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The word "Jehad" is meant not only war but war undertaken for the propagation of Islam. Jehad, properly signifies the using or exerting of one's utmost power, efforts, endeavours or ability, in contending with an object of disapproobation; and this is of three kinds namely, a visible enemy, the devil and one's self; all of which are included in the term as used in the Quran.

Islam is a religion of reality founded on truth. It is learning leads to several streams of wisdom, knowledge, courage and to fight in the way of God, against the disbelievers, is one of the reality. "Jehad" means struggle with strength and to fight in the way of Allah against the disbelievers. The one who fights in the way of God and protects the religion and territory of Islam, he is called Mujahid. His belief is:

  • To protect his D'in (Islam) and to protect his country.
  • To spend money, time, leisure and his own soul leaving aside comfort and pleasure of his family in the way of God with full conscious of the risk involved. But he referred the sacred cause to fight and to be killed in the way of Allah, if it happens so, his death is called martyrdom.
  • Qur'an says "He lives for ever" the true Mujahid is that who does not involve himself in crime and keeps his life and wealth for the sacred cause.

Such heroic actions and thoughts are admirable by the community and to the Prophet (SAW) to Allah Muhammad (SA) to sacrifice ones life, for sacred cause in the way of Islam is called Jehad. Quran says: 1. Allah loves those who fight in His way unitedly and with strength.

  • And fight in the way of Allah.

Quran in various Paras and Suras, mentioned under have given complete description of Jehad in the way of Allah and it emphasizes that Jehad for "Din" against the disbelievers is an obligatory phenomenon for believers.

Abu Huraira (Rz) relates that the Prophet (SAW) Muhammad (SA) was asked which of the actions of Muslim is preferred? The Prophet (SAW) (SA) said ';believing in Allah and in his Rasul first, after this the Prophet (SAW) of God (SA) said, to fight in the way of Allah'. Another Hadith quoted by Bukhari through Abdullah Bin Abi. The Prophet (SAW) (SA) of God said, Don't try to be friendly with enemies of Allah and always seek your protection from Allah and when enemy attacks on you, steadfast against such attacks and fight with strength; beware that the Heaven is under the shadows of sword.

There are five types of Jehad:

  • Fighting physically
  • Jehad by Wealth
  • Jehad by Tongue
  • Jehad by wisdom and knowledge
  • Jehad by soul & spirit.


The Jehad of soul (spirit) is very common to be observed in daily life and it has got many manifestations of wordly life. But the will can conquer over, in personal liking and desires. To fight with wealth in they way of Allah to support the Mujahideen for purchase of equipment and help the needy as was exhibited by Abu Baqar (Rz) and Umar-e-Farooq (Rz).

Jehad by tongue is to spread the Din e Islam and unity of God. And if someone does this, that he protects his religion and conveys the message to the disbeliever's for belief he attains eminent position and dignity granted by the Lord. He practices the justice as the article of his faith and belief and obeys the order of Allah in daily life.

The Jehad with knowledge and wisdom is that he expresses his sanity with a command on the Islamic terminology and express his view to the different society like scholars, inventors, reformers, teachers and to the students and conveys with sense the evidence of Almighty Allah and the Prophet (SAW) Muhammad (SA) as the last Prophet (SAW).

Literally, Jehad means to strive hard. Technically it is one of the sacred duties enjoined by Islam, and includes:

  • Striving hard in Allah's way with one's physical strength, knowledge, wealth and life;
  • Defensive war to repel aggression or persecution of Muslims.


In Islam Jehad is employed in the following sense:

  • In the sense of war carried against a visible foe
  • In the sense of struggle against the devil
  • In the sense of striving for the purification of soul; The greater Jihad against one's carnal desires is called Jehad ul Akbar
  • Jehad ul Asghar the lesser Jehad against infidels.

Injunctions of the Holy Quran regarding Jehad:

  • Fight in the cause of God those who fight you, But do not transgress limits – for God loveth not transgressors.

(IInd chapter)

  • And fight them on until there is no more tumult or oppression
  • And there prevails justice and faith in God
  • But if they cease, let there by no hostility except to those who practice oppression.

Jehad Bil-Lisan. It is saying the truth without fearing its consequences. The Holy Prophet (SAW) of Islam (SA) said' The best Jehad is to say the right thing even in the face of a barbarous monarch'.