and Lahore Depot, shall however decrease the problems.
    15. Permission to form the Provincial Dental Health Services Association as WPHS Association.



    Under Public Health Association of Pakistan and Maternity and Child Health Association

    Being actively engaged in affairs of Public Health Association and Maternity and Child Health Association and as a life member I arranged three days conference of Dental Public Health at Lahore under the auspices of MCH & Public Health Association in 1973 in which Federal Minister for Health Sh. Rasheed, Governor Punjab, Nawab Abbassi, Provincial Minister for Health, Brig. Sahibdad were guests of honours each days and Senior members of dental profession like Brig. Dr. Atta ur Rehman, Dr Ahmed Hassan, Dr. M Z K Niazi, Dr Rafique Chattha, Prof. Saleem Cheema, Prof. B. A. Yazdanie, Dr. Joe Colo, Dr Amir (Karachi), Dr Dara Harmosji and many others have attended. After this successful 3 days Seminar I was suggested by senior member to set up Pakistan Dental Association, Lahore.

    I feel pleasure in congratulating your team which has come forward for advancing the cause and future of dental profession. I truly admire your gesture and I am indebted to you all for giving consent for this ceremony of handing over and taking over, today i.e. March 3, 1996. This is indeed a historical occasion and an important moment as it has happened after 22 years.

    We are hopeful, that under the honest leadership of Dr. Mohammad Aslam Chaudry, President Pakistan Dental Association, PDA, Lahore Branch, who has the capacity to do hardwork and precise task will overcome hardships and problems confronting this profession.

    Since all members of your team are dashing and dedicated, I am sure they will triumph over. Your offer back the profession is a hopeful sign and this is favour to the profession, that your have opted to choose such an arrangement. I am sure your whole hearted and active programme for the cause and promotion of the profession will bring better results. You are also privileged to have the blessings of PDA Centre whose President has got better background of knowledge and skill, and much experience of running an organization. Dr. Mohammad Saeed therefore is hope of betterment for the glory of the profession.

    I am hopeful that you will march with dignity and will continue marching constantly to the concept of perfect profession in fitness. I am confident, that you will correlate procedures that confirm the friendship, concept of learning, concept of correcting and a bond of unity among all. You are richer with younger generation with younger spirit and experienced guideline of Prof. Dr. Tariq Zaman, who is known for his politeness.

    There on behalf of the Executive Council of PDA, and old members, I welcome you all to the position of dignity.

    I express my thanks to those who had been marching on as a team with me and spent their means to support the profession, specially Dr. Shuja ud Din Qureshi an untiring and most dutiful Secretary General. My task was easy with him and them, I salute to my valuable team for their struggle and efforts. They have been working for 22 years and uplifted the glory of profession.

    I also express thanks for pains and planning of election 1995 by Prof. Muhammad Waheed Sheikh, whose wisdom has given us a dynamic team to lead.

    I quote extract from a public speech of Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah at the University Ground, Lahore, on Oct. 30, 1947. The Quaid said:

    Do not be overwhelmed by the enormity of the task. There is many an example in history of young nations building themselves up by sheer determination and force of character. You are made of sterling material and are second to none. Why should you also not succeed like many others, like your own forefathers. You have only to develop the spirit of the Mujahids,. You are a nation whose history is replete with people of wonderful grit, character and heroism. Live up to your traditions and add to them another chapter of glory.

    The struggle for existence on equal status with medical men for many years have been continued by PDA Lahore. It was not an individual achievement, but executive of PDA is responsible. With combined efforts such changes are being witnessed, both socially and in constitutional term in service matter. Cherished to the memory, I being elevated to rank of Principal of Postgraduate Medical Institute is a living example. Similar inspiration of equality is Dr. Mohammad Rafique Chatha and Dr. Muhammad Aslam Ch. Who held highest position over medical men in their discipline. Dr. Talibullah Shah has done Postgraduate Diploma in Hospital Administration. This process has gone through many screens and scenic, but result is beautiful composition of portrait of equality at par with medical men.

    Many times dentistry was debated, criticized and discussed, but rigorous pursuance has overcome the snags that attend your upon that venture, by the bureaucrats and others who could be affected. However with support and head and heart of every body, the things materialized and thus dentistry today is different in its prestige and it owns a vast dimension, a giant in medical science. It is just due to your sharing and actively striving and efforts that dream has come true. Now dentistry is a science a determining factor in person health and a dignity in its commendable service to humanity.

    On my personal level, it was the desire to carve a niche status. In our early days, we were humiliated in class, outside, or elsewhere even after graduation in 1956 we were labeled as Tooth Puller alone. This pinching attitude aggravated and agitated to seminal ideology, that we are not less than that hence idea transcended to marry a medical doctor, and in this respect I waited for 5 years for nuptial bond but it has happened in 1961. Evidence is present here Mrs. Dr. Iqbal Soofi she became life member, we became life member of PMA office bearer, Finance Secretary and Chairman for various committees of PMA. Founded Dental Action Committee marched in , marching with white coats to Governor House for equal status. All present here, now the distinguished seniors, were in that compilation of protest on the streets of Lahore. It was a platform of unity of profession.

    Al ranks, teachers, doctors, private practitioners and students strived. The hitherto unknowing and unknowingly covered untapped dimension. This is a little aspect of the struggle for dental profession. We had conducted series of seminars, workshops as well.

    Our aim was to encourage academics continuing education and clinical research on the various aspects of dentistry in Pakistan. We had formulated guidelines for promoting the concept of preventive dentistry and suggested an Institute of Public Health Dentistry. We had disseminated knowledge to public through information on various aspects of dental health and published various papers, material for graduates andpublic, and thus have created awareness among the younger and older generation of Pakistan about importance of dental care. We too have been disseminating knowledge through documentary information material through guest speakers regarding latest technology and skill in various branches of dentistry. We had arranged seminars, conferences and through electronic news media have generated awareness about the historical aspects and current knowledge of dentistry.

    Your are a witness as Secretary of the 4th International Dental Conference and its significance as a Model event hosted by PDA Lahore Branch and it has given better effect to the organization as rationale of Pakistan. We have continued to generate and enthuse a sense of responsibility among Pakistanis to take the burden of leadership such as today. Our race is to get you on the top of dental profession. Once again I express may pleasure to welcome you and now handover the affairs of very old branch of PDA to you for promotion of the profession. Allah may help you.

    Ref: Medical Review May, 1996.


    Since there are three Institutions in West Pakistan and one in East Pakistan, about 40 to 50 Graduates are given Degree of Bachelor of Dental Surgery every year. So there should be some way to absorb them and report has been submitted to the Health Study Group.

    • All Rural Health Centres should have Dental Clinics.
    • All the High Schools (School Dental Service).
    • All the Tehsil Headquarters Hospitals.
    • All the Sub-Centres Rural Health Centres.
    • All the Municipal Corporations/Committees.
    • All the Police Headquarters.
    • All the New Colonies/Sectors like Gulberg, Samanabad, Model Town, Baghbanpura, Shahdara, Saddar, in Lahore and in other big cities in West Pakistan.
    • All the medical centres of the Universities like Punjab University, Agriculture University, Engineering University and such other in West Pakistan.
    • Extension of Dental Services in the P.W.R.
    • Creation of Dental Section for West Pakistan Social Security Scheme.
    • Lady Dental Surgeons posts with APWA, Maternity and Child Welfare, Red Cross, T. B. At all the Distt. Headquarters levels.
    • Mobile Dental Units for Rural population.
    • Aquaf Department should also have Dental service with medical service.
    • The Defence Forces should have Lady Dental Surgeons.



    According to WHO Chronicle, PP-527 in December issue on Dental Health and Education. This reference is concerned for dentist - population ration of the various countries of the world. However, Pakistan is at the bottom. One Dentist for every 4,35,000 population. According to district-wise posting of the Dental Surgeons it appear that one Dentist is meant for 2,50,000 population. Most of the Districts in West Pakistan varies in population i.e. from 2,50,000 to 32,00,000 population. And one Dental Officer, however, is responsible to look-after the Dental need of the population which is not sufficient. In England a sub-committee appointed by the Council of British Dental Association in 1964 recommended that one Dental Practitioner for 5000 population and ideal would be 3000 for one Dental Practitioner.


    Scientists have always been able to move freely between country to another for search of knowledge and emoluments. Many Dental Surgeons have left the country in frustration of admiration of their work, recognition of the scientific knowledge of their field and lack of under-standing and share towards the dentistry by the department. About 25 graduates of the de'Montmorency College of Dentistry, Lahore, have settled down the practice in Great Britain, two in U.S.A. and Canada one in Japan and about 20 in Middle East countries in service. Some of the qualified Dental Surgeons have left the profession and have adopted some other trade for means of their livelihood and an few are in search of job in the country. Several are helpless to start their private practice to serve the community but are helpless for want of funds. The Dental Surgeons are the well fitted scientists, for purpose of loans to set uyp their clinics under the talented pool recommendation by the Deputy Chief Martial Law Administrator.