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School Life

Early Education Before Creation of Pakistan

Muhammad Aslam was an intelligent, handsome and humble boy. He was admitted in Municipal Committee Primary School, Haripur. At that time school children used to sit on a jute mat on the ground. He was a popular student and passed his primary classes in shining standard. His individuality was key to his maturity and he was a different boy. His culture and tradition were those of a true Muslim, having value for morals.

Hindus were dominating the business, trade, agriculture, and Muslims used to be dependent on them. When Hindu acquaintance learnt that M. Aslam s/o Muhammad Abdullah was an intelligent boy, they persuaded his father Malik Abdullah in this way, Malik Sahib, your son is tall, grown up, if you put him in school, he shall not be a support to you, he shall go away. He is young give him animals and cattle. He should look after them and you and after some time, get him married. If there shall be need of money or grain or ghee, we will give. Muhammad Abdullah was trapped in this conspiracy and Aslam was taken away from school and could not get admission in 5th class alongwith his class fellows. But he was keeping primary school certificate with him. It was custom of Hindu domination that Muslim could only get education upto 4th class primary and were appointed Chungi Muharar Octori person or elsewhere. Muslim girls were not encouraged to get education. .

So cattle, goats, hens were his books and the fields were his school. He used to take his animals buffaloes, cows, donkeys, goats for grazing and he used to give them food and fodder every day. Aslam used to massage the animals, used to cut the fodder with hand toka, thereby he cut his finger one day.

Mostly he used to take his goats near Sanatan Dharam High School where students were doing drill, Aslam was all the time feeling that he will get admission some day.

After 3 years of gap, he persuaded his father, kindly allow me to join school in 5th Class and he will continue to look after the cattle and to do other odd jobs. The father was kind and he was given admission in 5th Class in 1944 in Sanatan Dharam High School. It was Hindu Dharam School run by Seth Atum Chand Sahni and few Muslims were allowed. Did his 5th Class in distraction and did 6th & 7th class in one year and passed 8th class in 1946 and was promoted to 9th class in 1947. This was the story of his early days. Even with such circumstances Aslam was active in politics and was known for his loud slogans in the public meetings. He portrayed his personality and he was identified as true worker of Muslim League in its struggle for Pakistan. Popularity gave courage to him to chant a slogan in the public meeting of Indian National Congress at Haripur “Quaid-e-Azam Zindabad Pakistan Zindabad”. He was punished but he had strong feelings for the Muslim homeland. The NWFP was governed by Congress Leader Dr. Khan Shahib, brother of Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan. They wanted that NWFP should be part of Indian domain and not Pakistan.

So the NWFP Muslim League headed by Khan Abdul Qayyum Khan protested against them, there used to be meetings of Indian Nationals Party. Aslam was known for shouting slogans of Pakistan and Quaid-e-Azam. He was slapped by Hindus and Congressmen. Aslam was very active in Pakistan Movement as a School boy, he participated actively in NWFP Referendum 1947, thus he met the following people during Pakistan Movement: -

i) Khan Abdul Qayyum Khan, President NWFP Muslim League.
ii) Khan Bahadar Jalal ud Din Khan, President, Hazara Muslim League.
iii) Faiz Muhammad Khan, President Tehsil Haripur Muslim League.
iv) Raja Ghazanfar Ali Khan, Incharge Referendum District Hazara, Sardar Abdur Rab Nishtar, Maulana Badauni, Mufti Muhammad Idrees (student Aligarh).
v) Pir Sahib Manki Sharif & Pir Sahib of Zakori Sharif.
vi) Dr. Abdul Jabbar Khan & Dr. Khan Sahib Chief Minister NWFP – Congress Leaders.
vii) Abdul Ghaffar Khan, Redshirt Congress Leader.
viii) Pandat Jawahir Lal Nehru, President Congress, Mahatma Gandhi.
ix) Allama Inayat Ullah Mashraqi, Khaksar Leader.
x) Atta Ullah Shah Bukhari and others Nationalist Leaders.
xi) Sardar Bahadar Khan Tareen.
xii) Gohar Rehman Khan Jadoon.
xiii) Mufti Muhammad Idrees and other students of Ali Garh.
xiv) Ghulam Jaan Khan Tarkhali, Editor Jamhoor.
xv) Maulana Ghulam Ishaq Khan, Khateeb Jamia Masjid Abbotabad
xvi) Mufti Mehmood Ahmed father of Maulana Fazalur Rehman.
xvii) Maulana Ghulam Ghous Hazarvi.

He too have met many other political leaders during Pakitan Movement.

The Pakistan Movement was for prosperity, progress of Muslims of Sub-Continent in Economics, Education and Social field all fastering relations of all classes of Muslims into one nation, thus All India Muslim League, under dynamic leadership of Quaid-e-Azam worked a lot to make case of Muslims a strong because Hindus and British were not in favour of separate home land for Muslim. Aslam Soofi was active in holding public meetings and conferences. He was sure for vibrant future of Muslim and he emerges as collaboration of Muslim League and used to meet all these personalities.

Pre-Partition of India:

  • Active Member, Muslim League National Guard, 1946-47


  • Won District Red Cross Society Championship (Indian),The St. John Ambulance Association. 11-01-1947 
  • Active worker of Civil Disobedience Movement. 1947
  • Active worker of Refrendum 12-17 July, 1947, in NWFP.
After-Partition of India  - Pakistan, 14 August, 1947:
  • Secretary Seerat un Nabi Committee, Govt. High School, Haripur. 1947

  • Secretary Quraan Committee Harripur. 1947-48
  • Member Rehabilitation Committee for Refugees, Harripur. 1947-48
  • Mujahid-e-Kashmir in Kashmir war,and was back from war 31st November 1948
  • Mohammad Aslam Lead a Provincial Rally  held in honour of Governor General of Pakistan, Khawaja Nazim ud Din, Peshawar.1948.
  • Monitor of class 9th and 10th Govt. High School, Haripur.1948-49
  • Body Guard of Miss Fatima Jinnah to her visit to Haripur. May 1949
  • Passed Matriculation Examination in 1949 (Punjab University)


  • Aslam Soofi, 10th Class Student Government High School Haripur, arranged group of voulenteers to act as the Mujahid in Kashmir War from various districts of NWFP. On Bahadur Jalaludin Khan, President District Hazara and Vice President of NWFP, welcomed the Mujahid and go to Kashmir at Abotabad and Garlanded all the Mujahid Students. Jalaludin Khan a.k.a Jalal Baba was a very popular leader of All India Muslim Leauge and was know for his loud voice and slogans and he has surrendered his title of Khan Bahadur at the desire of leadership of Muslim League. Jalal Baba has worked alot in referendam of NWFP and carried out civil disobeidence. He was a true follower of Quaid-e-Azam. It may be mentioned that All India Muslim League
    was formed in District Hazara in 1938.

Mohammad Aslam Lead a Provincial Rally  held in honour of Governor General of Pakistan, Khawaja Nazim ud Din, Peshawar.1948.

  • Monitor of class 9th and 10th Govt. High School, Haripur.1948-49
  • Body Guard of Miss Fatima Jinnah to her visit to Haripur. May 1949
  • Passed Matriculation Examination in 1949 (Punjab University)
Aslam Soofi has met and seen Mahatama Gandhi and Sarhadi Gandhi Abdul Ghaffar Khan at Haripur before partition of India School days during the journey of freedom. As a school boy, he used to made slogans of Quaid-a-Azam and Pakistan in the public meetings of Congress party, where Gandhi, Abdul Ghafar Khan and Pandit Nehru were to address. Aslam Soofi was surrounded by the congress workers and he was beaten and Police took him to the custody and left him five miles far away. Aslam Soofi was known for making Slogans in All India Muslim league meetings. He too have watched meeting of Khaksar, Majlis-e-Ahrar. Aslam Soofi arranged batch of the students, boys to chant some poems to attract the people and he used to announce the meetings of All India Muslim League and leaders of the party after beating the drums in a Tanga and with loud voice through pipe, he used to inform the public. His target was all the Bazaars, streets and villages.

Muhammad Aslam Led a Provincial Rally  held in honour of Governor General of Pakistan, Khawaja Nazim ud Din, Peshawar.1948.

Muhammad Aslam Soofi while in 9th class at Government High School Harri Pur Hazara, was very active student in the physical training and other military training programmes done by the school. All the schools of NWFP had to represent their active students in a rally which was held in honor of His Excellency Alhaaj Khawaja Nazim ud Din, the Second Governor General of Pakistan on his first visit to Peshawar. This rally was held in the grounds of Islamia College Peshawar. There was a problem at the point that who amongst the students of NWFP Colleges should lead the rally. Aslam Soofi was tried by the physical director of the province and other teachers so he was selected to lead the rally carrying the flag of Pakistan. He was very much appreciated by the teachers and he has listened to the address of the Governor General Khawaja Nazim ud Din. Khwaja Nazim ud Din was a veterinary leader of All India Muslim League and follower and companion of Quaid e Azam. He was the first Prime Minster of East Pakistan after creation of Pakistan. He used to wear Jinnah Cap, Sherwani and tight ‘Pijama’. He was very polite and very kind to the students.
Aslam Soofi met Malik Ghulam Muhammad, 3rd Governer Genral of Pakistan at inaugration of telephone factory Haripur Hazara, 1952 who was appointed in the first cabinate of Quaid-e-Azam for his capablilty and the first budget he presented was Surplus as compared to th deficit budget of Bharat. He was very inteligent, clever and motivated the way with consperacy to be in this big chair. 
M A Soofi met Ghullam Ishaq Khan when he was chairman of Wapda and President of Pakistan and had Corespondence with him in 1991. He was an old boy of Islamia College Peshawar. He was Aslam Soofi's college fellow. He started his first career as the secretary committee Haripur, The birth place of Dr Soofi. Ghulam Ishaq Khan was very capable person, honest and very good administrator. His major contribution for this country is Ghulam Ishaq Institute. 

Certificate given by Pir Abdul Manan Shah e.g Comissioner Haripur Hazara.