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Objectives of Post-Graduate Teaching
The ultimate objective of Postgraduate education is to create prominance in the intellectual world of dentistry and also to create liberal imagination and philosophical thoughts for creative work for promotion of health, prevention of disease and prolonging of life. The training programme of such training should be provocated with ideas, for fulfilment of service to the humanity, and that can only be achieved if there are plenty of teachers available with their splendid experience for explicit ideas for unique relevance of research and awareness of complexities of the science and technology in the world of today. With such an idea the university training has been introduced for applying such freedom of thought. The opening of the chapter of College of Physicians and Surgeons, Pakistan, is the meaningful way for such classic study. Historically, when I wrote a letter to your Excellency on 7th December 1978 and was called in by the College on 29th July 1979 where I have provided extensive evidences for starting the course of Fellowship in Dentistry including Community Dentistry. My view point was appreciated by your honour and by the members of this august body and now the College, under your capable traditional leadership have invited applications from the Dentists of this country for registration for the course of Member of General Dentistry. This has created concern among Dentists because our understanding was different. Decisively the existing pattern of examination and restrictions introduced by the members of such committee has not come out in the shape of good policy and it has not provided opportunity to those who wanted to seek the education from this Institution.

Sir, Dentists are handful people in Pakistan. They need more compassionate sympathy as compared to any other community. Their request should be fulfilled if there is trend of continuing the education by the College. Originally we wanted that most of the Dentists should become fellow in dentistry including the community dentistry at par with the FCPS and MCPS or other subjects. If we look into the curriculum of MCPS from the College syllabus we feel that more restrictions on this Diploma, and it is of a general advanced dentistry, whereas on the medical side administration of Diploma is being managed as a Postgraduate speciality, therefore, we need Postgraduate Diploma in the sub-speciality of dentistry and fellowship at par with FCPS or at par with Royal College of Surgeons of England which is clear from my slides.

Sir, the College has got great kindness to accept the challenge of providing educational opportunities to the Dentists, whose so far fate has been ceased from all sides. The youngster apparently look older and older are definitely in advanced age. Today the majority of Dentists in this country is without Postgraduate advanced knowledge and it is increasing demand tht this branch may be provided facilities of having the opportunity of this ‘adult education’ at least at par with medical speciality. I may be allowed to transit fundamental demand of this profession which is entirely an academic request, that the teachers on the dental side are needed in this country. It stands with the ability of the College to recognize the curriculum at par with Royal College of Surgeons and relax the present restriction in order to fulfil the challenge of education in the field of dentistry.

I may also invite your attention that in the past Diploma holders on the medical side, specially Public Health have been exempted from the primary examination of FCPS, therefore, this exemption should also be applied to this society of dentistry. We also compel for our educational affairs than general Dental Surgeons because this theme does not hold as the problems solving scheme. This needs improvement for better performance.

The objective of narrating this story is that members of PDA should know the history. However, we have participated in the affairs of Association and contributed a lot in development of Dental Profession. Even when I was not president, but as a Public Dental Health specialist contributed a lot.

Address of Prof. Dr. M. A. Soofi to College Council under the Presidentship of Lt Gen Wajid Ali Barki, Health Minister Government of Pakistan at Karachi.

The College of Physician and Surgeon Pakistan Karachi needs to be appreciated, that it has initiated Oral Health Programme in the college for examination. The college has started MGDS examination in the beginning and later on MCPS, and FCSP in the various subjects of Dentistry. It was my efforts as a President of Pakistan Dental Association Lahore Brnach from 1978 to 1983, that I represented case of conduction of the examination in various branches of dentistry at par with medical and had the honour to address the college council first at head office Karachi, Lt. Gen. Wajid Ali Barki, the president of the college chaired the council meeting and again I had invited the president CPSP at Lahore in Pakistan Dental Association meeting against MGDS that we dentists of PDA don’t need MGDS but we need FCPS because we lack the professors. The College of Physician and Surgeon Pakistan was convinced and was great help to start the examination of dentistry because we need to produce specialist & professors. Here I produce, how the CPSP agreed to conduct the examination—my letters and address to college council are reproduced.





Your college stands unexcelled, in imparting post-graduate training and research in the field of medicine and allied sciences, and this is a sufficient proof of organizers as devotees of the College. It has a glorious recent past, and a bountiful future can be predicted but the College lacks a special joy of a great science or a special branch of a medicine, a fine subject of Dentistry.
I wonder how it has been ignored or not properly appreciated? Perhaps our own cold response might be a sad factor or non-availability of prospectus of various courses pertaining to Dentistry may apparently be another cause.
Since I am a passionate believer in professional triumphant, I would, therefore, request to combine the knowledge and views on Medicine and Dentistry for our directions and dedications of service to humanity. How the College of Physicians and Surgeons take up the dentistry problem at its neck? The philosophy is simple. Select an executive head of oral health and to achieve the enterprise. There are diploma holders in Dentistry, exempt them from primary examination like MPH, DPD (FSD) and nearly justice of harmony may be pronounced to those who are meaningful in research and have long standing with keen interest for profession and contribution, leaving aside status of any nature. This should be taken from the history.

Therefore, I as President of the Pakistan Dental Association, Lahore Branch, request you, to kindly exert your kindness towards Dentists for MCPS, FCPS (Dental) like Community Medicine (Community Dentistry).
I assure for all types of cooperation for syllabus or any type of need for the curriculum.

11.06.1979 : The Secretary, CPSP
Thank your for your letter No. F. 10-30/78-CPS/1089, dt. 2.5.1979 for inviting me in a meeting of the College to be held on the 7th July, 1979 at Peshawar. Certainly I shall submit my beliefs regarding admission of Dentists and Public Health Dentists in an August Body.
And to my knowledge, the Royal College of Surgeons, England, Edinbrough and many other places in U.K admit Dentists for FDSRCS at par with FRCS and now Royal College of Surgeons, England, has started a Diploma in Dental Public Health (DDPHRCS).
Since the college is admitting medical graduates for all the specialities, I and my association and its members are obliged to ask for including Dentists into the College for Community Dentistry as well as Surgical side. Community Dentistry is a branch of medicine.
Dentists are members of Medical team in each hospital and also members of Medical and Dental Council and important persons to deal with tissue and structure of the body at least head and neck:
Dental graduates having postgraduate degree with long standing in the profession, research, publication and services, status and position may be enlisted as Fellows, alike medical fellows.
Dentists with less standing but having diploma in any field of Dentistry from a Foreign University and publication, may be, in the first instance, included as Fellows after this the new entry should be with Examination (as Part I free like Medical Diploma Holders and candidates should later on be examined in Part II).
Young graduates may be included for MCPS and FCPS Examinations as Medical Graduates.
A committee of 7 experienced dentists, fellows of ICD, teachers of various institutions, be formulated to examine this aspect of suggestion, curriculum and discipline and such Committee should be headed by the President of the College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan.
I hope these suggestions shall be given proper and sympathetic consideration.

No. F10-30/78-CPS/1898 dt: 23.07.1979.
Ref: letter dated 11.06.1979.
The college is thankful to you for your personal appearance before the college council on 7th July, 1979. After having gone into the matter and after hering your exposition, it has been decided in principle that Dentistry can be introduced in our College examinations at the level of MCPS and FCPS. This will require some time and study by the College of the present training facilities existing in the Dental Colleges. Action will soon be taken to study the feasibility of such a course.

Ref. To my personal submission on 7.7.1979 in an August Council held under your culminated chairmanship in the magnificent Building at Karachi. According to my submission Dentistry has got two faces:
Preventive (Community Dentistry)
Curative (Clinical Dentistry)
Teaching and examination of Diploma of FCPS (Community Dentistry) be at the Postgraduate Institute of Hygiene and Preventive Medicine, Lahore as the Institute is recognized for FCPS Community Medicine. There is hardly need to explain except a word can be mentioned that the Institute has added a Department of Dental Public Health, headed by an Associate Professor and is functioning after 1975. This department is also a guide for Master Degree (MDS) in Preventive Dentistry of the University of the Punjab. It is also ready to train the graduates for diploma course of one academic year in Public Dentistry. However, the Punjab University has so far not cleared the curriculum forwarded by the Dean, Institute of Hygiene and Preventive Medicine, Lahore. So the Department in Dental Public Health of College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan can be started immediately at the Institute of Hygiene and Preventive Medicine, Lahore. Curriculum of Royal College of Surgeons, England is attached.

If the college accepts preventive dentistry for MCPS or FCPS certainly it shall be an excellent acceptance. No problem of teachers and no problem of examination for Community Dentistry. Those having had the diploma in Preventive Dentistry from abroad, they can appear in final and I am sure the college will have the honour. This shall be prospective beginning. Institute and its 12 departments headed by Professor and Associate Professor are ready to depart training.

I hope the community members shall accept this concept to develop this science and the college.

No. F. 10-30/78-CPS/3012 dt: 11.08.1979.
Your letter dated 18th July, 1979 addressed to the President of the College of Physicians and Surgeons, Pakistan on the subject of admission of dental graduates into FCPS (Dental Sciences) will be taken into consideration at the time of formulating rules, regulations and syllabus governing such an examination.

Letter to Maj Gen C. K. Hassan, Secy Health, Govt of Pakistan 21st July 1979

It is my esteemed pleasure to express my sincere thanks on my own behalf and on behalf of National Dental Health Committee of Public Health Association of Pakistan and Dental Profession for supporting my submission for including the Dental Graduates into the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Pakistan for FCPS in Community Dentistry and Clinical Dentistry.

I could not get an opportunity to meet you at Lahore even due to your heavy engagements. I am submitting you the suggestions as a result of the meeting held at Karachi on 7th July 1979. I hope you shall further encourage us.

Body without gums and teeth is not complete Medical Science stands for human comfort. Dreadful tails of dentistry are not different from the other part of the body. Therefore, admission of the Dental Graduates for FCPS should be a normal course and it shall add into the prestige of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Pakistan like Royal College of Surgeons, England and other places. I have submitted a complete report to the College and the College was kind enough to call me in a meeting held at Karachi on 7th July, 1979 and I attended and submitted my arguments. Copy of further arguments is enclosed for your perusal. Atleast Community Dentistry i.e. Diploma of Fellowship of Community Dentistry can be started straightaway at the Institute of hygiene and Preventive Medicine, Lahore.

Letter written to Dr. M. B. Azami, Registrar CPSP 7th Aug 1979

Thank you very much for your letter dated 23rd July, 1979 in which you have given us the happy news of the decision of the august body regarding introduction of the Dentistry for the College Examinations at the level of MCPS and FCPS.

I have already submitted a detailed programme and outlines regarding the Clinical and Preventive Dentistry. For Community Dentistry, kindly allow me to enclose the copies of the correspondence of the Master Degree Course and Research at the Institute of Hygiene and Preventive Medicine (Department of Dental Public Health) for Master Degree. At page No. I, the Principal, of the College has nominated Dental Public Health Department for research purposes for Degree of MDS. At page No. 2 the orders are being issued by the Dean, Post graduate Medical Institute in this regard and subsequently the page No. 3 is for all the post graduate students of MDS that they should attend the Dental Public Health Department.

In page No. 4, you shall find the University of Punjab’s decision for Master Degree in Dental Public Health. So the Institute of Hygiene and Preventive Medicine can easily become the Cell for Community Dentistry like FCPS in Community

Medicine and we can start production of FCPS in Community Dentistry under the Community Medicine of the College.

As regards clinical side, I have given my views in detail in my previous dispatch. Curriculum made for MDS students for a period of 3 months is also enclosed for your record. I and my Executive are deeply grateful for tackling this situation for the welfare and development of the college and Dental Profession.