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Back from London - Mayo Hospital, Lahore 1966-67

On his return from London, he was posted again at Mayo Hospital incharge dental outdoor and his wife was working at Haripur. He has to visit her at weekend, travel by Crown Bus or Railway. He had lot of patients and met the then Lady Health Minister Begum Zahida Khaleq uz Zamn that he had attended a course in the sub-speciality of Dentistry, Periodontology. He was only trained person in this new field. His training will go waste, if he not in teaching. She was a different lady of different nature. What is your training? When you people go abroad, you forget your past. She was persuaded by college teacher. Dr. Soofi is fastman, he should be in Punjab Dental Hospital. Dr. Soofi's wife was transferred to Lady Wallington Hospital but last movement Dr. Soofi was posted. Thus Mrs. Soofi was posted inchage female section of Mental Hospital, Lahore under Professor Dr. Muhammad Rashid Chaudhry. This female section was situated at where Punjab Institute of Cardiology is built.

Mian Mahmood Kasuri, Law Minister in Z. A. Bhutto Cabinet used to visit residence of Dr. Soofi at Mental Hospital premises with his wife. Mian Kasuri used to live on Fane Road. Dr Soofi had good relation with Begum Salma Tassadaq Hussain for long time and being the secretary of the Punjab Muslim League National Guard. Dr Soofi was her election Campaigner during his student age. Dr. Soofi had good relation with her Son, Justice Aslam Riaz, and her Husband , Dr Tasaduf Hussain, and was regular visitor at their residence fane Road. Lahore is place of particular culture, but people from different areas, culture and morale are available, with his competency in his work, surgical skill, methodology, diagnosis, he became popular. In general operation, like soldier, he is doing his professional surgical performance with help of anesthesia specialist. He was popular among teen ages, men and women. Mr. Qateel Shifai famous poet offered him membership of writers guild. If there is political meeting at Mochi Gate, Dr. Soofi is there. He was elected as General Secretary of Pakistan Dental Association. After sometime, he was posted at de'Montmorency College of Dentistry, Lahore in Operative Department till his departure to Dundee University UK in 1969 for DPD.

Dr. Soofi as a demonstrator, acted will in operative department, he was popular teacher in tooth Morphology and periodontology started his operation on patients.