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Quran lays emphasis on family life to minimize the sexual promiscuity among the young men and women.

24: 32-33 Sura Alnoor Para 18:

Marry those you who are single, or virtuous. Ones among your serents, male or females; If they are in poverty, Allah will give their means out of His grace. For Allah encompasseth all, and Allah Knowth all things. Let those, who, find not the where with all for marriage keep themselves chaste, until Allah gives them mean out of His grace.

There is lot to know, how a muslim can have clean and healthy life. We the Muslim, possess a single goal total obedience to Allah and Quran intends to purify the society and discuss the immoralities. The above verses in ';Para 18, Sura Alnoor –32 : 33 opens the eyes for sanctity of society and provides realistic thinking that Islam teaches us to respect the natural needs of individual. Marriage is way to fulfill physiologic need comfort of a male. And marriage may occur puberty is there:

In the west, to marry is a difficult job, teen-agers are indulges in to sex, teenagers are raped, adult mix with many and Islam forbids such actions, and guides towards purity of thoughts and action. Prophet (SAW) Muhammad (PBUH) advised young people of sound mind and means to marry as the best way of guard their chastity.

Quran Advises in very places for purity

"And among His Signs is this, that He created for you mates from among yourselves, that ye many dwell in tranquility with them, And mercy between your hearts. Verily in that are signs for those who reflect"

Sura Rome, 21 para –21.

This refers to wonderful mysteryof sex, children arise out of the union of sexes (husband and wife as legal way) no diseases no shame, no risk of infection and off springs are well looked after, it provides satisfaction to both the sexes whereas illegal sex with male to male, male to female, female to female, is unsafe, without satisfaction, with illnesses and illegal off-springs is also a burden for society.

Object of creation of female from male was love and satisfaction of there relations that of husband and wife and as legal partner Quran is against such unnatural sex.

The highest blessings of Allah on muslims inrevealation of Allah to have a love with your wife and this is said with motivating form. Allah only motivates and rest leave to the choice of human and Quran enjoin us make judgement based on truth and do not allow to follow lust of heart, because it misleads from right path. Lust is a momentary gain and in his world to be away from disease. We the guardians of children should teach and practice Quran to keep our children away from sins otherwise fornication falls on parents or guardians who not arranged marriage of two younger muslims of should mind who desire for marriage. In-time marriage prevents Aids.

The woman and the man guilty of adultry or fronication, flong each of them, with a hundred stripes. Let not compassion more you in their cases, in a manner prescribed by God. If ye believe in God and love Day and let party of Believers willness their punishment"


Sura Nur XXIV Para 18
Ayat 1-2.

Islam commands sex purity for men, women at all times before marriage, during marriage and even after dessolution of marriage. Those guilty of ill practices are liable to be punched publicly so that other learn lesson for pure sex with own wife. Islam does not allow minor sex offence. That is way of saving thus community from this type of offence.

If any of you women, are guilty of lawlessness, take the evidence of four (reliable writers from amongst you against them, and if they terrify, confine them to nouses until death do claim them of God ordain them, some other way).

Sura Nisa, S. IV Ayat 14 Para 4.

If men among you are guilty of lawlessness, punish them both. For such a adultry severe punish is that to provert the community of Islam for sins and diseases. Spread of AIDS is sharp where is there is no ethics and punishment.


"Nor come nigh to adultery. For it is shameful deed. And an evil, opening the road (to other evils)".

Bani Isra'l 32 Para XV

Adultery is shameful act – with any sex – Sex is a physiological need of human and animal, legitimate sex allowed in religion as a wife. It provides satisfaction and love is being created. But adultery leads to many illnesses of venereal diseases and infection and AIDS as cause of such illness is unnatural. Therefore Quran a book of God prohibits illegal sex.

"Object of creation of female from male was love and satisfaction of their relation is that of husband and wife and as legal partner. Quran is against such unnatural sex.

"Recite what is sent of the Book by Inspiration to thee, and establish regular prayer: For prayer restrains from shameful and unjust deeds".

XXIV, 45- Para: 21

That prayer offeror can't establish illegal relation and can't perform shameful act of illegal sex that regular prayer at five times a day is a way to be away from diseases like AIDS.