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Islamia College Peshawar 1949-51
Quaid i Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah in a group photograph with Ms. Fatima Jinnah and staff and students of Islamia College Peshawar, Quaid i Azam donated in a will written in 29th May 1939. 1/3 of his property to Islamia College Peshawar. 1/3 to Sindh Madrassah tul Islam and 1/3 to University of Ali Garh.


Life and Activities at Islamia College Peshawar 1949 -1951 Sahibzada Sir Abdul Qayyum Khan who laid the foundation of Islamia College Peshawar in 1913 and Roosi Kepal Commissioner who had the raising of funds.
Muhammad Aslam Soofi, second year student of Islamia College Pesahawar, in college uniform of Sherwani.

Muhammad Aslam Soofi, Quarter Master Sargent of UOTC NWFP, who presented Guard of Honor to the First Primer Minister of pakistan Khan Liaqat Ali Khan on 30 October, 1950. He also presented Guard of Honor to First Commander in Chief of Pakistan Army General Muhammad Ayub Khan 1951, He also presented Guard of Honor to Mir Laiq Ali in premier of Dakkan Haider Abad.


Islamia College, Peshawar
Islamia College, Peshawar C.M.T 1950-51 (B. Company)

Muhammad Aslam Soofi (Platoon Commander) sitting in the front row on right side third seat.


Since there was no degree college at District Hazara or any other 5 districts of NWFP. There were two colleges at Peshawar, Edward College and Islamia College established in 1913.

He was admitted in F. Sc Pre-medical and was given residence in Butler Hostel whose superintendent was Mr. Adil Khan, physical director and warden was Prof. Mirza Anwar Beg, Professor of Chemistry. Aslam Soofi became a popular boy in games and in science, Aslam Soofi was active in CMT (Compulsory Military Training) headed by Maj (R) H. M. Clouse. Due to his smartness he was appointed as a Platoon Commander, whereas nephew of Ayub Khan, Najeeb Ullah Khan was left, who complained why he has been promoted not me but Maj. replied “Aslam Soofi is more energetic and disciplined as compared to you”. The Platoon Commander was a British soldier.

Similarly, he was selected as QMS of UOTC NWFP headed by Prof. Maj. (R) Abdul Mutlib, Professor of Physics. During UOTC marchpast from Landikotal to Torkham he wrote drama Kabli Darbar and staged it at Landikotal under his direction. It was a popular stage drama, it won him great appreciation Aslam. He also staged this drama at Islamia College Peshawar and at Military Camp Kohat. On 15 Oct 1950 Nawabzada Liaquat Ali Khan, Prime Minister of Pakistan was in Islamia College Peshawar to lay foundation stone of Peshawar University. Aslam Soofi was selected to present guard of Honour to Prime Minister. He was a smart soldier, while Prime Minister was passing through the parade, the Col. pointed out to Prime Minister “Sir, He is the same boy, who wrote that Drama Kabli Darbar”. The Prime Minister stood and smiled at Aslam Soofi and went on.

Aslam Soofi was a popular student in Islamia College, Peshawar, he was energetic and had a creative mind. The British Principal, Brothon Tone A. C. T. visited his room in Butler Hostel and appreciated his interest in scientific diagrams that were displayed there and so was Prof. Mirza Anwar Beg. He used to ask the students, ‘if you want to learn science’ go and visit room of Aslam Soofi.

Over and above this, Aslam Soofi UOTC NWFP cadet presented guard of honour in 1950 to General Muhammad Ayub Khan first Commander-in-Chief of Pakistan Armed Forces, he also had the honour to present guard of honour to Mr. Laiq Ali Khan, ex Prime Minister of Hyderabad Daccan. Aslam Soofi also presented guard of honour to Mufti Palestine Alhussaini and listened to his lecture. On the visit of Shah Iran Raza Shah Pehlvi at Islamia College Peshawar, after air display at Nowshehra 1951, Aslam Soofi was given the duties of raising slogans by the then Chief Minister Khan Abdul Qayyum Khan so on the arrival of Shah of Iran in Roose Kepal Hall, Islamia College, he chanted “ Dosti Iran- Pakistan Zindabad”. His voice was so attractive and loud, the whole of Rooskepal Hall resounded with such slogans. When Shah Iran came near him, he stood with Aslam and said “Basiar Khoob” excellent very good and patted him with Royal hands. When Shah arrived he was received by Chief Minister Khan Abdul Qayyum, Mr. Farid Khan, Mian Jaffar Shah, Minister for Education and Principal of the College.

Aslam Soofi at the chance to listen the speech of Mufti Palestine Al Hussain in Bruse People hall, and shak hand with him and got his blessing. Aslam Soofi too was lucky to met the King of Iran, Raza Shah Pahlavi, to visit Pakistan (Rasalpur) for air display then he visited Islamia College Peshawar and Aslam Soofi was asigned the job of making Slogans "Dosti Iran aur Pakistan, Zindabad", by the chief minister Abdul Qayyom Khan because Aslam Soofi was known as a Slogan Areter in Pakistan Movement, in Muslim Leauge Meeting. This slogan was so loud, attractive and full of love Prince stood with Aslam Soofi and Dabd his shoulder and said "Very good". It was very great environment. Aslam soofi was given the many dishes for dinner.

It was exciting, the teachers were proud to have such an enthusiastic pupil on the roll of the College. At night, he was given lots of dishes at Hostel and warden Prof. Nazir Beg said, we are proud of you. Aslam soofi was known for his religious preference, he was too near to Dean Sahib. He had a wonderful life at the Hostel. Iqbal Khan Jadoon, later on Chief Minsiter of NWFP was his roommate. On his admission, he was made first year fool and in his turn he too did so. He wrote a poem at Islamia College Peshawar which is as under:

Thy splendid domes and Thy lofty tower
Thy Central clock, strikes the hour
Thy green-wood and red sand stone
Enhances the edifice, all alone
  All hostels are with cultural beam and gay
Games grounds are lively with every play
Magnificent mosque is Islamic ray
Khyber Union is for youth stay
Students are happy like bloomingflowers
All alike in the College hours
Brilliant minded rosy cheeks
Will go to zenith, like mountain peaks
  Beautiful sites; remind us of the olden care
Beautiful place reminds us of the olden affair
Beautiful building outdid, the very paradise
Beautiful gardens and fountains sooth the eyes
Works on a progress onward
Its intention to achieve; climax of the world
Its lesson “Discipline, Faith and Unity”
Its lesson King treasures and moral at infinity
  It produced the greatest late Abdul Qayum
Who raised to University, from Darul Aloom
Echoes of freedom with sound knowledge
This is why, I love Peshawar Islamia College

During his F. Sc. Liaqat Ali Khan was assassinated on 16 Oct. 1951, he wrote an English Poem on the death of Liaqat Ali Khan which was read in condolence meeting held at Abbotabad under the Chairmanship of Mirza Fazal ur Rehman, Deputy Commissioner, Hazara. Aslam Soofi was asked to read his poem. There was pin drop silence as his poetry was full of sentiments for Liaqat Ali Khan. The poem is as under: -

First Prime Minister Of Pakistan
(14 Aug 1947 to 16 Oct 1951)
Thy tragic death, was unexpected
The critical stage, how thee selected?
Loss of thee, is loss for us all?
I may wonder, to whome we call?
  Thy presence was of historical fame,
Thee wert best, this we may claim
Thy demeanor, thy first, thy bold action?
Against thy Foe, was full of perfection
It was, yee who thought, for national dignity
Among the nations, ye declared unity
As Quaid’s soldier, fought with bravery
Surpassed thy enemy, ended the slavery
  Muslims became free, all efforts are lauded
Iqbal, Quaid and yee fully awarded
Pakistan is a blessing, but Kashmir is a must,
For our land, it is like carotid artery trust
Thy struggle, thy words will remain
History pages will ever retain
Thy vigor, thy truth are high pole
Thy acts & deeds, as a whole
  Why thou disappeared, and shut thou eyes?
In the dark grave, lonely there thou lies
Why thou selected this lonely place?
Kindly tell me what was the case?
Was thy, duty, a tiring one
Who will face, but hope for none?
So, come to us, once again
Thou badly need can’t be explain

Note: This poen During days at Abbotabad, he had seen Akbar, who assassinated Nawabzada Liaqat Ali Khan as announced by Radio Pakistan that Prime Minister of Pakistan. We the people of Hazara were perturbed, how it could be? Because we were Muslim Leaguer and makers of Pakistan so the whole night Aslam Soofi could not sleep and wrote this poem. It was read with such grim grief that everybody was weeping. Prior to his poem, Aslam Soofi had written many poems like Allah is One and One is He.

Allah is one, and one is He
Bow to Him, and bend thy knee
Above is He, above to All
Happy is He, Him you call
  He listens to one and every one
Wakil no need, Him to recommend
Straight approach Him, He shall attend
Great is He, All greatness, He has done
Alone is He, to help and guide
Seek His help, praise Him beside
Try for good, and avoid to Sin
Serve Him best, pray for omen
  Lord is He, Chief of the Chief
Created the world, best my belief
Powerful is He, all powers to Him
Forgiving to all, forgiveness is by Him
Let us believe, firm belief
He is to live, to live and live
Rest shall die and pass away
Even the Mightiest have least stay
  So, why not bow and follow Him too
Who can make the things and destroy them too
Who is Merciful and kind as well
And hears our whispers and voice too well
He is only, and only to pray
Others, being nothing, do us betray
Why to be in loss and in deceive?
Allah is one, this should we believe

Mr. Fazal ur Rehman, Deputy Commissioner of Hazara advised Soofi, he should go for English Literature, instead of Medicine.

  • Platoon Commander—compulsory Military Training CMT Butler Hostel Islamia College, Peshawar.
  • Director Dramatic Club and Variety Show, Islamia College, Peshawar
  • Staged drama as director Kabli Darbar at Landi Kotal, Peshawar & Kohat during camp days of UOTC.
  • Organizing Secretary Butler Hostel social Activities like Football, Volly ball and Badminton, Islamia College, Peshawar.
  • Secretary General Social and Games, Islamia College, Peshawar.



After his F. Sc. in 1952 he met Malik Ghulam Muhammad the 3rd Governor General of Pakistan at Haripur at the inauguration ceremony of Telephone Factory. Malik Ghulam Muhammad was tall, well dressed man, sharp and intelligent. The District Muslim League Haripur held a dinner party in honour of Khan Abdul Qayyum Khan who was present at Circuit House Haripur after inauguration of Telephone Factory. Aslam Soofi was brought to Abdul Qayyum Khan for his complaints. The Chief Minister smilingly asked, Aslam what is your complaint. He (Aslam) said we made slogan, we worked for Muslim League and you are Chief Minister. What do you want, Chief Minister said. Aslam said, I want admission in medical college, where? Replied Aslam “Bharat” why Bharat? You go to Dacca, I am leaving for Dacca tomorrow, give me your papers.

During the period at Islamia College Peshawar from 1949-51, Aslam Soofi being a smart soilder of UOPC at Quater Sarjant of UOPC was selected to present Gaurd of Honour to the first Prme Minister of Pakistan on Liaquat Ali Khan on 30th Oct 1950 at the time of inaugration of Peshawar University, being recognised, then Chief Minister Khan Abdul Qatom Khan. He too was selected to present Gaurd of Honour to the first Commander Chief of Pakistan, General Muhammad Ayub Khan and they also presented Gaurd of honour to the Premier of Dakan Hyderabad, and  Nawabzada Khursheed, Governer of NWFP.






    Govt Islamia College, Peshawar Dramatic Club 1950. Drama Andher Nagri written & Directed by Muhammad Aslam Soofi sitting in the front row forth seat from right side.Prof Bashir (Incharge Dramatic Club also sitting on the ground front row.
Group Photograph of Butler Hostel, Islamia College Peshawar
Islamia College, Peshawar, 49- 51, Butler Hostel, M A Soofi standing in good mood with the hostel fellows  
Islamia college, Butler Hostel, Mr. M A Soofi with his hostel fellows