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Dental Surgeon Mayo Hospital, Lahore 1961-64

Mayo Hospital is the oldest health care centre and patients from all over the Province used to visit this Hospital. In the beginning there was no dental clinic or section when new block unit was built opposite the office of daily Pakistan Times after amalgamation of province into one unit. Dr. M. Z. K. Niazi accepted to be an honorary dental surgeon and he started this clinic in a small room near outdoor dispensary in 1960.

On assumption of the charge of dental clinic, Dr. Soofi started improving it and persuaded the then Medical Superintendent of Mayo Hospital Prof. Riaz Qadeer FRCS, (he was a reknowned and sympathetic surgeon and competent teacher of general surgery). He accepted the suggestions of Dr. Soofi to expand the dental section as it is a part of general surgery. He with his generosity allowed him, his consultant's large room near outdoor operation theater. Dr. Soofi installed dental chairs and started treating patients. Mostly patients were of carious teeth and extraction was the solution for all. Fractured jaw and oral cancers were treated in general operation theater. Dr. Soofi used to visit the VIP patients in special wards.

Khan Abdus Samad Achakzai from Quetta, a political leader was Dr. Soofi's patient at Quetta, he was shifted to Lahore Jail. He used to visit his surgery under police custody. Ministers, Judges, Professors, Teachers, Journalists Zia ul Islam Ansari, Mr. Shorish Kashmiri and many others were his patients. Thus Dr. Soofi was known in all circles of Lahore.

Dr. Soofi started health education programme and visited schools, colleges and other institutions to deliver lectures onprevention. Radio Pakistan 

used to call him for speech on dental health, news papers helped him in sending his message to the public. In short, Dr. M. A. Soofihad become popular in the social circles of 

Lahore. During Ayub Khan's Martial Law, Khan Qayyum Khan was arrested and kept in Montgomery Jail, Sahiwal, he was a diabetic and he was given insulin injection and no food was given to him in such circumstances. Signatures were obtained from him and later on he was shifted to Mayo Hospital for his treatment, he had tooth problem too. The Central Government appointed Dr. Soofi to examine teeth of Khan Abdul Qayyum Khan and no report was to be given. Dr. Soofi was escorted by SP Police to the room of Khan Abdul Qayyum Khan. Dr. Soofi entered with white coat as his consultant and he was surprised to seem him. He opened his eyes, Dr. Soofi asked about his history of hypoglycaemia and toothache. Dr. Soofi examined him on bed with torch and gave treatment, police was always with him outside as he was his loyal worker during Pakistan Movement. When Police was not with him he told

 him stories of outside. On his release Mian Mumtaz Doultana and Sardar Bahadar Khan visited him. During his days in Mayo Hospital, no

 visitor was allowed to see Khan Abdul Qayyum. Dr. Soofi met many VIPs during his days at Mayo Hospital. Dr. Soofi was active in affairs of Pakistan Dental Association and many of his articles used were published in Pakistan Dental Review taken out by Sh. Eqbal Ahmed Punjab Dental Depot, the Mall, Lahore.

The Gujranwala Muslim League had taken out 32 miles procession from Gujranwala to Lahore in his honour and due to this procession Martial Law was imposed. After this procession, before his arrest he made a public oration at Bhati Gate Lahore I was there, he put responsibilities of mishandling the Muslim League by Sikandar Mirza, Mushtaq Gormani who brought in Dr. Khan Sahib. He was a very vocal person when he was arrested. I was the co-worker of the Muslim League and used to address the public at Mochi Gate when Khan use to preside in the meeting. Later on Khan became my patient at the Mayo Hospital 1961-64 I was appointed as Dental Surgeon by the Government of Pakistan.

Since his wife was could not be accommodated in Lahore, she was posted in Department of Nutrition, Institute of Hygiene and Preventive Medicine. The Dean, however, wrote a letter to the Government that all lady doctors may be shifted. So, we requested the health department, Government of West Pakistan for an appointment in Baluchistan. On reaching Baluchistan again Dr. M. A. Durani who was the Deputy Director, advised us to join at Ziarat/ Sibi. Dr. Soofi said, there is no post of Dental Surgeon and his wife was posted as Woman Medical Officer. He said, you have served in this area well in the past, enjoy summer at Ziarat, he created a post of dental surgeon at Ziarat / Sibi. They enjoyed the stay at Ziarat, where Quaid-e-Azam spent his last days in residency. We used to visit the residency and got much information from the Mali and other servants about Quaid-e-Azam. It was a very bright place and a famous summer headquarter. Ziarat was land of green atmosphere, people had different habits, attitude, they were deprived of education, their main concern was to breed goats and to graze them. It is area of fertile land for apple and other fruits and vegetables.

It is interesting, while at Lahore, Dr. M. A. Soofi was living in a rented house of Maulana Muhammad Ahmed at Icchra @ Rs.60 per month, it was a small house, where Maulana had lived for a long period and he built up new very big packa house nearby. Maulana Muhammad Ahmed was a very staunch Sunni Scholar and used to make speeches to excite his followers. He had two sons, one Abdul Turab was Imam at Data Darbar Masjid and the other Abdul Wahab was Imam at Masjid Amsterdam Holland. Prior to this, Dr. Soofi had hired a house near Mayo Hospital and this was the place where Ahmer Bilal Soofi, his first son was born in 1962, the second child, a daughter was born in 1963 at Icchra and the third one was born in 1964 at Sibi.

During this period, bicycle was the only means of transport, they had so they used bicycle to go to Akbari Mandi and Kashmiri Bazar. The young pair was happy with Rs.250 per month plus Rs.48 dearness allowance. One Sunday, while they were on usual visit for purchase of kitchen items, one young boy was looking at the wife of Dr. Soofi, he called him in Bazar and said to him. Have you seen your face in the mirror today. He said 'yes', Look at him, he was surprised. Do you think that she will leave me and will go with you. Dr. Soofi a body builder gave him a slap on his face. It attracted a big crowed, people gathered and asked. What happened Babu Jee. Everyone laughed. So youth is a unique phase of life, now things are different.