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Distinguishing characteristic of the Holy Prophet (SAW)

Distinguishing characteristic of the Holy Prophet (SAW)
Prof. Dr. M. A. Soofi
The Holy Prophet (SAW) Muhammad has got most distinguishing life and has been a model and exemplar of highest virtues and faithfulness to Almighty Allah in all the circumstances of his life. The Holy Quran, the book which was revealed to the distinguished last Prophet (SAW) through the distinguished Angel Hazrat Jibrail, on distinguished night in the month of Ramazan revealed that "Certainly you have in the messenger of Allah an excellent exemplar for him who hopes in Allah and the Day of Judgement, and remembers Allah much. (The Allies (Part-XXI-21). This is a explanation by Almighty Allah about the life style of the Prophet (SAW) that he is a model in all ways of his life. To elucidate:

  • He was model for leading the army into various battles, Fought personally alongwith his companions and was an exemplary soldier. He fought for the cause of truth, justice and freedom. He was a practical leader in the battle and fought for the cause of Islam.


  • He was as outstanding legislator, he followed the laws of Allah and decided cases presented before him with great justice. He was a light pole as a judge and as a magistrate. He believed in fairplay, justice without any partiality, without any, creed, caste because justice and legislation were supreme to him. He accomplished the legislation in such a way that his name has been put on the top in the Fresco prepared by Mr. Waitts in Lincoln Inn Hall in England where Muhammad Ali Jinnah got admission for bar-at-law as the name of the Holy Prophet (SAW) was at the top among the Legislators of the World. He was just in his family, to his wives, with friends and with foes.
  • He as a normal person married according to the custom had the children and gave them the delights, love and affection. Practically he assisted his wives at home and performed every day duties in order to show how to be a kind and affectionate husband and loving father.


This gives us an example of how we should pass our lives, how love to family member. In his last address, he stressed the importance of being an affectionate husband and father. There is a famous Hadith that the Prophet (SAW) said: "Better are those who are kind and affectionate to their wives".

He showed forgiveness, took no revenge from tyrants for the wrongs inflicted on innocent persons. He overcame the enemies by forgiving them. He over looked the faults of those attached to them and thus the Quran declares him to be an exemplar and perfect model of life. He was a practical guidance in all walks of life, and gave by his life a practical illustration of all those rules of life. So throughout his life in childhood, before marriage and after marriage, before Prophethood and after Prophethood Muhammad (SAW) was an Exemplar in all stages of his life. His moral qualities remain the example so one can claim possession of higher morals than Muhammad who displayed himself with great credibility. The Prophet (SAW) showed greatness in utmost danger, had confidence in Divine assistance, and stood stead fast in the hardest trial and thus he could say the believer must not lose heart because the example of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was before them.

The other quality of the Prophet (SAW) was that he had faith in Allah and the day of the Last and he remembered the Almighty Allah much more than anybody else. This means that the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) believed in Accountability, in the day of last and had fear of the accountability at the day of judgement. He has set his life as an example and he prayed often "Oh God Bless Me with your kindness on the day of accounts or the day of judgement". The Holy Prophet (SAW) prayed to Allah much more because he set an example to the believers and followers that they should get inspired by the faith, believing in Allah alone and for the fulfillment of this objective the Holy Prophet (SAW) prayed to Allah much more than the believers because this was the truth for which he had been sent as a Messenger. With him Allah's Deen was completed.


The Holy Prophet (SAW) lived with simplicity in domestic life. Despite his growing power he lived in simplicity and asked his wives they should also live in the same way. So the general prosperity of the community at that time could not attract the Prophet (SAW) towards the enjoyable life. His conduct, His behavior, His living, His work, His guidance, His purity of thoughts, His belief in Allah had been set an example.

With such qualities of his life, that he remembers the Creator, Almighty Allah, much more any other persons. This is also evident that Almighty Allah has to ask Muhammad the last messenger of Allah that he should pray for little of night, not whole of nights as in Sura Al- Muzzammil which was revealed in Mecca:

O thou covering thyself up
Rise to pray by night except a little,
Half of it, or lessen it a little,
Or add to it, and recite the Quran in a leisurely manner

The garments are the cloths for wrapping the body was not in abundance when he Prophet received the first call, first revelation, he reported to have come back home trembling after his first spiritual experience, and to have said to his wife Zammilu-ni Zammilu-ni cover me, cover me. The revelation was received he was told that he should not fear to tremble. He has been given responsibility placed on him of the forming humanity but should seek the help of God prepared to Him, become the most effective prayer, being prayer in the night, when the whole world is sleeping. The Prophet started praying for a long period at night then he was asked that since he is being burden with the guidance of the whole world which indeed is a weighty word, with which any human being has been charged in the whole history of humanity. He further explanation the praying of night is being the firmest way to treat- the way of life, to treat upon all evil inclination – secondly the most effective in speech – what one says to other people become more effective. Thus the night devotion gives a man a strength to prove greatest deed, makes him a perfect. Night is the time when all veils between the man and God are removed by utter silence prevailing everywhere, the only cry is the cry of the devotee. The Divine light in its full brilliance then illumines the heart of man and heart of man reflects that light illumines the world. The Prophet asked that he should devote his time at prayer at night a little. So that he has to guide the people in his day time. The quality of the character as a model of life has been mentioned in Quraan. And the Quraan certified that Muhammad was a Prophet in Sura Tuba. Quran Says

"Certainly a Messenger has come to you from among yourselves; grievous to him is your falling into distress, most solicitous for you, to the believers (he is) compassionate, merciful.
But if they turn away, say; Allah is sufficient for me, there is no god but He. On Him do I rely, and He is the Lord of the mighty Throne.

Here Quran gives very rare quality of the Last Prophet Muhammad (SAW) that he comes from the clade of Quresh but he is different. In action he grieves too much to the distress, difficulties of the Ummah and he is very much solicitous concern for others. He is very compassionate and merciful. This is true of picture of a greatest person that his heart become grieved not for his followers alone, not for one tribe or country, but for all humanity. He grieves for burdens of all, and he is very much concerned for the welfare of all. That the whole of humanity is meant here by the concluding words. There is special relation, he bears to those who follow him , to them he is in addition compassionate and merciful. This is very rare quality of a human to have much of the concern about others that takes to the highest level of the Prophet.

The Holy Prophet Muhammad addressed a mammoth gathering comprising more than a hundred thousand of his companions on 9th Zul haj 10 AH from the top of Jabal ul Arafat in the vale of Arafat. This was his first and the last pilgrimage. The momentous address is known as the Farewell Address.

Never before the human has witnessed in the annals of the world. The Prophet is advocating respect for human. He gave the lessen to humanity how the human being should be treated and he gave the instruction to entire humanity and guidance that the whole human race can easily build its character, can achieve purity of heart, can cultivate of mind for self realization in the light of his teaching.

The Prophet said: O people Allah Almighty Says:

O mankind: We created you from a male and female couple and made you into tribes and nations so as to be known one from the other. Verily in the eyes of Allah only the most righteous among you is the most honored of you. In the light of the Quranic verse, the Prophet concluded, no Arab had any superiority over a non-Arab nor was a White anyway better than a black. The only criterion for the superiority and respectably was the one element of piety.

All human beings, he said were the off springs of Adam and the very existence of Adam was that he sprang from dust. Hence all claims to superiority and greatness, and demands for blood or ransom and traits and trends of rule have been trodden under my feet. Only trusteeship over the Kaaba and the old right to serve water to Hajis will remain intact.

He gave the light that all the human being are equal and there is no superiority for the colour caste, creed and geographical position the only criteria is character and the doing of the person, with makes him different from others. So that Prophet Muhammad was the full of ethics and he occupies a unique position as everlasting and protector of the human rights.