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Prof. Dr. M. A. Soofi

The "Jihad" stands for strive in name of Allah the Creator, this could be done with wealth or soul as sign of Love to Creator and His Apostle (SAW) the Muhammad. It is fight in Allah's cause or conveying His message to make His word glorious. The control oneself against the evil is also Jihad. Jihad is expressed, when desire is restricted to avoid, what is prohibited by Allah. Honest earning and striving for clean living is too a Jihad and Hussain Ibn Ali's (RS) Jihad is for Humanity against evils forces at Karbala. Islam lays a great emphasis on sacrifice and Jihad, because in one way, or other way you can make sacrifice. Islam lays a lot of importance to Jihad in the name of Allah.

The western societies blame Islam on this issue. This is, because of their little understanding of its meaning it involves cultural and historical factors in the name of the Creator. The west lacks this knowledge. However Prince Gharles of U. K., while addressing (27 Oct. 1993) at Oxford University in Islamic Study Centre on "Islam & West, Past, Present and Future", mentioned there is growing lot of better understand of Islam in West and Islam is being recognized as religion of nature, which stands for understanding, expansion of knowledge and control from Sins. He gave very impressive information about the position of Islam in the western society. He told that there are now 500 Mosque in U. K. and 10 Lakh Muslims live there. Islam is gaining its strength in France and Germany and in Europe as well. It is estimated that there are 22 lakh muslims in France and Germany as well. France has got more Mosques too. Western Europe is increasing with population of Muslim. Prince Charles admitted that Muslims, Cristians & Jews, all are holder of divine books, and there should not be major separation because all believe in Day of last. He appreciated the life of Prophet (SAW), he said and quoted Hadieth "The ink of writer is better than blood staing of martyr". This indicates the trend of Islam towards learning and knowledge. Islam prefer preaching against fight.


Islam do encourage Jihad but seeking of knowledge and scholarly pursuits is of its characterize value. It was Islamic civilization/ knowledge possessed by Hussain Ibn Ali (Rz) who acknowledged the letters and requests of Kufi's for Khilaphat. It was his persuit of practice of Quranic knowledge and Hadieth of his grander father (Muhammad SAW) to give consideration to the suffers or needy against Khilaphat of Yazid Ibn Moviya (Rz). It was his glorious journey from Madina to Mecca and from Mecca to Kerbala alongwith family members comprising of 72 persons including an infant of 6 months "Ali Asghar". He to was in possession of rich character specific knowledge of Quran and training by his Nana Muhammad a blessing toward (May peace be upon him) to fight in the name of Allah. He was clear in his heart for a specific event though, it turned out a crucial. Hussain Ibn Ali (Rz) left the impression of Action and sacrifice for ever living and his name in history and Islamic civilization has become a symbol. His "Shahadat" is an evidence of sacrifice against unlawful Khilaphayt. Hussain Ibn Ali (Rz) has not shown stumbleness or human weakness against those, who determined to create bloody chronicle a wanted to knock-down Hussain and his family for want of "Bait" in favour of Yazid, But fiery forces of Yazid and struggle of Kufi's could not end off mission and Bait the grand son of Muhammad (SAW). A small Carvan of 72 without proper war equipment, headed by Hussain Ibn Ali (Rz) has overcome over a crowded convas of Yazid headed by Abdullah Ibn Ziad. Having true spirit of Islam justice and truth and integrity of his family, Hussain (Rz) adventure has become as a heroic act of global of history. The blunder played by Shamer's, has resulted into act of Shame and weakness. Because out of fear Kufi's have become prejudice and emotion of worldly attraction originated in their false action which have not even destroyed them in this world but in the Day of last. Hussain Ibn Ali (Rz) guided by Almighty stood not to admit wrong, they will be sufferer "even ye may have to suffer". He was in grips of danger, darely he accepted the challenge to set an example for generations i.e. truth is to remain in order. His acted, what he inherent from his father Ali Ibn Abo Talib (Rz) the Lion of Allah, and Pious mother Fatima (Rz) and grandfather, the Muhammad (SAW). The last of Prophets, in whose laps Hussain has been brought up. Hussain and Hussain (Rz) both the brothers were dear to Nana. The Prophet of God said " those, who will love them they shall be near to me in Heaven".

The crude action of forces of Yazid Ibn Maviya, was no match in any catalogue of history Hussain (Rz) remind them, and gave them his address. It was full of wisdom and learning but their established mis-deeds could not follow human value of spiritual sermon of Hussain (Rz) has not surrendered to their dictation. Though he showed his cooperation to avoid bloodshed by saying:


  1. "Let me see Yazid Ibn Maviya for negotiation".
  2. "Let me go back to Median for my religious duties".
  3. "Let me go to the territories to fight in name of Allah".


It is not I that I have come myself it was you, who sent me letters and letters of request from your city of Kufa and in your response I am here. I have not come with military necessity rather, our is a religious group of family, But you can't give me dictation of Bait to Yazid. Said Hussain to the troops, your army can't keep me away from right path of my decision in the light of Quran and Sunnah. You can't persuit me against Quran. The extremist having forgotten the traces of love for Hussain Ibn Ali (Rz) a grand son of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and they slaughtered Hussain thus they were doomed for ever. His resistance has become reality, and he is living example for ever whereas Yazid and his army is deed for ever and disgraced. Maviya (Rz) made lot of achievement during his time of rule when he was on death-bed, he created his heir Yazid on this undemocratic act Abdullah Ibn Ziad and Hussain Ibn Ali (Rz) could not agree, as other have accepted. Yazied as ruler, there were pressed for Bait, but Hussain (Rz) could not agree as a principle. Abdullah Ibn Zubair declared his Khilaphat in Mecca and Hussain Ibn Ali (Rz) has to march on, from Madinna to Kufa having not admitting Yazid as a ruler. He halted at Karbala about 50 miles to north of Iraq. Obaidullah son of Ziyad invited Hussain (Rz) for surrender. He could not surrender, thus his camp was surrounded and put on fire Hussain tiny force was maltreated by Kufian troops at the bay for several hours. The followers of Hussain (Rz) faced his enemy alone. His cause was astonishing, they became desperate and managed to strike a sword on Hussain's neck, head was cut off by Obdullah Ibn Ziad's order, his body trampled and mutilated to prevent his recognition as Prophets grandson. The head was preserved and later on buried in Kerbala- Now there is a tomb.


The heroic death of Hussain Ibn Ali (Rz) provides us chance to fight against evils in the society and should not give Bait/ vote to those who, don't deserve in accordance to Islamic Constitution of Pakistan. Until, we review ourselves in the light of Quran and Sunnah, we can't stand against ills of society. Hussain (Rz) courage should be in our mind and heart. Our line of action life should be right path-right thinking and right action devoted to the interest of Islam and Muslims. We should act as a bond of love between ourselves and fight against enemy of Islam. We should get away from empty claim to be muslim, having beautiful religion Book from Divine source. If we could not practice preaching of messenger of God, our proclaim of being his Ummat, is not based upon truth Quran formulates (Chap. II verse 5)

"Those who follow revelations from God, that is, religion given them by God, are on the path of Guidance, coming to them from creator Nourisher and Evolver and they will become successful, Hussain acted upon and therefore stood successful. It was his broad vision that he adhered to the Quran and faced sword. This is called complete submission to the Divine Laws and uplifted status of humanity, justice and right action. He has accomplished task, for glorification of Islamic teaching and this has raised human edification. In short a muslim is to exercise self discipline "Five Pillars of Islam" Declaration of unity of God and Muhammad (SAW) is a prophet of God. Prayers of Five times regularly punctuality of fasting of one month in a year. Alms giving (Zakat) to needy and Pilgrimage to Mecca once in life if one posses the express and after this Jihad is of paramount.

Hussain has not accepted wrongful decision of Yazid, being in possession of Rightful will and this willingly volunteer himself for sacrifice for principles of Islam. Hussain (Rz) passion his moral, his spirituality and his potentiality against all odds produced marvelous results of Bravery. Quran Says (S.II 154/56) :

And say not of those
Who are slain in the way of
God: "They are dead".
Nay, they are living,
Though ye perceive (it) not.

Be sure we shall test you
With something of fear
And hunger, some loss
In goods or lives or the fruits
(Of your toil), but give
Glad tidings to those
Who patiently persevere

Who say, when afflicted
With calamity: "To God
We belong, and to Him
Is our return":
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