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Dental Surgeon, Civil Hospital, Mardan 1970-73


Mardan District had a different culture, different dress, language is Pashtoo, chewing of snuff is very common, spitting here and there, eating habits cleanliness altogether were different.  It was so contrast that after passing one year in a very polished society, you are in different environment, although it was my own beloved country.  Everybody is carrying revolver one or two assassinations are routine.  Parda for women was very tight. Female education was restricted to Badshah Khan family. Question arises how to eat? Where to each, Chappal Kabab, meat, fats and unclean in all hotels. He had his college fellow, Fazal Subhani, Muslim Crockery House, Hoti Bazar, his mother was from U. P., he offered meals to Dr. Soofi, being his class fellow at Islamia College Peshawar. There he found Muhammad Ali Khan of Hoti where he used to visit at evening and get the chance of clean food for some days.  Dr. Soofi got his house on rent and started his cooking himself like in London and also started his dental practice. During his day time, he in Dental clinic of DHQ Hospital, he organized the department and started treatment in modern way.  Mostly people used to come for extraction only, they have no idea of treatment.  The treatment was only removal of tooth and no more no less.  Some educated women visit the dental surgery addressed to Dr. Soofi Dr. remove my tooth, Begum Sahiba, it can be saved by treatment, he has came from U. K. and his job is to save the tooth.  She persisted, please remove this painful tooth, give me injection and take it away.  He could not understand the philosophy of such ladies.  He asked his clinic assistant, who was a local person, what is a philosophy, nobody wants to save the tooth?  He replied Sir in this culture, few people think painful tooth cannot kill you, it is not serious problem, when Khan goes to Peshawar, begum Sahiba finds time, she hurriedly comes here and get her tooth removed that is all. How she can get your treatment.


Some Interesting Stories.

In Mardan when Khan was patient of Dr. Soofi Dental Surgeon, his wife will not come to Dr. Soofi for her treatment, if the wife is patient of dr. Soofi then Khan will not visit. It was very rare that both husband and wife are visiting Dr. Soofi clinic.  Muhammad Ali Khan Hoti was Dr. Soofi’s patient but his family were not supposed to visit Dr. Soofi’s surgery.


One of the persons used to visit with his wife.  Dr. Soofi addressed him, Khan Sahib you are very good, you come with your wife, he said surprisingly No Sir, She comes on another Tonga and I come on another. People here do not like that husband and wife come together.   Dr. Soofi observed another interesting action Khan is driving a car, wife is seated in back seat, one with her husband in front, front seat is vacant and in between, there is Parda that wife is traveling with her own husband in Parda.


One of the Khan, brother of Abdul Ghafoor Khan Hoti came to Dr. Soofi, Dr. Sahib, begum Sahib has toothache please bring her in office or clinic. No she cannot came her, we observe Parda, then what to do?  We have to examine her in clinic with light and all things instrument are here.  Khan said, tell us, which machine, you want we will take this machine and it will comeback. It was very astonishing, Dr. Soofi used his intellect asked Nawab let me examine her with torch. So Dr. Soofi was escorted with guns and he was thee in a palace. Parda was declared at palace. Nawab sahib put tower on her she was modern woman and was daughter of Sir Ihsan ud Din, she was in English School She was given medicine. 


Civil Hospital Mardan was having department of general surgery, Eye, ENT, Gynae, Dentistry Laboratory, X-Rays Department, Dr. Qazalbash MRCP was Medical Superintendent and there were quite other private practice.  Dr. Soofi formed PMA Mardan, he was elected as Finance Secretary, he had held this post in PMA, Lahore so he started clinical meetings, he too invited Director Health service NWFP Mardan in social get together.  He used received cause of cancer of lips and tongue, due to snuffing, snuff was a danger causative agent,  Dr. Soofi started health education in schools and he have popular dental surgeon. Dr. Soofi used to wear Shalwar Kameez, while in  Rome do as the Romans do, when he walked in street Pathan used to say him.  Look so being doctor in Shalwar Kameez.


Dr. (Mrs.) Iqbal Soofi had posted in Pharmacology Department KEMC, Lahore she had good time, head of the department was Prof. Abdul Hameed Khan, children were in schools.  She have to drive the children on new car from Ferozewala to City of Lahore and Dr M. A. Soofi was in Mardan, he have to travel at night on Bus from G. T. Road Lahore to Noshera at midnight and the day after to Mardan.  There was no motorway in those days. The buses were of the Government or Private.  Dr. Soofi is to come at the end of each weekly Bus and after one day he has to go back. The residence of Ferozewala was in open field, the boundary wall was not very high.  No complaint of theft as Dr. Soofi and Begum Soofi were popular social worker of this area. People had lot respect for them.  Mrs. Soofi used to treat the patients free of charge and was helpful for ladies, set up a free dispensary and own house was given for day time primary school.


Dr. Soofi used to practice at evening at his rented house.  Each Khan used to visit first the clinic for Parda, Khan came and asked Dr. Soofi, do you treat here? Is there Parda so he brought his family.  After passing tow and half years when there was no hope for transfer, Dr Soofi applied for study leave to do his MDS and he submitted synopsis on Periodontology.  Leave was sanctioned, he was back on Bus at Wazirabad, India attacked on border of East Pakistan.  War broken out, he reached home and had shock of loosing East Pakistan.  He and family was grieved.  During these troubled days, he was given space at Illahi Bux Clinic 34-Lawrence Road by Begum Col. Illahi Bux on rent as he was puppet of Col. Illaho Bux, great man, ex physician of Quaid-e-Azam.  He wanted to set up clinic at 34-Lawrence Road, Lahore.


Prof. Dr. Kh. Sadiq Hassan MRCP was there, Dr. Zeenat Hassan for Laboratory work was accommodated.  Dr. Nazir ENT specialist. Dr. S. S. Alam X-Ray expert. Dr. Zafar Umer  his junior.  Mr. Hashim his laboratory man, so he as a dental surgeon was given this place.  Before sudden death,  Col. Sahib started building of new block which stands only.  Dr. Khawaja became old, Dr. Zafar Umer old, Dr. Nazir and Dr. S. S. Alam and Mr. Hashim died and only Dr. Zeenat and Dr. Soofi and children of Mr. Hashim are left. The sons and daughters of Col. Sahib have settled down in USA that is all.