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University of London 1965-66

 This training centre was selected by British Postgraduate Medical Federation at this Hospital (London), whose dean and director of studies was famous professor Dr. Robert Bradlaw (CBE, DDSC) when entered to his office, Dr. Soofi was impressed by his administration and discipline. He handed over Dr. Soofi to Dr. J. D. Strahan, department of Periodontology and Department of Bacteriology was headed Dr. G.C.Black. Dr. Soofi started research on how incidence of dental caries happens? He was advised to visit children outdoor and get saliva from children in a bottle. Pakistani research scholar started this campaign, have sterilized small bottles, in children outdoor, could you please spit for me in this bottle? Could I examine your mouth for dental caries? It was tough job, after this saliva was taken out with pippet and diluted to examine under microscope to find out lactobacilli, causative agents for dental carries. The lactobacilli produce acid and this acid with P.H. 4.3. act upon the enamel and cause carries.

While this way going, Dr. G. C. Black, astonished Dr. Soofi, there is another project, very excited, he said, you work on dilution method of medicine comparison with metanazole. He Dr. Black said there was a lady who was suffering from amoebiasis trichomoniasis she was given metanazole (Flagyl) she reported her bleeding of gums was also stopped with this medicine. What happened, Dr. Soofi used to get culture swab from the gums of acute ulcerative gingivitis and in bacteriology Laboratory he isolated fusiformis and cultared Ometeh medium and tested with different medicine to know the afficasy of the Flagyl. The experiment went through a year with hard labour and compitency. Research Paper was prepared as follow:

"Comparison In Vitro, of Pencillin, Ledramycine Cephalordine, Neonycin & Flagyl against Isolated Colonies of Fusiformis Bacilli from acute Necterizing Ulcerative Gingvitis Cases"


Which was read in the international conference of academy of periodentology Keuta, Japan in 1988 which was published in the academy of the periodentology. The paper was well appreciated by the world scholars, surgeon of the field of periodentology.

British Council also arranged Dr. Soofi visits to periodontology Department of Guys Hosputal, London Edenburah, Glasgo U.K. and he had discussion with various scholars. Dr. Soofi hard work of research spread among the educated class, he was given luncheon by some professor for his significant achievements.

 Dr. Soofi's Mosque.

While in London Dr. Soofi maintain his faith, he used to offer Zohar and Asar prayers at the Hospital. Some ne reported to Dean that Pakistani Dr. perform Yoga at 1.00 PM. He spread a carpet and do exercise. The Dean Sir Robert Bradlaw was Jew, he called Dr. Soofi in his office for allegation. Dr. Soofi replied him, I offer my prayer it is not a yoga. How many times you offer your prayer? Said Dean, five time a day, two times at the Institute, three time in my room where you offer? Where I find vacant room or place. Dr. Soofi used to spread his Janamaz carpet in X-Ray room Library. Dean said can you offer in our chapel, he said, should I give you room, yes sir. Dr. Soofi was given room in London University as his prayer place. It was written on the door Mr. Soofi's Mosque.                                                                                                          

Dr. Soofi after lunch, used to offer his prayer in mosque, a room with towel, it was good rest place. Dr. Soofi thanked Sir Robert Bradlaw. However Dr. Soofi was respected by teachers, doctors, nurses and patients.

When, he was invited to X-mass party, it was huge show of dancing, drinking, but he could self watching the show, when he was offered drink. Dr. Soofi said coke please. Dr. Staff nurse Margret invited Dr. Soofi to sherry at her birth day. Dr. Soofi denied why said she is a handsome young girl? He said I cannot take sherry, alright you come we shall give your coke. He attended party. Next day, head of the department Dr. Black said to Dr. Soofi what you got, when you have not taken sherry, His reply with smile was satisfaction, I could not taken. There, atmosphere of sex is very common, if you are not walking with your beloved, you cannot normal, if you are there in dancing hall, you don't offer a girl to dance with you so in such circumstances.

Dr. Soofi was invited by BBC. There was no TV or other modern thing of today. In one of the show, there was scholars of common wealth countries. Lady Barnit was to give reply each scholar was allowed to ask one question, only Dr. Soofi was given chance of two questions. It was very exciting gathering of different nations different dress and different languages. He asked define a kiss who get more pleasure one who gives or one who take? It was a great laughter and everybody enjoyed, lady Barnit said, I do get pleasure when I kiss my husband. I said, who get more? Dr. Soofi was sounded by scholars and was kissed. His second question was why women do make up, though women are weakness of a man do they want to attract or show their personality. Dr. Soofi was known for his laughter. He too traveled in ship to South Hamp.. University and used to enjoy river sights and where he wrote urdu poetry and English poetry.

London or any other European Countries have got their own culture. Sex relation is free, dance, drinks are free, if you are naked no body will bother you. The young or old men or women, if they are kissing in a train, you cannot check. You can be full naked in a lawn, no problem.

Dr. Soofi used to walk all alone in main streets of London, one day, a man persue him. Do you need young girl Sir? Dr. Soofi looked at him with surprise and said to him. I am too old for young girl, now there was a big laugh. Piceidaly Cires street is famous for naked dancing, people are announcing young girls naked dance come and join.

Trifelgher Square is another interesting place, pretty young boys and young girls, leave their home after matriculation and remove their necklace and pass their time there.They used sex and what not? Dr. Soofi being father of three children, went close to those boys and girls and asked them, why they are left home? They were surprised, it is our choice. Do you not remember your mum or dad, they shook their shoulders and looked with great surprise to dr. Soofi, when he was teaching young boys and girls asked Dr. Soofi, give us money, you are a reporter? You will publish. So he had to give money for talking.

Pakistan Day at Embassy.

Being a member of Pakistan movement Dr. Soofi was honoured to attend Pakistan Day at London, he met Ch. Sir Zaffarullah, Agha Shahi and some importance ladies, had conversation and communicated the struggle of All India Muslim League to the participants. He often visited the Embassy for prayer etc. Dr. Soofi had seen election of Mr. Wilson it was altogether different from our election. Calm and quite nice speeches. He too had observed boxing fight Muhammad Ali and Jafferson, it was very exciting. Muhammad Ali was a dancing boxer, very quick and expert to punch out his enemy. He punched him out in first round and got triumph victory.

It is luck of Dr. Soofi that he found office of Urdu Mashriq London near his residence and he met Mr. Inayat Ullah founder of daily Mashriq at London. It was good incident both met together Hamayun Adeeb was a young brilliant journalist was staying with Inayat Ullah and used to cook good Bhindi and used to enjoy food together and talked together. Mr. Inaya Ullah was very intelligent and explorer, he used to explore new methodology of journalism for Mashriq. It was good days.

Dr. Soofi was getting 52 pounds monthly scholarship, he hired a room of 2 pounds per week and saved 32 pounds. People used to have bigger room of 5 pounds weekly. So he booked a car Mornis 1000 for his children and he purchased lipstick for his wife. On his return, he was launched at Rawalpindi, was warmly received by relative mother and father and father in law was garlanded and went to Haripur.

Dr. Soofi has not visited any theatre, cinema, even he could not see zoo, in order to save ony. He took soap, blades shoe and socks from Pakistan in order to save sterling. One day he reached out gate of zoo, when he enquired ticket, it was near a found, he though what he shall see inside lion, elephant monkey. He turned back, he lived simple life. He used to walk on snow with Pakistani shoe which were wet, English shoes are made for snow area. It was successful journey and earned world wide fame and respect and for time his family could get a car in 1966.

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