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Posted at Sibi/Ziarat District as a Dental Surgeon and Dr. Mrs. Iqbal Soofi as WMO
Posted At Ziarat/Sibi District as a Dental Surgeon and Dr. Mrs. Iqbal Soofi as WMO (1964 - 1965)
It was a very nice Summer at Ziarat. It is a custom that office of Deputy Commissioner and other district related offices are to be shifted to Ziarat in Summer and in Winter all offices are shifted to Sibi District. So we neither felt hot nor cold. Ziarat was very exciting. It was surrounded by leash green mountains. For Dr. Soofi and Mrs. Soofi, it was a holy place as Quaid-e-Azam had spent his last days here. He was treated by teachers of KEMC and was shifted to Quetta. Dr. Soofi used to visit the residency and got information from the Caretaker and Mali regarding Quaid-e-Azam. 

Abdul Karim Lodhi was Deputy Commissioner, later on he became Chief Secretary Punjab. His wife was daughter of DIG, who was from East Pakistan. We had very good relations. He (D. C) allocated funds for purchase of dental equipment at Sibi. His wife was treated by my wife Dr. Mrs. Iqbal Soofi. We used to meet Deputy Commissioners of other districts at Ziarat. The Election of 1964-65 were held while we were at Sibi. The Election was between Madri Millat Fatima Jinnah and Field Martial Muhammad Ayub Khan. Madri Millat was defeated due to rigging. All B.D. Member voters were given incentive in different ways by Ayub Khan's Government. This was one of the worst action of Field Martial Muhammad Ayub Khan that he contested election against the Sister of Quaid-e-Azam. She was mother of the Nation. He got the mother defeated and this was a step towards his fall.

Dr. Soofi used to deliver Khutaba on Friday at Jamia Masjid Sibi. During a sermon, Deputy Commissioner, Abdul Karim Lodhi came late and sat in the last row. On the same evening at his residence, I asked him why he was late. He replied, I committed a wrong in Presidential Election. I stopped Election agents of Madri Millat to reach in Election Booth. What did you do? He said, I had broken the bridge, thus they could not come. We cast votes in favour of Muhammad Ayub Khan. Other Deputy Commissioners did so, as Mr. Farid Ullah Shah, Commissioner Quetta Division ordered every Deputy Commissioner that Fatima Jinnah should not get any vote. Mir Asad Tar Khely was Deputy Commissioner of one of the districts, in that district, one vote was cast in favour of Madri Millat. He was thrashed by Commissioner why one vote went to Madri Millat. He got heart attack and later on died in young age.

Prior to this election, Ayub Khan Government took action against Dera Bugti as there was rebellion. Ayub Government started RHC BHC, Schools, veterinary centres, Akbar Bugti and other Sardars resented and said that the government will appoint Punjab teachers and doctors, who will see your women. Thus people were angry and Army action was launched. Sardar never wanted that people may be educated or elevated so they destroyed all the things and were ready to kill officers from Punjab.

During his stay, Dr. Soofi got British Council Scholarship for postgraduate training at London University 1965-66. He left the station to Haripur for flying to London on 6th Sept. 1965 war broke out. Ayub Khan's broadcast was very effective. Leaves were cancelled. Dr. Soofi had to go back to Sibi again. During war the family was in railway journey carrying 3 small children and Indian air force was shelling in broad day light. Dr. Soofi travelled at great risk and reached Sibi. He started campaign under Sibi Social Welfare Organization to collect money and clothes for the wounded soldiers and their families. Dr. Aslam Soofi used to arrange tea, refreshments at Sibi Railway junction. The train was stopped, he entered the train and asked the soldier if they required refreshments. Dr. Soofi and Mrs. Soofi collected large quantities of clothes and sent them to GHQ. Dr. Soofi being a good speaker used to make speeches and people even Hindus of Sibi contributed a lot. After the war, he left for London. Mrs. Soofi was at Sibi but she was transferred by West Pakistan Government to Tehsil Haripur home town of Dr. Soofi. Mrs. Soofi became a very popular Woman Medical Officer and remained there till 1967 and was transferred to Lahore Mental Hospital as Incharge of Finance Section under Prof. Dr. Abdur Rashid Choudhry.


 Ahmer Bilal Soofi and            Ahmer Bilal Soofi and Rabia      Tea Stall for wounded Soldiers   
  Rabia Soofi at Sibi.               Soofi with their Grandfather       at Sibi Railway Station 1965 war
             1965                          Malik Muhammad Abdullah             








Collection of quilts and clothes by Dr. M. A Soofi and Mrs. Dr. M.  A. Soofi at Sibi Railway Station in 1965 war