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Islam and Health Care


By Prof. Dr. M. A. Soofi

There are, in the annals of History, events, problems and solutions, which appeared extraordinarily, and those have been solved and explained by Social Welfare Law of Islam and in its evolution. The outburst of principle of Islam has conquered the ancient world in the matter of Public Health problems because Islam has emerged from normal conditions and become prestige of not the common men, but of all great powers.

Islam had victorious record in every conquest and battle, similarly it has got historical triumph in matters pertaining to understanding, explanation and health. There are many positive factors regarding the fact of Islam in maintenance of health and human welfare. Islam had followed the principle to a praise-worthy extent, as practiced by Prophet (SAW) (peace be upon him) Muhammad, the Messenger of God, in his life. The judicious policy and health policy was, one of the most important factor in the extension of Islam practiced by Prophet (SAW) Muhammad, (peace be upon him) and loyals of Islam in a befitting way. From this versatile portrait of Prophet (SAW) Muhammad which history presents to us, the advent of Islam and practice of principle of health and simplicity in the society of Prophet (SAW) Muhammad with all shade of zeal, vigor, moral and purity provided the realization of many factors of the triumph of Islam.

The genius of Prophet (SAW) Muhammad, the manners of his living, and the spirit of his religion, involving the humanity on the right path, is the memorable revolution in human history, which has left a lasting character on the nations of the globe and there is no comparison of the great Prophet (SAW) Muhammad (P.bu.h) in his character and in his proservation of his purity of thoughts in his childhood. He undoubtedly was away from corrupt ideas and possessed culminated moral with more generous nature as he prescribed the followingmethods to call at a patient, mentioned in Alhadiah by Ahmad, Tirmizi and Mushkar; that in each extention of trouble or disease to a muslim, the Prophet (SAW) said, "One should go peacefully to his ailing brother and inquire about his health and welfare". This was his character that whenever he visited for someone he used to ask Allah for his healing and recovery. He showed sympathies to the sufferer. There are many Hadiths when the Holy Prophet (SAW) asked for recovery for the ailing person. Hazrat Abdullah Bin Abbas narrates that Prophet (SAW) said, "Whosoever visits the ailing persons, he should recite these words ........................................several times". " I beg to Greater God of all the skies for recovery of this ailing person". Similarly Hazrat Aaisha Siddiqua, wife of the Holy Prophet (SAW) narrates, that whenever the Holy Prophet (SAW) looked into the ailing member of the family, he used to quote the followings: ......................................................... "Oh God of people, remove the suffering and disease of this person, because Thou is the only one, who is the Healer none else, but Thou is the Healer, and give him complete recovery, which should not be repeated". By saying this the Prophet (SAW) exhorted the sovereignty of God Almighty And this policy of Prophet (SAW) Muhammad can clearly be traced to such conditions of illness and instruction for health in many chapters of Hadiah. Such were the factors which paved the way of Islam and thus Islam has become victorious and universal religion. Islam is not confined to one discipline, and it is not hostile to anyone, but its doctrines are such glorious, that it gained a victory over the previous chapter of religion.

Islam believes in cleanliness...................... The cleanliness is half of the Faith, Quran says in para 2 that ........................"Love of God is for those who, are neat and clean in all the circumstances" and further in Chapter 74 part XXXI says ....................... Preserve the cleanliness in your body and clothes". This phenomena appears the first striking mystery of the religion of Islam, which was not imposed on human body forcefully, but as a doctrine of Islamic principle and conscience were employed to purify the soul and body, keeping it away from the clutches of the disease. Because the new religion accepted by non-muslims needed a healthier society, so the Prophet (SAW) himself imposed such restrictions of cleanliness on himself and wanted them to be adopted by his followers. Encouragement to Islam has occurred after the practical life, and complete institution in the life of Prophet (SAW) Muhammad, and his practical behaviour paved and penetrated into the souls of the muslims and they had celebrated their new life with tolerance in sympathies to the people and society. Thus the secret of spread of Islam is also the rapidly spreading concept of cleanliness of soul, mind and body with a faith of conscience helping the others.

Believing in Creator for His Sovereignty

The philosophy of the religion and prayer is considered, sovereignty of God, Prophet (SAW)hood, believing in Day of Last, no one compatible with God Almighty, believing in angles and Holy Books.

This whole concept does not base upon material interest, but it is a practical enthusiasm, which encourages the policy of well-being to others with self cleanliness. The ablution (wazoo) is the first restriction imposed on a muslim who presents himself for prayers. However no prayer, how great it may be, is not preferred without proper enjoyment of ablution. Blessing of Lord can only be achieved, by the religious person by preservation of code of health level. For the ablution provides the chance of removal of the bacteria, gives refreshment to the peripheral parts of the body. No body can offer the prayers with unclean clothes, body and on unclean place. With this amount of exercise and tradition, there is a source of compulsory cleanliness of mouth and teeth. The Prophet (SAW) Muhammad had lot of practical limitations and sayings about the importance of teeth and their cleanliness.

The levy of the taxes (Zakat) and method of their payment is again self-imposed discipline to help the ailing and sufferers i.e. in quantity of Corn, Oil, Clothes from Zakat to ailing brothers is a great maintenance of a discipline. Fasting is also helpful in keeping the health in order. For me, God has sent Muhammad (PBUH) to instruct the human beings, to be enlightened with the sense of cleanliness for protection and preservation of health. This peaceful policy has gained a chapter of spread of Islam with overwhelming rapidity, which was not confronted to the human behaviour and circumstances.

The health of the wounded soldiers during the invasion of Jewish or any other enemy has become the symbol of characteristic of muslim civilization.

The method of visiting the sick brother, Abu Dawood narrates that the Prophet (SAW) advised recitation of these versus in case of illness.


"Our God is that, who governs the skies. His name is pure. He is Master of Heaven and Earth and His blessing is everywhere on the earth and on the sky. He forgives our sins. He is a Lord of clean people and he can only recover him from the disease and if this is done, the recovery to the ailing person was sure by God Almighty". So in Islam there is humanity and discipline of Health. By practicing such discipline, the muslim can keep healthy life, which is valuable to the society and this is a merit of Islam in supermacy to other religions, because the main object is to remain healthy for practice of discipline of Islam and for any other expedition for protection of its sovereignty, for defensive purposes, healthy environment and during battle is also needed in Islam.

In my zeal to pin point the world's oldest unrest and anxiety available in all civilizations, is due to one central point, that is, the ';soul is not satisfied'. The organized crimes, variety of drugs, and other urban bright problems among the male and female are becoming fact of life, because we are away from the center of last Day and its consequences. The magnificence and reality of Allah Almighty is being declined, because of the moral rot among the people. The bost way, to survive our youth and adolescents is to create inside thinking about the Creator and the Day of last. The growing problems of the society as a part of mental health are keeping into childhood, and their feelings of deprivation are becoming prominent. Here the role of the parents like anchorage, support, guidance is lacking towards the children and this lands them towards creating problems of many nature. At least the children can express their resentment like keeping of their long hair and different dresses etc. This abdicating role of the parents is becoming trouble some in teenagers. If the parents simply listen, talk to the children, verbalize their thoughts, solve their problems, there shall be change in attitude in the children and they shall be more faithful, they shall be more with relief, they shall be out to shout. This need to provide a tremendous effort and there shall be unique in the parents and their children relationship of course filled with joy. In this way Islam has stressed upon the proper guarding of the children. Here is Hadith of the Holy Prophet (SAW): "Whosoever had brought up two daughters and provided them affection and happiness he is promised to be in Heaven with ';Muhammad' (P.b.u.h.) like two fingers". This practice of Prophet (SAW) provides the best parents and children relationship and this can avoid many other troubles.

I believe the present day problems of adolescents, children and youth are experienced to ill discipline of the above idea and faith. Quran says (P.XXI Sura I Luqman).


"And we have enjoined on man concerning his parents – his mother bears him with faintings upon faintings and his weaning takes two years – Give thanks to Me and to thy parents. To me is the eventual coming". Quran stresses upon the children the importance of the parents, specially that of mother and realises them the difficulties accomplished with his birth and thus it provides a balance doctrine of legal order and true concept for dedication to the mother as the real servant and with all his services, he will owe debt & gratitude to mother. There are many instances and sayings of Holy Prophet (SAW), about this relationship. For me, this is a major force with multifashion virtues like, obeying of the parents which becomes obeying of Lord and also obeying of the Prophet (SAW) for love to his sayings is the secret of love to God, and ultimately love of God provides a source of happiness to souls and thus the modern problems and mental disorder can be easily eliminated if we persue the right causes in recognition of sovereignty of Allah.

Quran says, Doubtlessly keeping of prayer to God provides the satisfaction to the soul if person enjoys the prayers & thanks to Allah and does not ascribe a partner to Allah in practice as it has been practiced by Prophet (SAW) Muhammad (P.b.u.h.) help the poor and needy, and near of kin, spends in the way of God from the honest earning, he can enjoy healthy and peaceful life. And such persons in Quran are promised in para XV to the Cave
"As for those who believe and do good, we waste not the reward of him, who does a good work".

Most of the mental disorders of today, are outcome of many years of experience and problems of matrimonial life, disturbed relation, unfriendly atmosphere among the family may leads to uncertainty and finally, results in separation, which ends in insanity. There is a very good need to find the way out of this serious malady. One needs to outline the actual meaning quoted of the matrimonial life which can keep away strain of life. The object of the life partner is well in para XXI Sura Roman
And of his signs is this that He creates mates for you from yourselves that you might find quiet of mind in them, and He put between you, love and compassion. Surely there are signs in this for people who reflect". In this Holy Sayings is the close relation between husband and wife with the closet union, with ties of love, and compassion. This provides quietness of mind, and this is ideal Islamic marriage which provides a chance to peaceful mind. If we follow the suit and saying of Allah, all our illnesses of mental health or Dental Health can happily be dealt with. Quran also prevents the crimes and pleads for love between brothers and thus keeps them away from any fight as in para XXVI sura Appartment.


In this saying of Allah, quarrel between the two tribes of Muslims is not desirable because it creates economical loss, mental tension and anxiety and this distrubs the Unity of the Society and prosperity suffers. So Allah enjoins on Muslim brotherhood that is the two muslims should not fight or voice against other Muslim, which creates the unhealthy society. The muslims are enjoined to deal kindly and leniently so that mental agitation should not occur which can lead to many disturbances

To end, the battle of drink which can not be finished with rockets of medicines or mortar bursting, but the health can be preserved with purity of thoughts, selfless services to humanity, honesty in dealing, kindly relationship with children and family, not indulging in undesirable activities, love to human beings and following the spirit of Islam, by obeying the Hadiths of Prophet (SAW) (P.b.u.h.) and order of God Almighty. Love to God and His creation is the answer to all health problems, specially to the Mental Health.