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Dental Surgeon Quetta and Kalat Regions
He reached at Quetta, having been appointed as a Dental Surgeon Quetta/ Kalat Regions by the then Government of West Pakistan as his first appointment. Prior to this, there was no dental care clinic in any part of Balochistan. So, he was a pioneer of Dentistry in Balochistan. In addition to this, he being old health educator of T. B. patients Welfare Association got information about more Tuberculoses cases. There were two T. B. Sanatoriums, one headed by Dr. A. H. Saeed run by Railway and other by Dr. Ahsan Khan, Govt. of West Pakistan and he thought to hold a public meeting to create awareness about prevention of T. B. among the people, being ex health educator of West Pakistan T. B. Patients Welfare Association, Lahore. These were days of Martial Law of Ayub Khan. Dr. Soofi thought of selecting as Chief Guest a high official of that area, who was Lt. Gen. Sarfraz Khan, Area Commandant Bolochistan. He telephoned to his office and got appointment, he was in his magnificent office with grand discipline. General Sarfraz with his impressive look and the General's uniform having stiff neck and red pips on and said "What can I do Dr. Soofi"? He explained his purpose that this area needs some work may be done to eradicate or control the tuberculoses, our country is newly born, economically low, our population is poor, people can't have better food. Therefore, there is need that public may be educated and something be done to control
T. B. He said "How"? he said I want to hold a public meeting in Govt. Degree College Hall, Quetta you are requested to preside over. General said O. K. It is a good idea, but have you asked Dr. M. A. Durani, Director Health Services Quetta or any other Doctor? His reply was "I am a Social Worker, I have not come to you as Government official, this is public welfare work. Every body can work and they can join. General smiled and said O. K.

A grand public meeting on prevention of T. B. was announced by him as ex T. B Patients Welfare Association. On learning this Dr. A. H. Saeed, Dr. Ahsan Khan, Dr. M. A. Durani were looking for him (Dr. Soofi) and asked why they had not been informed. We are experts of this disease. He replied that Sir, I am a T. B. Patients Welfare Worker and I am not an expert but a Health Educator. Our objective is that public should be educated. We want prevention. T. B. should not spread. It spreads through close contact and spitting in public places. We want to educate the masses, who are not educated, if they are coughing, they should not spit on roads. People should avoid smoking and should have health food. If someone is sick, has fever at evening is loosing weight, he should be sent to a doctor of T. B. Sanatorium. You are cordially invited to attend the public meeting so it was a very successful public meeting and almost all doctors, notables and public attended. Lt. General Sarfaraz also appreciated the efforts of Dr. Soofi and be became a popular person. General Sarfraz said Dr. Soofi a young person and social reformer should be followed to build up the nation. This important event happened which was highlighted in national media and press.

There was visit of Lt. Gen. Wajid Ali Burki, Health Minister at Sandeman (Civil) Hospital Quetta near 1959. Mr. Faridullah Shah was Commissioner of Quetta Division. Dr. M. A. Durani, Director, Health Services both visited the Hospital before the visit of General Burki. They walked into dental surgery and looked to Dr. Soofi's office. The Commissioner said to Dr. Soofi, Federal Health Minister Lt. Gen. W. A. Burki will visit your office, but you are not supposed to talk to him Commissioner knew that Dr. Soofi was fast man and also a very dynamic and bold one and he replied ‘Alright Sir'.

Lt. Gen. W. A. Burki a tall man with red stars and stiff neck entered his dental surgery Dr. Soofi explained to him the type of his work and types of patients from far flung areas of Balochistan distorted facial- oral cancers etc. He listened to him carefully. The miserable stories of patients, and degree of seriousness was given by young Dr. Soofi. He appreciated his work and office then Dr. Soofi put before Federal Health Minister 3 copies of Pakistan Dental Review in which his scientific articles were published. Minister was surprised to see his publications then he praised Dr. Soofi's efforts. Very good, very good. I am happy you are doing a good job.

One evening, he was addressing the village aid meeting in which he mentioned that he had seen a young dental surgeon with little knowledge but who working very hard. This word had encouraged Dr. Soofi and he has been writing technical articles ever since for Pakistan Dental Review printed, published by S. M. Eqbal of Punjab Dental Depot, Lahore. This magazine used to reach all dental institution of the world including USA. On account of these articles, he was selected as a British Council Scholar 1965-66 at London University and his articles have been abstracted by A.D.A. Magazine.

Dr. M. A. Soofi was a very popular figure at Quetta. His evening was spent with intellectuals and scholars. He used to recite his English poetry in Urdu Mushaira. He was commentator of Radio Pakistan, Quetta. The Regional Director Mr. K. G. Ali was his admirer. Dr. Soofi used to make public speeches and wrote for English and Urdu News Papers and for Pakistan Medical Association, Karachi Official Magazine, Hamara Doctor. The American Centre invited him as guest speaker and Centre published his biographical sketch and distributed it in public.

Dr. Soofi was very famous for his technical knowledge and interest. His patients were poor, rich and government officers like Commissioner, Quetta M. M. Masood, Commissioner Kalat Mr. M. H. Sufi, Makhdoom Talib ul Moula father of Makhdoom Amin Faheem, Khan of Kalat, Mir Jaffar Khan Jamali and his family, doctors and Army officials, intellectual. He was admired by everyone for his observation, diagnosis and surgical skill. During hospital hours, he was an extremely busy surgeon, he had to look into 60-70 cases daily in the outdoor. He was very fast and quick in dealing with extraction. He used to speak in public on life of Quiad-e-Azam and Pakistan.

Since, he was a Wrestler or he used to attend Akhara. Arena in his early days before partition and used to do 350 to 500 push-ups in morning. He wanted to be a reknowned Wrestler. When he entered in medical ward at Mayo Hospital as a student in 1954 he saw a famous Wrestler Gama Pehlwan in bad condition of having high blood pressure. Diabetes etc. So, he stopped wrestling during college days at Lahore for fear, because wrestlers have to consume heavy rich food.

After establishing himself, Dr. Soofi, got a chance of body building. He found another person Mr. Munawar Mirza a student of B. A. Class a son of leading Lawyers of Quetta Mr. Hassan Mirza. Later on he became justice of Supreme Court.

Dr. Soofi and Mr. Munawar Mirza were class fellow in body building exercise class at evening. After this exercise, Dr. Soofi was supposed to take heavy food of Lal Kabab a very rich cooked meat of a very delicious meat shop and at night one kilogram of milk. Dr. Soofi remained occupied in building his body. Photographer shops were decorated by his posters and lady staff of Sandemon Civil Hospital used to laugh at him. Before his Nikah with Dr. Iqbal many people were interested in him for giving hands of their daughters. He was known as a pleasant man, with a good laughter. One could find Dr. Soofi on any road by his special laugh. Before his transfer he started his private practice at chamber of Dr. Ibrahim with Dr. Haqi. He was popular among doctors of Quetta.

Quetta was hit by earthquake in 1935, on the morning of 31st May, on Friday, at 03.03 a.m. Within 3 minutes thousand people had died. Houses were demolished. Hundred and thousands of children had become orphans, they migrated to NWFP and Punjab and used to beg in streets. Aslam Soofi was a small boy. There was nobody to take away dead bodies under the earth. After this earthquake, government constructed huts at Quetta for government servants.

So, on his arrival, he was given accommodation in private ward like other medical doctor Afzal Nobahar Butt and lady doctor Nuzhat Bhatti.
On seeing the beauty of Quetta, he wrote a beautiful poem on Quetta. The poem is as under: -

POEM ON Q U E T T A BY DR. M. A. SOOFI 02.07.1958

The natural glimpses; prevailing here
Are rejoicing too and pretty fair;
Hills apparently only red and bare
Are precious coins of country's affair?
                                       Earth is a worth; but scanty of water
                                       Snow when it falls, its surface does alter
                                       Herbs, shrubs and plants are precious
                                       Vegetables being nice; fruits are delicious
Ranges of mountain; not air defending
Snowy heaps, being hard for ascending
Peaks of the mountain or glaciers of snow
Dangerous in nature; when "Qandhari" winds blow
                                       But, soothing both, refreshing alike
                                       Make the soil, and minds to like
                                       The sun and moon tried their best
                                       Couldn't achieve, the natural contest
No doubt, moon has silvery grace
Benefits of sun, no one can trace
But the peaks, are only energy store
For, people turn happy, soil grows more
                                       Height of the station brings the rain
                                       Clouds when heavy, rain in chain
                                       Marching of pills, in enjoyable way
                                       About falling of snow I can't say
Karez, is the only productive source
Sui gas can change; whole discourse
This too with territorial flow
Can run Industry and every other show
                                       Thus, Quetta is city, clean but dry
                                       Marvelous, cantt' under bloomy sky
                                       Buildings are not lofty and high
                                       To face, the Earthquake, reason why?

Later on he was given accommodation in huts next to Dr. Z. A. Hashmi, Veterinary Doctor. Later on he became Vice Chancellor of Agricultural University, Faisalabad.



Quetta 1958:
Dr. H. R Shah (Principal Dental College Lahore) with Dr. M. A Soofi (Dental Surgeon Quetta/ Qalat Regions), Dr. Abdul Aziz (Director Health Services Baluchistan) and Captain Saifullah (old student)

17 Mr. Qudrat Ullah Shahab secretary information Govt of Pakistan as a chief guest with office bearers of Apex Club Quetta Dr. M. A Soofi President is on his right side and on his left side Dr. Zafar Hayat Physician and principal Govt College Quetta. Mr. Ismailli sec general sitting right to Dr. M. A Soofi 1956 - 61 AREA
Quetta 1958:
Mr. Qudratullah Shahab with Dr. M. A Soofi (President Apex Club Quetta) and others.
Quetta 1959:
Dr. M. A Soofi (Secretary Clinical Meetings), Sandemon (Civil) Hospital Quetta in discussion with his colleagues
Quetta 1960:
General Haq Nawaz Khan (Area Commandant Quetta), Mr. M. H Soofi commissioner quetta, Mr. Ghulam Hussian (Deputy Commissioner Quetta) and Dr. M.A soofi (Dental surgeon Civil hospital Quetta) at Art exhibtion
Quetta, 1956- 61, Dr. M A Soofi President of APEX Club presenting cheque to Mr. Muhammad Yusuf Khan (Commissioner Quetta) Collected for Cylone Victims in East Pakistan. Quetta,1956-61, Civil Hospital. DR M A Soofi treating his paitent








Quetta, Prof. Dr. M A Soofi has been invited, 1981, after 30 years of the departure from this Province as a Guest Speaker on Dental Care being pioneer of dentistry in Province of Balochistan. Sitting with him is Dr Baloch, eyes specialist, and next to him is Governer of Balochistan. Dr. Soofi was the first ever Dental Surgeon to this region, 1956. He set up a Dental Department in civil hospital Quetta. He became very popular becuase Dr Soofi was a only qualified dental surgeon in Balochistan. During his stay, he made a survey of school childrens, delivered lectures and has made lot of research on human which was published in Medical and Dental Journals. He was a Secretary of the Clinical meeting and the convenior of the Pakistan Dental Association and made a visit to Kalat regions along with Dr Hassan Raza Shah to establish Dental Clinic in Kalat. He too has established Dental Clinic in the district of Sibi.


Syed Dirbar Ali Shah Deputy Commissioner Quetta District is in a group photograph with office bearers of Apex Club Quetta alongwith the President Dr. M. A Soofi

Aka Afsaryab Rawayi Iranian Consulate at Government College Quetta alongwith the Principal and Dr. M.A Soofi Examining the chart shown by the Principal.




Mr. Qudrat Ullah Shahab Secretary Education Government of Pakistan alongwith Dr. M. A. Soofi President Apex Club Quetta and other office Bearers.



Dr M. A. Soofi is speaking on the life and achievements of Quaid-e-Azam at Quetta Town Hall. Director Education and Secretary Education Government of Pakistan are on the Stage.