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Dental College Lahore (1952 - 1956)

Photo of KEMC and Dental College. Group photo of college. College activities, degree photo, dental health week photo.


Mr. Aslam Soofi was basically interested to join Pak Army or Air Force, as he was trained soldier in his student life at School and at Islamia College Peshawar.  He was very excited to join Air Force as he used to watch air display of Pakistan Air Force Risalpur, from roof of his Hostel. Before F. Sc and after F. Sc he appeared for about 4 times in ISSB Kohat but was not selected in any armed Force.  Every time he was given a letter from ISSB if you are not selected here, does not mean that you are not fit elsewhere”.

Ultimately he was late to join the 1st year BDS class when he reported his admission to Prof. of Physiology KEMC Prof. Gillani, a tall, sweet personality, who said to Mr. Aslam Soofi “You are late boy, how you will complete Bio-Chemistry practicals.  The boy with an innocent look replied to the Professor “Sir if I am given extra time I will complete them.  The Professor was kind enough to allow him to join the class, so he started his education at KEMC and later in de’Montmorency College of Dentistry, Lahore in Oct. 1952.

Aslam Soofi observes the temperament of teaching of that time was sympathetic, if like today, he was to be refused then, M. A. Soofi of today, would be someone else, not professor, not scientist of International repute.

Similarly, in KEMC he found another kind teacher Prof. Dr. Col Illahi Bux, Principal KEMC.  Miss Fatima Jinnah, Madri Millat accepted to be Chief Guest on 20th Dec. 1952 at Annual Sports day of KEMC.  Aslam Soofi was intelligent and courageous having confidence in himself. He walked in office of Principal, Sir I am first year student of BDS I have written poetry as welcome address in honour of Madri Millat in English language and placed a poem before him.  “I want to read this poem, please give me permission”. How do you know her? Sir I acted as her bodyguard at Haripur on 29th May 1949 as a school boy, because he was Muslim League Worker and was Flag bearer of Pakistan Muslim National Guard at Haripur. The worthy Principal was kind and allowed him to recite it on 20th Dec. 1952 in KEMC sports Ground.  Madri-Millat recognized and asked him I have seen you at Haripur.  Are you the same boy? It was very exciting occasion. Thereafter, he became a popular boy among the staff and teachers of KEMC and Dental College.  The poem is as under:-


(31 July 1891 – 9 July 1967)

With myriad delights; heartiest  welcome to you
With majestic pride; a magnificent welcome to you
With humblest words; thousand honours to you
With grateful hearts; a million thanks to you

Students are over-whelmed with excellent pride
The highest lamp, has lowered its lid, its joy to hide
The atmosphere is an ecstatic and rejoicing one
To receive thy honour as a glorious sun

Thou, the pole star of the State
Thou, the real image of the late
Thou, the admirer of noblest worth
Thou, the patriot of the holiest earth

Thy enthusiastic feelings of glorious deed
Thy august deeds in history we shall read
Thy cultural schemes of highest success
Thy intellectual views of lasting progress

Oh! Thou leader of the verdant everlasting fame
Oh! Thou bouquet of talents; here you came
Oh! benevolent to each, the champion of the public weal
Oh! benefactress, thy brother’s fame is firm as steel

May you live long, accelerating the enterprises
So, your brother’s State; to zenith rises?
May you live in health with profound everlasting bliss?
May our state be a leading one,this my heart does wish

What else, can make happy *Ilahi, Haq and me?
At the annual function thousand faces we see
The function at which ye will distribute the prizes
 Itself an example of the accelerating enterprises

 All thanks, all honours  to Khatoon-i-Pakistan
How can we forget, who founded Pakistan?
Whose natural endowments were determining factor
Who, throughout his life proved as a real benefactor

 At the annual sports function of King Edward Medical College on 20th Dec. 1952.

* Prof.  Col Illahi Bux -             Principal, King Edward Medical College, Lahore

            Prof. Dr. Abdul Haq - Principal, de’Montmorency College of Dentistry, Lahore

            Mr. M. A. Soofi -                     1st year student

Prof. Dr. M. A. Soofi- Principal (R) College of Community Medicine, Lahore.

So those teachers gave their students immense encouragement. 

Aslam Soofi was debator in Urdu and English 1953,  the Principal and Staff of Dental College celebrated Dental Health Week and Annual Essay Competition in Urdu and English.  Aslam Soofi got first prize in Urdu and 2nd in English. 

During this week, Aslam Soofi, delivered lectures on dental health in schools. This dental health week was inaugurated by the then Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Muhammad Munir a soft spoken and well dressed person, it was attended by Prof. Shujaat Ali founder Principal of Fatima Jinnah Medical College, Col. Malik a prominent health expert, Secretary Health and staff of KEMC staff and students of de’Montmorency College of dentistry.

Aslam Soofi was elected class representative and had met all such personalities. He was always well dressed and was a smart boy. In 1954, KEMC Dramatic Club had arranged a stage drama “Khala”.  Aslam Soofi with his experience as Director of Drama Club Peshawar and Govt. College Abbotabad, played a very important role as costume incharge  and publicity director. It was a very successful drama attended by all the colleges of Lahore.  During college days he used to write poems in English.

Photo of tooth


Always, I sing for my strong natural teeth
As the nightingale chirps with every breath
Always I am happy with my thirty two teeth
They chew my food; like the industrious  bees

My life is a gay and delicious oneFor I have all and am missing none

All work and work with every play

About their cooperation I can’t say

This, set of soldiers are with every unity

Chewing, brushing is their  foremost duty

This set is also a column of my smile and beauty

Will add to my speech; till  eternity

For, I get them examined every  six months

Although hospital is at great length

All my acts are at Doctor’s advice

Brushing them daily twice or thrice

My food is also with proper moved

Besides others, do I vitamin include

So, all my teeth are healthy and stout

Not an easy task to take them out


Published in The Quetta Times

Aslam Soofi was elected General Secretary de’Montmorency College of Dentistry  1954-55 and played an important role in this capacity. 1955-56 he was elected President of the Union.  During this period in Punjab Dental Hospital, he had met Sir Zafarullah Khan, Abdul Ghaffar Khan and other leaders who used to visit the Hospital for dental treatment. During his college days at Lahore, he had met Ch. Muhammad Ali,  Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mr. Hussain Shaheed Soharwardi.  He had also experience of Martial Law of Azam Khan in 1953.  He became popular debator in Urdu and English and used to write articles in newspaper.  Aslam Soofi, during his student life 1952-56, at de’Montmorency College of Dentistry, he was elected as General Secretary All Pakistan Science Students Federation, Punjab Muslim Students Federation, Students Welfare Organization, Hazara Muslim Students Federation and Kashmir Students Federation and Chairman Constituent body of Punjab University and Secretary Muslim League National Guard. He was active in sports of KEMC and in other activities.  His sitting used to at Chinese Lunch House, Tea House on the Mall Road, at evening with intellectuals, lawyers and poets.  He was member of many literary society, like Writer Guild.  He had many friends and was popular boy.

During this period, I had lot of opportunities to meet the dignitaries at various functions and various places: -
I presented welcome Address in English Poetry to Mohtarma Miss Fatima Jinnah 20th Dec 1952 at the occasion of annual Sports day of KEMC under the dynamic principalship Prof. Dr. Col Elahi Bukhsh (Physician to Quaid-e-Azam in the last days).
I was new to Lahore, and new to environment of premier institution of the country. When I came to know that arrangements are being made for Fatima Jinnah in the College I went to the office of Principal and asked for permission to read the my poem as welcome to Madar i Milat in order to appreciate her services which she has done in Pakistan Movement, as being Dentist by profession standing with her brother Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah and the Muslim League. The Principal Col Illahi Bux was very kind, and he was known for his value of patronage to the students. He cater me and gave me the permission to read my poem in relation to welcome at the Sports function KE Medical College Hostel ground, however, he has seen my poem and appreciated my efforts and quietly be remarked "you have written beautiful poem". I expressed my gratification to the learned Principal and got this poem printed at my own cost, so that there should be excellent and positive presentation to the Chief Guest. 




Dental Health Week:

Dr. H.R SHAH (Principal) showing models of teeth and skulls to Madar-e-Millat Muhterma Fatima Jinnah (Dentist). Mr. M. A Soofi is seen standing behind the principal

Lahore 1953:
 Mr. S.M.K Malik (Health Expert),  inaugurating the dental health week at dental college Lahore.
Dr.H.R.Shah Principal other staff and Aslam Soofi Sec-Genral Standing.
December 20, 1952:
Annual Sports Day, King Edward Medical College Lahore
Chief Guest Madar-e-Millat Muhterma Fatima Jinnah being taken to stage by Prof. Raja Mumtaz (Chairman Sports Committee)
Poem To Welcome Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah on 20th December 1952 At K E Medical College Lahore By M. Aslam Soofi

This was the first visit of Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah after the death of Quaid-e-Azam Sept 11, 1948 at King Edward Medical College, Lahore. Prior to this function I had the privilege to be a standing Muslim League National guard for Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah in 1948 at the inauguration ceremony of girls High School Haripur Hazara.

I read my poem which was appreciated by the Chief Guest, the staff and the students and I was honoured here and there and was labled as national poet by Professor of Anatomy Dr. Mohammad Afzal.
Drama "Khala" at KEMC was arranged 1954 for creating the entertainment and I was attached with the KEMC dramatic club, as a costume incharge, and public relationing was another portfolio with me. We have done a great task in presentation in the best way of performance at the stage of KE Medical College, and we were appreciated by artist and students community at Lahore. December 20, 1952:
Annual Sports Day, King Edward Medical College Lahore
Madar-e-Millat Muterma Fatima Jinnah being received as Chief Guest by Col Elahi Bakhsh (Principal KEMC)

Madar-e-Millat Muhterma Fatima Jinnah    


Dental Health Week 1953 Lahore. Dental Health Week, Dental College Lahore in 1953:
Chief Guest Chief Justice of Pakistan Mr. Justice Munir sitting while Col Dr. Malik is speaking. Mr. M. A. Soofi (Secretary General Students Union) standing behind the chief guest.
Dental Health Week, Dental College Lahore 1953:
Chief Justice of Pakistan Mr. Justice Munir with Dr. H. R Shah (Principal Dental College Lahore)
Dental Exhibition in Dental Health Week, Dental College Lahore 1953:
Mr. M. A Soofi and other guests listening to Principal Dr. H. R Shah
Lahore 1954:
Reception by Mr. M. A Soofi (General Secretary Students Union) to Indian Students Delegation.
Lahore 1954:
Group photo after Reception by Mr. M. A Soofi (General Secretary Students Union) to Indian Students Delegation.
Lahore 1954:
Indians Students Delegation with Dr. H. R Shah (Principal Dental College) and Mr. M. A Soofi (General Secretary Students Union).
Lahore 1955:
Lahore 1955 Mr. M. A Soofi with Foreign Dental Delegation.
Lahore 1956:
Group photo Lahore Dental College, 1956.

Mr. M. A Soofi (President de Montmorency Dental Students Union) is sitting on the right side of Principal Dr. H.R Shah in front row.

Lahore 1956:
Dr. M.A Soofi Graduated 1952- 56 from Punjab Univeristy Lahore.