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Training University of Dundee, U. K. 1969-70

Dundee, Scotland, 1969-70 Dr. Soofi was very active, he was not given promotion, on his training of one year from London University and he asked the government that on medical side in Dermatology, Nephrology were given promotion. So he was advised to get another postgraduate training FDS, MDS or DPD, he was granted study leave and left for University of Dundee, U. K. for one year Postgraduate Diploma in Public Health Dentistry.

On arrival, he had a hired room at the top of 3rd floor. Dundee is a small town with nice climate and beautiful. There are subjects like public health, statistic, epidemiology, child health, orthodontics and dissertation.

The institution was well equipped with teachers, library and laboratories. Dr. Soofi became popular among the Pakistanis who have settled down in the country. He used to offer him Juma Prayer at a Mosque. The Imam Masjid was going to Haj, there was a question, who will the prayer, the other Namazi asked Dr. Soofi to lead Friday prayer during Imam absence. Reluctantly he accepted this sacred duty. One per came and said that I want to marriage with scotish lady. Dr. Soofi said, he is student at University and does not possess this knowledge. Another person, he said, his father has died, he wants to hold Dua, again he replied, he is student but Dr. Soofi was persuaded by another group of PhD students. Sir agree, we might have Chapati so we did Khatam Quraan at the end, the people were served with fruit.

It was surprised for the students, they expected some Chapatis Dr. Sooif with his smiling attitude asked the off spring of deceased persons. Was your respected father used to take Chapati, he said yes, at his Quraan Khawani Chapatis have been served and this was expectation of the other Namazi so he arranged lunch for him.


Invitation for reception at University of Dundee