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Lahore Life

In 1973 he joined Institute of Hygiene and Preventive Medicine as demonstrator after his permanent transfer to Province Punjab. He worked as Professor and head of Dental Public Health.  He created full fledged dental teaching centre for 2 year course of dental hygienist and course of postgraduate were conducted for MDS students.  Dr. Soofi had credit to design and organise department of dentistry at Children Complex and Jinnah Hospital as co-worker with Project Directors Dr. Saeed ul Haq and Prof. Gardaizi respectively.

Lahore 1973:
Dental Surgeons with their spouses after three days conference on dental health by Mother and Child Association at Pearl Continental Hotel Lahore 

 Lahore 1973:
Dinner meeting (Standing L - R) Dr. B A Yazdani, Dr Shuja ud Din Qureshi (General Secretary), Brig Saif Dad Khan (Health Minister and Dr. M. A Soofi (Convener)

 Lahore 1973:
Dr. M. A Soofi elected as Pakistan Dental Association President Sitting: Dr. Rasheed Ch., Dr. Ahmad Hassan, Dr Muhammad Saleem Cheema, Dr. Hamayun Akhtar, Dr. Shuja and many others

 Lahore 1975:
Dental Exhibition 1975 By Dr.M. A Soofi at Government College Lahore Hakeem Muhammad Saeed and others are listening to the explanation by Dr. M. A Soofi

 Lahore 1975: 
Dental Conference at Government College Lahore, Hakeem Muhammad Saeed addressing while Mr. Hashim Raza (Ex-commissioner Karachi) and Provincial Minister Mr. Kardar, Dr. M. A. Soofi sitting on the dice

 Lahore 1975: 
Mother Child Health Conference at Lahore 1973: Sitting (L) Dr. Saleem Cheema, Dr. Aslam Hayat, Dr. Ahmad Hassan, Major general Atta Barki (RWP) Dr. M.A Soofi (Convener), Dr Col Mahmood and Dr. Rasheed A Malik (Islamabad)

 Lahore 1987:

 Allama Iqbal Day Celebration by Pakistan Dental Association Lahore 1987, Justice Aslam Riaz is addressing as Chief Guest Dr. M.A Soofi (President) and Dr. Shuja ud Din Qureshi (Secretary General) sitting.






de'Monmorency College of Dentisry Lahore, 2007. Inauguration of some changes in department of Prosthetic. Prof. Dr M A Soofi, Prof. B A Yazdani, inaugurated it, standing with the guest of honours, Prof. Nazia Yazdani, Prof. Tariq Zaman, Prof. Yaqoob Mirza and other membes of the staff and other representative of the dental equipments dealers.


Representative of PTV is interviewing Dr M A Soofi about his personal life and his services in the field of Dental Surgery




Prof M A Soofi; author of the book on dental public health, community medicinces and oter books were presentedto  Prof Naseeb Awan, Principal Lahore dental medical college. 1993.




Group Photograph of 4th International Dental Conference. 1991

Group Photograph of 4th International Dental Conference. 1991.







Sports day at Dental College. Dr. prof. Saeed, Dr. Shah, Dr M A Soofi are in a good mood in the playground.